News, Tips, and More for July - August
From the Executive Director / Del Director Ejecutivo
Dear PCDA Community,

We hope that all of you are staying safe and well.

During these unusual and challenging times, I am reminded of the importance of Milestone 4, which can be summarized as “Complex Communication and Shared Problem-solving.” With our children and with each other, we must continue to communicate with the intention of solving our problems together. This work can best be achieved with a strong foundation of calm, safe, and trusting relationships that allow us to share in meaningful back and forth interactions.

We are pleased to continue to share some of our recent celebrations, updates and resources with you. These include highlights of our teen clients who have recently graduated, our featured story in the Outlook, and some fun upcoming events that we hope you will attend. We would also like to introduce something new!

Having good leadership at an organization like PCDA means so much. We’re fortunate to have a dedicated group of volunteers who guide and advise us, and help us work toward a strong future for PCDA. Starting with this newsletter, we’re going to introduce you to our board members with a new section, “The Board of Directors Spotlight.”

We hope that you will take a few moments to enjoy this newsletter, as we continue our work to stay connected with you in the safest ways possible.

In kindness,

Christopher Perri, MS, LCSW
Executive Director
Estimada comunidad de PCDA:

Esperamos que todos estén seguros y bien.

Durante estos tiempos inusuales y desafiantes, recuerdo la importancia de Milestone 4, que se puede resumir como "Comunicación compleja y resolución compartida de problemas". Con nuestros hijos y entre nosotros, debemos continuar comunicándonos con la intención de resolver nuestros problemas juntos. Este trabajo se puede lograr mejor con una base fuerte de relaciones calmas, seguras y de confianza que nos permitan compartir interacciones significativas de ida y vuelta.

Estamos muy contentos para continuar compartiendo algunas de nuestras celebraciones, actualizaciones y recursos recientes con ustedes. Estos incluyen los aspectos más destacados de nuestros clientes adolescentes que se han graduado recientemente, nuestra historia destacada en Outlook y algunos eventos divertidos que esperamos que asistan. ¡También nos gustaría presentar algo nuevo!

Tener un buen liderazgo en una organización como PCDA significa mucho. Somos afortunados de tener un grupo dedicado de voluntarios que nos guían y aconsejan, y nos ayudan a trabajar hacia un futuro sólido para PCDA. Comenzando con este boletín, vamos a presentarles a los miembros de nuestra junta con una nueva sección, "El centro de atención de la Junta Directiva."

Esperamos que tomen unos minutos para disfrutar de este boletín, ya que continuamos nuestro trabajo para mantenernos en contacto con usted de la manera más segura posible.

Con amabilidad

Christopher Perri, MS, LCSW
Director Ejecutivo
PCDA Happenings
PCDA's Telehealth Services Featured in Pasadena Outlook Article
If you missed the Outlook 's cover story about PCDA's shift to offering telehealth services in response to the pandemic, you can still read it online! We're grateful to the Outlook for their wonderful coverage and for helping to raise awareness about our work.
NoteAbles Children's Choir Performs Virtual Concert
Congratulations to the NoteAbles on their performance! We had a successful attendance during the virtual show. Performances included singing, choreographed dances and instrument playing. We loved to see the guest appearances by family members and the love and hard work that each individual put into their performance.
Thank you to all the families who participated in NoteAbles rehearsals from home.
Save the Date!
PCDA's Virtual Bingo Night
An evening that kicks off Thanksgiving week, when your family can join the family community of PCDA for an evening of fun, prizes, games and much more, enjoyed from your own home, in real-time, virtually.  

Gather with us, and let’s be thankful for all we have, and all we can do, together.
Event website and more information to come!
Congratulations, Teen Program Participants!
As the 2020 school year came to a close, we want to recognize the efforts of all of our clients who had to make a drastic change in their everyday lives. Moving from a classroom setting to online classes is not an easy shift to make for many children. The fact that they were able to finished their school year in this manner just shows how strong and resilient our children and parents/caregivers are. PCDA wants to recognize those individuals in our Teen Program who were not able to graduate or culminate from their school in a traditional manner.

