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From the Executive Director / Del Director Ejecutivo
Dear PCDA Community,

As we prepare this next newsletter, the sun is shining brighter and longer, and the spring season is just around the corner. As more hope and optimism emerge, we can start to imagine a time when we can someday be more connected in person again. In the meanwhile, we persevere and have much to celebrate - all that we are doing and accomplishing together, and all that lies ahead.

We have some fun and exciting news and developments in this our 25th year of providing life transforming services to our region, and beyond. As you will see below, there are a variety of ways to support PCDA, and other ways to connect with us like our upcoming Spring-O BINGO event on April 18th!

When we reflect on our relationships with each other, and the individual ways we are all both connected and unique, we are reminded that a healthy and trusting connection helps regulate our emotions in ways that can still drive development, despite the unusual circumstances.

Please enjoy one fun way of staying connected with PCDA by clicking around below…

Christopher Perri, MS, LCSW
Executive Director
Estimada comunidad de PCDA,

Mientras preparamos este próximo boletín, el sol brilla más y más y la temporada de primavera está a la vuelta de la esquina. A medida que surgen más esperanzas y optimismo, podemos empezar a imaginar un momento en el que algún día podamos volver a estar más conectados en persona. Mientras tanto, perseveramos y tenemos mucho que celebrar: todo lo que estamos haciendo y logrando juntos, y todo lo que tenemos por delante.

Tenemos noticias y desarrollos divertidos y emocionantes en este nuestro 25th año brindando servicios que transforman la vida en nuestra región y más allá. Como verá a continuación, hay una variedad de formas de apoyar a PCDA y otras formas de conectarse con nosotros como nuestro próximo evento Spring-O BINGO el 18 de abril.

Cuando reflexionamos sobre nuestras relaciones entre nosotros y las formas individuales en las que todos estamos conectados y somos únicos, se nos recuerda que una conexión sana y de confianza ayuda a regular nuestras emociones de formas que aún pueden impulsar el desarrollo, a pesar de las circunstancias inusuales.

Disfrute de una forma divertida de mantenerse conectado con PCDA haciendo clic a continuación ...

Christopher Perri, MS, LCSW
Director Ejecutivo
Back by popular demand, PCDA’s virtual Bingo fundraiser, SRING-O on April 18th!  There is special pricing for PCDA’s client families and staff and you can contact to make arrangements to play.
For more information and for the greater community to make a sponsorship or ticket purchase, please visit our event website:
Program Highlights
Occupational Therapy
PCDA's Head of Occupational Therapy, Mariko Yamazaki-Sanchez, was invited to speak at a “Brown Bag Lunch Discussion” for the Global Initiatives Group at USC’s Occupational Therapy program. The talk was titled “Transforming Western Perspectives: Lessons Learned from International Occupational Therapy.” The discussion quickly reviewed the concept of cultural fluidity and gave specific examples of mistakes/dilemmas that have sparked a change in thinking.

Mariko’s co-presenters included colleagues from her work in Ghana. The audience was made up of current USC OT students, faculty, and clinicians.
Creative Arts and Music Therapy
New Dates for The Young Actors Squad

April 12th - October 25th
The Young Actors Squad is now recruiting for new members!

This program is great for teens from 13 to18 years old who like to play interactive games, develop characters and scenes, and are interested in making great friends.

Applications are due by April 2nd. Ask about our scholarships!
Explore Music Therapy
PCDA is now providing clinical music therapy services and music therapy consultation through telehealth.
Music Therapy experiences involve children in singing, listening, moving, playing instruments, and creative activities creating a familiar musical environment that encourages positive interpersonal interaction and allows clients the freedom to explore and express themselves.

Music Therapy at PCDA is child and family-centered with a specific focus on social-emotional development and supporting parent-child interactions.
Board of Directors Spotlight
Introducing Board Member David Galvez
David Galvez has been a member of PCDA’s board for two years, joining in February of 2019. As a member of the board, David puts his fourteen years of banking experience to use, as a member and chair of the Board’s Finance Committee. David’s current role is Sr. Vice President Team Lead and Sr. Relationship Manager in Citizens Business Bank’s Ontario California office. Mr. Galvez's background also includes Business Client Manager and Banking Center Manager positions for Bank of America.

