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Parker County Sportsman Club is having a Sporting Clay Shoot on April 13th. The Shotgun Committee has done it again with this event. It will be scored on an individual bases with what is called a Louis Class System, which means even if it is your first time to shoot Sporting Clays you will be competing with others who are at your same level of experience. So you have no excuse not to RSVP to this event and come out to take advantage of what I would say is one of the best Sporting Clay courses in North Texas. A thank you goes out to Ruben Sandoval, James Taylor, Scott McGuffie and everyone else who has made this Range and event possible. Please see Ruben's article for more details and RSVP information.
Tell your friends and extended family about the super good deal being a member of Parker County Sportsman Club is. You will not find another location where you have the freedom that you do at PCSC. We have so many things to offer for the cost it's a bargain at twice the price. With a few more members we will be able to provide even more new and exciting features for your enjoyment.
Safety must always be your top priority when enjoying the shooting sports. As stated earlier in this article we have a lot of freedom at PCSC with that comes much responsibility. Every member - when on site - is a Range Safety Officer. One must look out for one's self and any guest you have brought, as well as your fellow shooters. If you see someone being unsafe take note of their badge number and or license plate number on their vehicle. When approaching a fellow member please remember no one likes being told they are in the wrong. If a rule is being violated make it a learning experience for them and please be tactful and respectful of one another. You might even make a new friend.
Until next month shoot safe and have a good time.
Ryan Donnell
PCSC President

Thanks for allowing me to serve, 
Ryan Donnell
PCSC President 2018

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PCSC Calendar

Highlights for April 2019 include:

Orientation the 6th
Pistol Match and Sporting Clays Day the 13th
Board Meeting the 18th
Service Rifle Match the 20th

Swap Meet News

Richard Neverdousky reported to the board a successful swap meet turning approx $300 with 30+ tables and 70+ visitors. Great time had by all.

Club Notes
Due to safety issues the 25 yard short berm on Range A is closed.

The board entertained and passed changes to be made to Range A. The 25 yard short berm will be removed and target holders set at 25 and 50 yards across the width of the range. We look forward to this improvement. Range A can be used at the full distance but will be down for work at times.  We will try to post Range A closures to the website in timely manner.

Also, a pistol competition range will be made between the Trap and Skeet Field and the Manual Trap Range. This at the location of the old pistol range. 

Due to occupational changes, Charles Bearden has resigned as secretary. Chuck Garrett accepted Ryan Donnell's request to step in as secretary till the end of the year.
Alternate director Troy Proctor will step in for Chuck as director.

Thanks to the crew that worked the bylaws and rules revisions.
Rules revision was approved by the board this past board meeting.
I'll publish for you as soon as I receive them.

Pistol Match
Pistol Match Second Saturday of the month

Contact Mr. David Murphy !
Come on out - enjoy and practice pistol skill
Next match will be 4/13/19.
Come on out and have a Bang Up Time.  
Sporting Clays
April 13 2019 SC event
Sporting Clays Day April 13th

We want to welcome new participants to the sporting clays range. If you never tried sporting clays, please come out and give it a try ! This SC day is designed for the new shooter in mind.

Sporting Clays Day Flyer click here

And news for the SC range, 4H has agreed to fill the SC throwers for the remainder of the year.

Rifle Match Report
Next match is Rattle Battle on Range C 
April 20th !  Be there for action and marksmanship...

Last month was the REGIONAL CMP match
right here at good ol' PCSC !

LTC Class on 1st and 3rd Sunday  
The club authorizes an on site professional LTC class: Our own Ron Woods has been providing a CHL / LTC class at PCSC for years.  Ron's professionalism and courtesy has been rewarded by renewal of his contract for many years and his class has yielded many licensees and PCSC members.
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