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Patient Centered Medical Home Program Updates                                     June 18, 2018
Thank you for participating in the QualChoice PCMH program! Please add this email address to your contacts, so we can keep you updated on the program.

Submitting Care Plan Dates
Care plan dates must be submitted once every 6 months. Care plans are required on at least 10% of the QualChoice members in your practice.
  • Multiple care plan dates may be submitted for each member.
  • Dates may be submitted during the quarter in which they were documented AND up to one month after that quarter. Example: Second Quarter care plans may be submitted April 1 through July 31st.
  • A history of previous quarter plans can be accessed through the My Account portal.
Submitting CPT Codes
Clinics must submit Category II CPT codes as eCQMs for these measures:
  • Controlling Blood Pressure
  • HbA1c Poor Control
  • Tobacco Use
Utilization and Quality Reports
Reports will be published in October and will be available through the
My Account portal at QualChoice.com.

For questions, refer to the PCMH Participating Provider Training document or find the answers to FAQs here. You can also email your questions to QualChoice at PCMH@qualchoice.com.

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