For many 8th graders, transitioning into high school comes with many fun end-of-the-year activities that our 8th graders were not able to participate in this year. Let us recognize those 8th graders in our Teen Program who are making a huge transition into high school:
Noel B.
Drake H.
Ayden J.
Kobe L.
Joshua P.
Leonardo S.
  • Aiden D.
  • Carlos L.
  • Natalie R.
We especially want to recognize our high school seniors of 2020. The seniors in our Teen Program have worked so hard to get to this point in their lives. To not finish the way they envision can be hard. However, the seniors of 2020 in the Teen Program have finished off this school year with such stride and positive energy, and we are so proud to know that these individuals will move on to a new chapter in their lives:
Neftali B.
Brandon C.
Cristian C.
Gavin F.
Jason L.
Yushen L.
Eli S.
Laker W.
  • Eduardo A.

  • Tomas G.

  • Juan "Angel" H.

  • Ever M.
  • Andy Q.

  • Caroline R.

  • Britney T.

Congratulations, Teens!
Board of Directors Spotlight
Meet PCDA Board Member Glenn Crawford
Glenn Crawford became a member of PCDA’s Board of Directors in 2018. As the son of an Army Colonel, Glenn has a deep understanding of commitment, discipline, and duty, instilled since childhood. Born in Seattle, Glenn’s family moved often which necessitated developing a natural ease around people which has served him well throughout his life.
Glenn’s high school years were spent in Texas, where his love and talent for sports flourished. He went from Texas’ renowned and revered “Friday Night Lights” football, to play wide receiver for the Arizona Sun Devils, which contributed to his team realizing a 12-0, 1975 co-national championship. 
A talented team player, Glenn transferred his dedication to teamwork to his professional life. Both founding his own businesses as well as working for national leaders, his acumen is now helpful to PCDA, as we pivot our business model and look to a new reality in the healthcare world. 
Not a believer in coincidence, Glenn met Diane and Bill Cullinane at a local function and they invited him to take a tour of PCDA. Glenn knew after touring PCDA’s clinic that he wanted to be a part of our mission. Glenn was, and continues to be, involved in other non-profits. Volunteerism has been a significant part of his life since high school where he coached youth sports, which married two of his passions – giving back, and sports.
Glenn takes a holistic approach to every day by nourishing mind, spirit and body. The common thread throughout the day is his love of music, and music is often how he finds common ground with new-comers in his life. Glenn’s enthusiasm and authenticity are two of the traits that make him so approachable. 

Currently a Wealth Management Advisor with Signature Resources Capital Management, Glenn’s sole mission is to seek to provide people and business owners with better and more successful financial outcomes.

We are so grateful to Glenn and wife, Zivile, for their thoughtful generosity of time, talent and resources.   
As Glenn would share, “I believe in being a participant in life, not a spectator.” Thanks for being on our team, Glenn.
Client of the Month
Three Cheers for Andrew!

This past month, Andrew has started to enjoy family mealtimes and is beginning to feed himself. Way to go!
Programs and Services Spotlight
Young Actors Squad Begins Remote-Format Program
The Young Actors Squad has returned in a virtual format with our wonderful facilitator Kristen Williams, MS. This group is also supported by an incredible team of SLPs including the head of our Speech and Language department, Anne Davis, MS, CCC-SLP. 

