PCOS Awareness:
How Rittenhouse Women’s Wellness Center can help you...
PCOS is a health problem that affects approximately 1 in 10 women of childbearing age. Women with PCOS have a hormone imbalance and metabolism problems that may affect their overall health. The syndrome is characterized by fewer than nine menstrual cycles in a year, acne, hirsutism, male hormones, as well as the frequent presence of other associated risk factors for cardiovascular disease such as obesity, fatty liver, glucose intolerance and more.

The Polycystic Ovary Syndrome diagnosis is a condition that our whole RWWC team can help stabilize...

  • Our providers are able to prescribe medications commonly used to treat PCOS and its symptoms. A great example is hormonal birth control to regulate the menstrual cycle, improve acne and reduce the risk of endometrial cancer.

  • Our Registered Dietitian can assist with diet management.

  • In more complex cases, our GYN specialist Dr. Shanis will craft an individualized treatments plan according to symptoms, other health issues, and if the patient is considering pregnancy.

  • Our Medical Spa can address acne and unwanted facial hair.

  • Our psychologists are available for emotional support.

  • We have a variety of fitness partners that offer our members discounts. They can assist with weight reduction to treat high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and irregular cycles.

Read our Nurse Practitioner Susan Geiger's article about exactly what PCOS is here .
National Donate Life Month
By: Cat Clason, MSN, WHNP-BC
You may have seen the slogan on a bumper sticker or a poster stating “Don’t Take Your Organs to Heaven, Heaven Knows We Need Them Here”. Every day, 22 people die because they are unable to receive a life-saving transplant in time. Every day, over 2,000 children and 100,000 adults continue to wait for the life-saving transplant they require. And every 10 minutes, another child or adult is added to that ever-growing list.  April is National Donate Life Month and there is no greater time to be the heroine that someone needs and to commit to registering as an organ donor at RegisterMe.Org.

Read more about the importance of being a donor here .
BABY BOTOX: Preventative Botox, more popular than ever!
By: Simone Abel, RN
Botox is the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure worldwide and has an incredible safety record for prevention and treatment of wrinkles! I’m sure Botox is one of those things you assumed you would start to doing only once you absolutely needed it. However, it should be something on your radar during your 20’s and 30’s. Doctors say the number of young people who are doing preventive Botox (or as I like to call it, Baby Botox) is growing.

I am a big supporter of Baby Botox. Treating women in their mid to late 20’s and 30’s to stop wrinkles before they ever start makes the aging process slow down dramatically. I believe the best time to start Baby Botox is when you start to develop the earliest sign of resting wrinkles.

Read more about preventative Botox here .
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