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Weekly Update for January 22, 2019
Association Updates

Reese to receive Milestone award
Lucas County Children Services Executive Director Robin Reese is being honored with a Milestone Award from the YWCA of Northwest Ohio. She will receive the award, which recognizes the outstanding contributions of women in that area of the state, at a luncheon March 27 in Toledo. Robin serves on the PCSAO Board of Trustees in addition to many other leadership and volunteer posts. Congratulations, Robin!
Northwest District meets
Following the morning meeting of the OJFSDA, the Northwest PCSAO District met Jan. 17 to discuss updates to the Children’s Continuum of Care Reform and the upcoming state budget, lame-duck legislative activity and proposed rules, and training needs. Northwoods staff attended to provide updates on EDMS. The district welcomed four brand-new directors. The district meets next April 18.

Northeast District meets
The PCSAO Northeast District met in Akron Jan. 14. Members discussed EDMS implementation and PCSAO updates, and finalized 2019 meeting dates. The district next meets on April 22.
Southwest District meets
The PCSAO Southwest District met in Lebanon Jan. 16. The agenda included EDMS discussion with Greg Tipping from Northwoods/DAS; updates from ODJFS, Regional Training Centers, and PCSAO; and county roundtable discussion. The district next meets on March 20.

East Central District meets
The PCSAO East Central District met Jan. 18 and received updates from PCSAO related to the Governor’s Executive Orders, the new Cabinet directors, SFY20-21 budget priorities, lame duck legislative changes, and the Family First Prevention Services Act. DAS and Northwoods staff provided EDMS updates. The district shared county updates before adjourning. The East Central District will meet next on April 19.

FFPSA Leadership Team holds third meeting
The ODJFS Family First Prevention Services Act Leadership Team met Jan. 17. The team was introduced to the recently hired ODJFS FFPSA Project Manager, Crystal Williams. The team received updates pertaining to data being collected and the development of a vision statement for FFPSA. The QRTP subcommittee’s charter was reviewed and approved. That committee will be co-chaired by Mark Mecum, Ohio Children’s Alliance, and Colleen Tucker, ODJFS. Interested PCSAs will have the opportunity to participate on the six QRTP workgroups. ODJFS staff provided an overview of the Act’s prevention services provision. A group will be convened by Angela Sausser, PCSAO, and Sue Williams, ODJFS, to develop the prevention subcommittee’s draft charter. ODJFS presented a comprehensive FFPSA roadmap that will be used to chart the course of the state’s implementation plan. Based on the roadmap, subcommittees will be formed based on the various provisions of the Act. The FFPSA Leadership Team will meet next on Feb. 21.   

Conference Planning Committee meets
On Jan. 11 the 2019 PCSAO Conference Planning Committee met for the first meeting of the year. During the meeting the committee discussed potential conference themes, keynote speakers and training courses for attendees. The conference committee will be meeting again on Feb. 8.

Anti-human trafficking update
The Family and Youth Services Bureau in collaboration with the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention is hosting a webinar on “How Mentoring Supports Runaway and Homeless Youth Victims and Survivors of Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking” on Jan. 28 from 2-3:30 p.m.; register here. Futures Without Violence is hosting a webinar on “What Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Organizations Can Do to Address Human Trafficking” on Jan. 31 from 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.; register here.

Rules update
Rules in Clearance: 
Five-Year Review of Chapter 5101:2-44 rules (SAMS, PASSS, and Medicaid eligibility for children with special needs). The proposed changes are largely minor and are summarized here . Comments are due Jan. 21.
New Rule, 5101:2-9-26, “Safeguarding federal tax information (FTI)”.  This is a new rule as a result of implementation of SB 51, Section 124.74, passed in the 132 nd General Assembly. This rule identifies definitions to be used with safeguarding FTI and outlines general provisions and policy guidance with regard to safeguarding FTI using background investigations.  Comments are due Jan. 28.
Rules in Pre-Clearance: Chapter 5101:2-37 Assessments are in pre-clearance through Feb. 2. These are up for five-year review: 
The following rules were original-filed with JCARR on Jan. 7 and are scheduled for a public hearing on Feb. 14: 
  • 5101:2-49-02: Adoption assistance eligibility criteria
  • 5101:2-49-02.1:Title IV-E adoption assistance AFDC-relatedness eligibility criteria
  • 5101:2-5-04: Recertification of an agency to perform specific functions
  • 5101:2-5-13.1: Disaster preparedness plan requirements
  • 5101:2-5-27: Termination of a foster home certificate
  • 5101:2-5-29: Foster home records
  • 5101:2-5-36: Additional requirements for an agency that acts as a representative of ODJFS in recommending treatment foster homes for certification
  • 5101:2-5-37: Additional requirements for an agency that acts as a representative of ODJFS in recommending medically fragile foster homes for certification
  • 5101:2-5-40: Preplacement and continuing training programs
  • 5101:2-7-16: Additional requirements for a treatment foster caregiver and a treatment foster home
  • 5101:2-33-80: Retained applicant fingerprint database information exchange (Rapback)
  • 5101:2-42-66: Administrative procedures for comprehensive health care for children in placement
  • 5101:2-42-66.1: Comprehensive health care for children in placement
  • 5101:2-42-66.2: Documentation of comprehensive health care for children in placement
The following rules were final-filed on Jan. 14 and have an effective date of March 1:
  • 5101:2-42-19: Requirements for the provision of independent living services to youth in custody
  • 5101:2-42-19.2: Requirements for provision of independent living services to young adults who have emancipated
Announcements and Resources
Governor DeWine signs six Executive Orders
Governor DeWine was sworn into office Jan. 14 and immediately signed six executive orders, several of them connected to the children services system.
  • Creating the Governor's Recovery Ohio Initiative
  • Creating the Governor's Children's Initiative
  • Establishing Ohio as a Disability Inclusion State
  • Elevating Foster Care Priorities in Ohio
  • Anti-Discrimination Policy in State Government
  • Elevating Prevention within the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services
To view the orders, follow the links on the Governor’s webpage .
Child Protection in the News

Ohio has launched a new website and public-awareness campaign to give people better access to information about foster care and adoption.

The wave of the last decade became a tsunami in recent years, though it appears it may have peaked for now, according to the Public Children Services Association of Ohio
A wave of Ohio children removed from their homes for neglect or abuse appears to have peaked, but the state's children's services system remains in crisis, a new report shows. That's partly because the number of kids rose so high that the decline is mild in comparison, and the system of care and services needs a change, according to the Public Children Services Association of Ohio.

The Mahoning County Children Services Board spent about $290,000 more than anticipated in 2018 after a spike in juvenile placements and other costs, according to preliminary reports.

Community support for two programs operated by the Allen County Children Services agency helped make the holiday season a little brighter  for hundreds of area children.
In its study, the Public Children Services Association of Ohio emphasized the dramatic increase in the number of children now in the children services system due to neglect and abuse. The primary driver is the opiate, or addiction, crisis.
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Jan. 28 | Southeast District Meeting
Jan. 28 | Legislative Committee Meeting
Feb. 1 | Community Education Committee Meeting

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Looking for a career in child protection? Or a new position to challenge yourself? Check out the latest job openings in child protection .

UPP graduates seeking employment at a PCSA are listed on our website.
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