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Weekly Update for June 17, 2019
Association Updates

First annual Ohio START Summit
On June 4, the first annual Ohio START Summit was held at Ohio Dominican University in Columbus. Attendees gathered from Ohio START counties across the state and included caseworkers, family peer mentors, administrators, behavioral health partners, and many more. Notably, Governor Mike DeWine and Attorney General Dave Yost were able to attend and make remarks on their continued support for the Ohio START program. They both expressed the importance of the START program and the impact the frontline workers have on the opioid epidemic. Also, ODJFS Director Kimberly Hall, OMHAS Director Lori Criss, Director of Children’s Initiatives LeeAnn Cornyn, and ODM Deputy Director Marisa Weisel were able to attend and speak about how their collaborative efforts at the state level will continue to support the START program and families affected by substance use disorder. Attendees also participated in breakout affinity sessions where members from cohort 1 could give lessons learned to cohort 2.
OCWTP bids farewell to longtime leaders
Recognition and gratitude were given at the June 12 steering committee meeting of the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program to several key staff at the Institute for Human Services who are stepping down or away from current positions. Sally Fitch, Nan Beeler, Christina Carter, and Debra Sparrow will be missed!
ResultsOHIO pursuing Pay for Success investment options
Treasurer of State Robert Sprague invited PCSAO and other organizations to a roundtable meeting June 13 to discuss how his new ResultsOHIO program can help tackle pressing public policy issues by pursuing investments and solutions driven by private-sector ingenuity. Ohio START is of particular interest to the Treasurer, who is seeking effective programs that address the state’s addiction crisis. ResultsOHIO will support “Pay for Success” initiatives that invest in programs that achieve measurable outcomes. Learn more.

2019 PCSAO conference updates: Sponsorship, exhibit tables, awards
T he 2019 PCSAO awards will be presented at luncheon ceremonies during the conference. All nominations must be submitted by June 30. Download the  Youth and Family Awards Nomination Packet  and the   Professionals Nomination Packet . All nominations must be e-mailed to pcsao@pcsao.org , and nominators will be notified of the outcome by the end of July (staff nominees remain secret until the conference).

The PCSAO annual conference is an unrivaled opportunity to network with more than 500 children services professionals from across the state. This year’s conference theme is “ Champions for Children and Families,” and the focus of the conference will be improving child protection best practices and supporting the children services workforce. The audience includes child protection caseworkers, supervisors, administrators, attorneys, directors and advocates. Sponsorship registration is now open, along with exhibitor registration. To learn more about the various sponsorship and exhibitor packages and to register, click here . If you have any questions or would like more information about these opportunities to support the child welfare community, contact nitina@pcsao.org or by phone at 614-224-5802. Opportunities for sponsorships and exhibit tables are available on a first-come, first-served basis., so register early, but no later than Sept. 1.
Helping Ohio Parent Effectively (HOPE) update
HOPE sponsored primary (birth) parents to attend the Ohio Family Care Association Conference June 8-9. This encouraged interaction and understanding between caregivers and primary parents. One of the HOPE/Succeed leaders also participated in a panel discussion at the conference. Cuyahoga County is going forward with Succeed groups this month with one scheduled for June 26 from 4-6 p.m. at the Westside Community House.

Rules update
Rules in Pre-Clearance: Click here to review and comment on the following rules currently in pre-clearance:
  • Through June 20: Chapter 5101:2-42-18 PCSA and PCPA approval of placements with relative and nonrelative substitute caregivers. This rule is in pre-clearance due to potential impact of the National Model Foster Home Licensing Standards.
Rules in Clearance: As of June 14, no children services-related rules were in Clearance. 
Rules that have been filed with JCARR: 
The following rules were refiled on June 11, after a May 21 public hearing. Click on the rule number to go to the Register of Ohio website for details about the rule filing.
  • 5101:2-49-17: Case record requirements for adoption assistance
  • 5101:2-49-21: Reimbursement of nonrecurring adoption expenses for a child with special needs
The following packet of rules was original-filed with JCARR on June 13 with a public hearing date of July 17. This summary document provides an overview of the proposed changes to each rule:
Click on the rule number to go to the Register of Ohio website for details about the rule filing.
Announcements and Resources

Designation of Authorized Representative Form in Traverse correction
The EDMS Project Team, in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) and the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM), has announced the addition of the ODM 6723 – Designation of Authorized Representative as an available form within Traverse. When completing the ODM – Designation of Authorized Representative form within Traverse, the associated content type will be ROI – Medical Release of Info . The June 10 Weekly Update incorrectly referenced the ODM 10221 – Standard Authorization Form which is currently not available in Traverse.
Child Protection in the News

Making clay to play with was a fun activity of the day Saturday at The Father's House, as foster and adopted children spent time with their parents in a stress-free place. The goal was to help them bond and enjoy time together. "A lot of foster parents give up within the first year of doing foster care," said Jeffery Leon, who in October moved from Kansas City with his wife, Kristina Jones, and three adopted sons to be a part of The Father's House.
Providence House announced today that it is one of three organizations the Ohio Senate has allocated $750,000 to provide innovative crisis nursery services in the state. In addition to Providence House, Blessing House in Lorain County and Bridget's Path in Montgomery County are beneficiaries of this important investment in serving children and families in crisis.
The Ohio House has unanimously passed a bill to offer some flexibility in state training requirements for people who want to become foster parents. This comes as the system struggles with more kids than ever and not enough foster homes.

Call them Generation O, the children growing up in families trapped in a relentless grip of addiction, rehab and prison. “I’d be crying, begging her to stop,” said Layla Kegg of her mother’s drug addiction.
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