Happy Thanksgiving and
Merry Christmas to all ! Have a happy and safe holiday season whether hunting or enjoying the shooting sports at PCSC.

The November 17th, Grand Opening for the Sporting Clay Course was a great success. 32 members and guests participated with more out to see the action and learn more about Sporting Clays. Come check out the latest addition to YOUR CLUB !

December 8th is our final swap meet of the year.  Please come out and support this event in our main events building !  There are always "diamonds in the rough". "I've never been to a PCSC swap meet that didn't find something of interest." - Chuck Garrett says. And, consider this not just as a buyer but as a seller as well. Dust off that piece that has been in the corner of the safe or just collecting dust. Help find it a new home and some cash in your pocket.  

PCSC held elections for Officers and Board Members at the October Meeting. The Officers and Directors for 2019 will be installed at the December Board Meeting.

Night Shoot returns, there is no rifle match in December, but the Pistol Match is a go !
Ryan Donnell
PCSC President 2018

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PCSC Calendar

Special events for December 2018 include the Swap Meet on the 8th, Night Shoot on the 15th and Officer and Director installation at the Board Meeting on third Thursday.

Club Notes
Installation of 2019's Officer and Directors will occur at the Board Meeting this month.

President Ryan Donnell
V-President Keith Eberly
Secretary Charles Bearden
Treasurer Michael Hogue

Directors Elect are:
Ray Golden Jr., Jon Kitts, Scott Maclaskey, Phillip Mason
Alt. Directors are: Troy Proctor and Bill Seeton 


Then we have no rifle match in December but do have a pistol match ! There is available trap and skeet / sporting clays going on now as well as a license to carry class available. PCSC has it going on !

There are organized events at PCSC sure, but why you joined, to have a great  place in the country to enjoy the shooting sports, is still there. The board carefully guides policy to balance range access with organized events.
2019 PCSC RENEWAL PACKETS mailed out beginning mid OCTOBER.
NOTE: If you have not received your 2019 PACKET, please text me your name, 2018 BADGE NUMBER, and current address to 817.991.8085 for prompt handling.
PLEASE NOTE , renewals are being processed daily to insure receipt of your 2019 BADGES and KEYS prior to the DECEMBER 31 deadline and JANUARY 1, 2019 ENTRY GATE LOCKS CHANGEOVER.
2019 is going to be a 'BANNER YEAR' at the 'BEST LITTLE SPORTSMAN CLUB in TEXAS'.
...thanks and have a safe and 'HAPPY THANKSGIVING'. RON WOODS, PCSC ADMIN. ��

Or, use the online version:
the complete package to renew is available online as a printable PDF. See our website downloads page. Renewal can be then mailed in to:
Parker County Sportsman Club
PO Box 424
Weatherford, TX 76087
Attn: Ron Woods

Spread the word to those that don't open the newsletter if you would be so kind.

All the best,
Night Shoots !
A handgun or defensive shotgun are your two main tools for self defense, have you ever used these tools a night??
You may be surprise that the muzzle flash will temporarily blind you, or how inadequate your equipment on your firearms are at night.
Come to the Clubs night shoot and we will help educate you on how to shoot at night and what equipment is best for nighttime use.
Defensive handgun,black or night sights. Lasers or red dots and flashlight.
If time permits we can shoot two rounds of 50 so bring 100 handgun rounds. Bring a small hand held flashlight.
Handguns will shoot 50 rounds each stage from 3,7,and 10 yds.
Shotguns will shoot from 3,7, and 12 yds. We will start with 2 shots loaded and do a reload in the dark at each distance. 12 rounds total for each stage.
This is not a competition it is an educational exercise, we will help and coach  you during the shoot.
Call Richard 817-319-6433 or Phillip 817-360-4800 for anymore information or questions.
Come 1 hour before dark about ( 5 PM ) for safety orientation and instruction. All shoots are on SATURDAY.
10-27-18 Handgun only
11-24-18 Handgun and SHOTGUNS
12-15-18 Handgun only
1-12-19 Handgun only
2-16-19 Handgun only
3-9-19 Handgun and SHOTGUNS

Phillip Mason

Richard Cookus and Phillip Mason are responsible for coaching this instructional event authorized by PCSC Board of Directors - no shooting past sundown otherwise
Competition at PCSC
I'm told the pistol match group has an internal email to keep each other updated on what is going on. Get signed up with them at the next match ! Also, the Facebook Private Group, 250 members, has sometimes updates on the Pistol Match activities and always look there for some interaction between participants. 

As of press time, editor has no report on Pistol Match.

Rifle Match - latest was the SNIPER Match !

Sporting Clays - GRAND OPENING Success !!!
Our Sporting Clay's Grand Opening was a SUCCESS!
W e want to thank each of you that attended. We had 32 shooters and around 40 show up today. The weather was great and by the looks of it seems that everyone had a great time. The top 3 shooters today were:
1st Greg Smith with a 78
2nd James Taylor with a 74
3rd Phil Zehring with a 66
We hope that more and more members start and continue shooting sporting clays.
Thanks Again
Ruben Sandoval



LTC Class on 1st and 3rd Sunday  
The club authorizes an on site professional LTC class: Our own Ron Woods has been providing a CHL / LTC class at PCSC for years.  Ron's professionalism and courtesy has been rewarded by renewal of his contract for many years and his class has yielded many licensees and PCSC members.
Parting Shots...returns
I've not had a parting shot for months, but this, I think, is worth sharing.

Many of you know my wife, Marilyn...

There was a time when, if I said, you and I will be HUNTING,
she would have said, "Not bloody likely !". Well, things and times change, and here she is.  Marilyn has the record weighed wild boar (302lbs.) at the ranch we frequent.Then, some few   weeks later, she and I get a twofer set of boars !
She is "spot on" with aim and point of impact... hog humanely put down, instantly. She is now ready for helping with cull deer at the ranch, though she says doesn't want to shoot a deer. 
The pigs are a challenging quarry, the deer are just too easy !" she says...
We'll see ! (wink)
Ya'll have a Happy Thanksgiving,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !
As always, thanks for reading and being a good investor / member of PCSC.

Kindest regards, 
Chuck Garrett
Editor - until a real editor comes along.
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