The big thing for August, September and October is membership drive again this year. Spread the word to any you feel make good members - Special pricing these three months 1/2 off the $90 yearly membership fee for these three months.
Thanks to Ruben and JT are still working to fine tune the Sporting Clays Range. They are
making parking room and clearing for shipping container.
CTCT-20180730_205915Thanks to Scott McGuffie for taking charge of a safety issue at the club. The red safety stripe has been needing a repaint and Scott used some tough Fire Lane paint that may just hold up like we need it to.  Thanks big time, Scott.
Remember, 22 Rifles are allowed on Range G. And, the larger and more steel targets recently added.
 Also, keep in mind: 4H Bustin Pumpkins is  Saturday, October 13th. Mark that date
Look for more things to come and as always if you have a vision or a suggestion do not hesitate to attend a club meeting and voice your ideas. 
Thank you for the opportunity to serve as President.

Ryan Donnell
PCSC President 2018

Contact Ryan
Check Club Calendar Here
Events Calendar on website exceptions:
***No Pistol Match in August***
See calendar on our Website front page.
YOu can navigate the entire year, Here:
 PCSC Events Calendar
Officers and Directors Nominations
If you are interested in serving as an officer or director for PCSC please send me an email at with your contact information and PCSC membership number, along with which position you would like to run, and I will insure that your name is included on the ballot. The following positions will be included on the October 2018 ballot:
Vice President
4- director positions
2- alternate positions
Thanks in advance,
Charles Bearden
2018 Secretary PCSC

Range G News
Range G new attractions - along with 22 rifles !
We also have larger steel plates to shoot at and sometimes still miss - LoL !

Pistol Match
The Second Saturday Pistol Match News:
Many thanks to Fred Muller's successful introduction of pistol matches for our club ! Fred is passing the torch to Jon Kitts and Dave Murphy who will be running pistol matches (NO MATCH IN AUGUST). Look for pistol matches to start back up in September
And a note pertaining to pistol and safety from Vice President Keith Eberly...
he placed a very important post on our Facebook Private Group I know he'd want shared....
"Hey Everyone,
Just a note for safety, always where Eye protection. I was on range F yesterday by myself when I had something irregular happen to a cartridge. Fortunately the only damage was to the cartridge itself and a little bit of powder burn on my hand. However there was all kinds of splatter to my hands and face. I feel very fortunate that this was all that happened. Please be mindful of your shooting safety equipment."
Keith Eberly
Rifle Match
Sporting Clays - Ruben Sandoval
Sporting Clays Report:
Ruben and JT hard at it clearing an area to make room for clay storage container and parking

There is a PDF document for Transmitter Operation you can get familiar with.
Swap Meet Report
Richard Neverdousky - New Swap Meet Contact # 214-352-7750 - call to reserve space.  We will all need to talk it up and get out to the October meet.  We'll be ready for a great meet in our large events building !  Look for a big meet in October !
LTC Class on 1st and 3rd Sunday  
The club authorizes an on site professional LTC class: Our own Ron Woods has been providing a CHL / LTC class at PCSC for years.  Ron's professionalism and courtesy has been rewarded by renewal of his contract for many years and his class has yielded many licensees.
Take Care - Safety and Fun
Safety items that could be addressed:

1 ) Stay hydrated !  Call it a day when too hot to be fun !
Our Mission

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