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Presidents Message 

The summer heat has caught up with us as I am sure you all have noticed. That being said don't forget to pack some water on your next trip out to the Club. Guarding against heat exhaustion is an important Safety Precaution. Always keep Safety in mind while at the range  as well as while traveling on summer vacations this summer.

Dove season is near, yeah hunting season and cooler weather coming.

PCSC elections near.  If you have a desire to serve on the board or as a committee member, by all means, contact an officer or director as nominations are OPEN !

Ryan Donnell  
PCSC President  

Meeting Notes

Admin reports year to date membership at 928 with 14 joining in last orientaton a major surprise and we have reservations for August orientation with our Mid Year Special in full swing. Membership just about perfect for our club.

As usual, we are in good financial shape which allows us to maintain and progress as desired.

Office space room in Events Building is progressing. Wiring and structure has been provided by enthusiasm, experience and dedication of some key players...yours truly has not a full list of the players...that to come...good job you guys...Scott McGuffie heading this up

Motion to purchase a single room AC for the office passes.

Motion to get stairs for a sporting clays tower passes - Ruben and James

Motion to produce a PCSC advertising calendar passes and Keith Eberly has it going on.

Officer and director terms are at this point; Directors at 2nd year are up for re-election if so choose. Officers hold 2 year maximum in succession. Nominations are being accepted by acting Secretary Chuck Garrett

Remember Nominations from Committee in August and from floor in September, Election in October.

Pres: Ryan Donnell 2nd term - Keith Eberly nominee
VPres: Keith Eberly 2nd term -  Ryan Donnell nominee
Secretary; Charles Bearden 1st - Dan Barnes nominee
Treasurer: Michael Hogue 1st - Michael Hogue nominee

Directors 1st Can serve for 2020
Scott Maclaskey
Phillip Mason
Chuck Garrett
Ray Golden Jr.

Directors 2nd all 4 nominated by committee, if they so choose
Scott McGuffie
Richard Cookus
Bill Seeton
John Kitts

The Renewal of Membership process is being re-evaluated to streamline. More on that soon.

Office is ready to AC, ceiling and carpet. Once office completed, member access to clubhouse is imminent. That will bring benefits as well as problems. Lets all work to make problems all but non existent.

A range to get trimming of shrub growth and all ranges getting backer boards,

Youth activities are down due to Summer months.

Next Swap Meet in the cooler month of October...the 12th.

A motion to rent a machine, $2600,  to grind trees for the sporting clays range passes.
Awning for 5 stand is in and well as new machines. Old machines are to be utilized best can.

Website has new rules and bylaws published. Mid Year Special memberhip. Pistol competion results on Facebook and other pages including several videos and photos.

Chuck Garrett

PCSC Calendar
Shotgun Orientation Video
For your review, we have link to the shotgun orientation videos:
The board of directors approved dates August 24th and October 26th.
Go here for more information provided by Richard Buchfink of Bronze Star Shooting

Pistol Match
Pistol Match Second Saturday of the month

Pistol Match ------7/13/19
Well Jon Kitts and all the fellow Pistoleros had a fun time this past Saturday.
We had a new set of winners:
James Groce - First Place
Brian Amerman-Second Place
Todd Blair-Third Place
Good News -- On the development of the "Competition Range" after the club gets finished tieing up the loose end projects committed to for this year there will be efforts made next year to work on the competitive range.
Thanks, one all for showing and helping out.

Click here for videos and still pictures

Contact Mr. David Murphy !
Come on out - enjoy and practice pistol skil l
Next match will be 6/8/19 - Somewhere...
Come on out and have a Bang Up Time.  
Rifle Match Report
July Sniper Match was a blast !

Next Match is Sept 21st
LTC Class on 1st and 3rd Sunday  
The club authorizes an on site professional LTC class: Our own Ron Woods has been providing a CHL / LTC class at PCSC for years.  Ron's professionalism and courtesy has been rewarded by renewal of his contract for many years and his class has yielded many licensees and PCSC members.
Our Mission

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