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Presidents Message 

I hope everyone enjoyed a
Happy Thanksgiving and
you have a Merry Christmas.

With hunting season upon us, please consider sharing a photo of your hunting experience and or harvest. Your fellow sportsmen would be most interested.

We have had a great 2019 with many improvements and that is not going to change for 2020. More great things are in the works for our club and facility.

The board provided support for more machines to finish out a  complete  5 stand shotgun range. Also, the improvements to Range A will commence in 2020.

Research into a more streamlined and online renewal process has commenced.
We hope to have support for that in 2020.

At the November meeting we provided for several members complimentary memberships for 2020 to thank them for the work they have done for the club.

Insurance for the club was a main topic with our fellow member and attorney, Mr. Johnn Kelsey and Swap Meet Chairman Richard Neverdousky providing information so we can make a solid decision on the upcoming swap meets. It was decided to procure Swap Meet insurance locally and proceed with our December Swap Meet on the 7th of December. Come on out and support a long standing event your club provides.

Speaking of events...the NIGHT SHOOTS are back in full swing.  Yes, you have said to yourself, I'd like to do that...well, no time like the present. Come out and support Next Night shoot DEC 14th ! I understand defensive shotgun skills can be addressed as well as pistol shooting.
Stay tuned to the newsletter and attend the board meetings !
We'd like to see you out for the light dinner and our meeting.

Be safe,

Ryan Donnell   
PCSC President  

Swap Meet December 7th !

Membership Renewal and NEW MEMBERS
Renewal Documents are both mailed directly and on the  website

The application is now the same for new member or renewal.

There is a renewal guideline document that is handy reminder of the items required to renew.

The board has authorized a $10 increase in yearly dues to a flat $100 and membership with Guest Pass is $150.  Worth every penny, you know.

Please renew to support one of the best shooting sports facilities...period.

If you need assistance feel free to contact us via the website form or send directly to If you know of someone wanting to join, our phone number is 817 991 8085 and we have a special December included if they join now.

The test documents are being mailed back to you with key and badge.
You can see the answers you missed ! Thanks to Ruben and his bride for that !

Meeting Notes
December board meeting will install new officers and directors for 2020. This group will meet in executive session after the December meeting per Ryan Donnell.

Elected officals are:

Pres: Keith Eberly
VPres: Ryan Donnell
Secretary: Dan Barnes
Treasurer: Michael Hogue

Directors for 2020- 2021

Scott McGuffie
Jon Kitts
James Taylor
Ruben Sandoval

Directors serving 1st of 2 elected terms, can serve for 2020

Scott Maclaskey
Phillip Mason
Ray Golden Jr
Bill Seeton

Pistol - Second Saturday match on schedule
Rifle - Third Saturday Next match is Jan 18 2020
Board Meeting Dec 19th
Night Shoot - December 14 at 6:00 PM
Next Swap Meet  December 7th 8:30 - 3 PM

PCSC Calendar
Pistol Match
Pistol Match: Second Saturday of the Month News
Pistol match 12-14-19 7:00 AM at the club house.

Come on out and enjoy the challenge and the fun !


Contact  Mr.  David Murphy !
Come on out - enjoy and practice pistol skill
Rifle Match Report

Next Match is
Special Event Match 
January 18, 2020
LTC Class on 1st and 3rd Sunday  
The club authorizes an on site professional LTC class: Our own Ron Woods has been providing a CHL / LTC class at PCSC for years.  Ron's professionalism and courtesy has been rewarded by renewal of his contract for many years and his class has yielded many licensees and PCSC members.
NIGHT SHOOTS NEXT DEC 14th - practice using your firearm in the night.
dates are Nov 23, Dec 14, Jan 18, Feb 17, Mar 07.
Contact Richard Cookus at 817 319 6433 
Contact Phillip Mason at 817 360 4800
to reserve your spot. Members only, no fee.
5:30 orientation,  shooting 6 - 10 PM 
Parting Shots

Our Mission

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