Thank you to the ICM Community Partners Foundation for making this program possible through their generous contributions to the Family First Fund at PCDA, which helps cover the cost of services and classes for families in need.
Supporting Families Through Virtual Programs
On "Silly Hat Day" (pictured at right) or any day of the week, PCDA's Programs Department is proud to be able to support our clients and their families remotely during this time!
Music Therapy Telehealth Services
PCDA is now offering music therapy telehealth services! For more information, please contact Aimee Nava by emailing aimee@pcdateam.org or calling (626) 793-7350 ext. 256.
Upcoming Virtual DIR Floortime Event
Support the DIR Floortime Coalition on August 2
The DIR Floortime Coalition of California will hold its "Let's Play Together!" advocacy FUNdraiser event via Zoom on Sunday, August 2, from 8 to 11 a.m.

This is an event that PCDA will not be receiving funding from. We are participating as a partner because the work of this coalition is so vital to ours.

The event will include live music; art, music, and dance activities; a cooking demo; personal testimonials; and more.
Information and Resources for Families
Sesame Street Resources

"We know that these are stressful times, and families everywhere are creating a new sense of normalcy. So our site is filled with content you can use to spark playful learning, offer children comfort, and focus a bit on yourself, too."
OpenLibrary: Free eBook Borrowing

OpenLibrary is a free online resource where users can borrow ebooks. It includes a K-12 Student Library, and you can also browse by subject or type of book (i.e., picture books, books about bedtime, etc.).
Recommended Reading
Sensory-Friendly Sleep Tips

"For kids who have trouble sleeping, sensory techniques designed to calm and organize the body can be helpful. In fact, many of the same techniques and methods we use to calm a newborn or infant can be adapted for use with older kids to help them fall asleep more easily and hopefully stay asleep through the night." ( via The Inspired Treehouse)
New York Times on the Power of Play

"We hope that these stories about play surprise and delight you with new details about a pivotal part of your children’s lives ... But we also hope they remind you that even in the most difficult times, our kids are capable of boundless joy, and that their fertile imaginations provide solace when our grown-up world falls short."
Quote of the Month
"All children have within them the potential to be great kids. It’s our job to create a great world where this potential can flourish."

—Dr. Stanley Greenspan
Help PCDA Make a Difference
You can help PCDA help children and families affected by autism and other developmental challenges.

PCDA provides services for more than 1,000 children and their families each and every year, and we can't do this important work without community philanthropic support.

At this time, community giving is even more crucial in supporting our work.

Click the PCDA client artwork to make a donation today!
Another Way to Support PCDA
Use Amazon? Consider making your purchases through smile.amazon.com.
During this time of national emergency, when many households are using online purchasing to help keep their families safe, we wanted to remind you that PCDA receives a charitable donation from Amazon Smile for every purchase made when you create and use an Amazon Smile account, or use your existing Amazon account but make your purchases through the Amazon Smile website. You get the same products, same prices and same service at Amazon Smile as you do on Amazon!

Amazon Smile donates a percentage of your purchase to PDCA when you take these simple steps before shopping:

  • Create an Amazon Smile account or simply log into your existing Amazon account at smile.amazon.com.
  • Once you, the customer, signs into your Amazon Smile account, you’ll be prompted to “Support your charitable organization by starting your shopping at smile.amazon.com.”
  • You will then be prompted to “Select a charity to start shopping.” Please type in “PCDA” so that your purchase will automatically be eligible for PCDA to receive a percentage of your purchase as a charitable donation.

That’s it! The Amazon Smile platform will take care of the rest. Once you check out, a percentage of your sale will automatically be directed to PCDA.

Thanks so much for considering this option when you shop online. We’re very grateful for all support of our mission, and what it means for the children and families we care for.
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We love receiving stories, photos, videos, quotes, and artwork that can help us illustrate PCDA’s impact on children and their families. We may use content you provide on our social media channels, our e-newsletter, or other communications materials, but we’re happy to provide any level of anonymity you may want for privacy reasons.
PCDA's Mission:
To profoundly impact the developmental outcomes of children with autism and other special needs through innovative multidisciplinary and family-centered therapeutic services, professional training, and outreach.
PCDA is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to providing children with developmental challenges and their families the best possible programs. Your donations directly support children with special needs and their families. Thank you for your generous support!