Mr. Galvez earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration from the California State University at San Bernardino. PCDA is fortunate to have David’s expertise to rely on.

David and his young family recently moved back to the Inland Empire after living in Pasadena for 8 years. It may be his children that influence his time with PCDA. David shares, “as a family we try to volunteer when possible,” and, as a family, David, his wife, and two small children volunteer at local food banks. For fun, they enjoyed spending time, pre-pandemic, at the Huntington Library and Gardens and now, closer to home, at nature preserve a stone’s throw from their home in Claremont.
When asked what about PCDA captures your philanthropic attention, David’s response was, “the positive impact to the children, teens and their parents in the community”, that PCDA serves. David serves on other local boards and finance committees as he enjoys using his professional skill-set and expertise, for worthy causes, enabling them the possibilities of a stronger financial profile.

David has been PCDA’s cheerleader and his encouragement has helped us through this last long year. His advice, “You all have done the impossible these last twelve months and continue to positively impact children and their parent’s lives one session at a time.”
Volunteer Spotlight
Making A Difference

Anne Perry is currently the Center Director for the Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes Centers in Pasadena. A native Oregonian, she grew up in Pasadena, graduating from John Muir High School. She returned to Oregon for college receiving her BA and Master’s in Education from Lewis and Clark. 
Anne is passionate about learning, curious about the brain, and excited to share what she has learned as she helps children and adults read and comprehend to their fullest potential.  Anne came to Lindamood-Bell after more than a decade as a classroom teacher. She taught students in both public and private settings in every grade from Kindergarten to 6th, specializing in student-led inquiry and project-based learning. 
Anne frequently volunteers with organizations that support people with Autism and other developmental disabilities. One of Anne’s first teaching jobs at Pacific Oaks Children’s School, would probably be the catalyst for Anne’s involvement with PCDA as it involved a study of learning through play. Anne believes in the power of Play. “As a keystone in human development and as the heart of human creativity and dynamism. The DIR model uses play to both celebrate individual competencies and make meaningful developmental growth for people with developmental delays. At PCDA my core beliefs are put into practice every day with hundreds of children and young adults. They serve a diverse community, and I want to help.”

Years later, later in 2000, Anne would be introduced to Mimi Winer, one of PCDA’s founders through mutual professional opportunities. Anne attended meetings at PCDA’s clinical offices in Pasadena, when attending meetings for Foothill Autism Alliance, and shared attendance with PCDA at the Autism Walk, and other professional conferences and meetings. In 2012, Anne scheduled a tour of PCDA and attended one of Dr. Diane Cullinane's parent overviews of the DIR method.

Since then, Anne has waded further into the PCDA waters. Anne thoughtfully chooses one philanthropic organization at a time to devote her personal and professional time and energy to, choosing organizations that further her understanding, connects with her community, and has the power to make a difference. PCDA is Anne’s charity of choice. 
Anne has been a member of PCDA’s gala committee for several years. She chaired the 2019 Harvest Moon Gala and the Auction Committee. Anne was asked to chair the 2020 Harvest Moon Gala, which became unviable because of COVID. Anne chaired PCDA’s inaugural virtual bingo event in 2020, and when asked, Anne agreed to resume her gala chairmanship and fulfill that role in 2021, as well as chairing the second virtual bingo event, Spring-O in April 2021.

In addition to Anne’s leadership at PCDA, she is also a significant supporter and chaired events for Autism Now. 
Anne’s quieter pursuits that help her to replenish herself include reading, walking through the Arboretum and enjoying creative pursuits such as jewelry making, writing and photography.
Once you know Anne, it is no surprise that Anne’s personal philosophy is “Kindness above all.”
Upcoming Conferences
March 5, 2021

Profectum Conference
The Spectrum of Play
March 7th and 14th, 2021

Resources for Families
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PCDA's Mission:
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