Henry Harwood has retired from PCSC to enjoy some travel time.
He will continue to serve by working with the Parker County 4H Shooting Sports.
Thanks to Henry for many years of service to PCSC !
Sporting Clays is new, we have a strong following and all learning how to operate and enjoy the new equipment. The sign in hut is set up and the SC flag is there to attach to the main red flag.
The pistol matches are a hit with a dedicated following. Volunteer contributions are assuring self-sufficiency.
Recent pasture and lawn mowing, weed spraying is ongoing. The crew will need to hold access to ranges at times, but this crew is fast. They won't tie a range up very long. They will hang a chain as usual.
Our meetings are efficient with a light dinner before and the usual fellowship after. Come out and enjoy the evening every third Thursday and as always, enjoy the ranges, each other's company and be safe at PCSC.

Ryan Donnell
PCSC President 2018
Contact Ryan
Officers and Directors - Time to consider serving your club
Nominations for Officers and Directors is just around the corner. If you have served in the past or have not, this is a fine time to think of putting your talents to work helping keep our fine facility growing and glowing. It's not a hard or difficult job, but one that requires thought and cooperation. Leaders make policy decisions that steer the club to make things better while lessening the bad side effects. Both the day to day upkeep of facility and clerical duties require attention. Nothing gets done without someone tending to it. If you have had any thoughts of serving, now is the time to contact an officer or director, specifically the Secretary of the club. He is the chairman of nominations and election. Charles Bearden.

Contact Charles
Club Community
Keeping in touch with fellow members is important for club: There are several ways we make our club more than just a place to shoot. Many members like to talk up what is going on at the club and just as much, what is going on with the group you tend to meet up with. There are venues to share what is happening. In years past we had a club message board but it sorta dried up.  The servers that supported it were prone to hacking, also. The current two methods that are more secure and viable are the Facebook PCSC Page, a commercial version of Facebook for a business or organization and better for member interaction is PCSC Facebook Group, a private venue that only members of that group can utilize.
There is also a PCSC Yahoo Group email swap venue  The editor needs information on how members can participate in the Yahoo group.  have lost that information...
(For the Facebook private group, see link below, click, ask to join the FB PCSC private group - provide current member number when asked).
Pistol Match
The Second Saturday Pistol Match has a loyal following and growing. There is a volunteer donation pool to help keep the pistol match funded on it's own. That is how dedicated this group is.  My hat is off to Fred Muller, John Kitts and the entire pistol match supporters ! I so hope to get to participate some day - Chuck Garrett

Contact Fred Muller
Sporting Clays - Ruben Sandoval
Sporting Clays tremendous new following: Ruben, Ron and James tell me there is a great number of members taking to sporting clays. The orientation was attended by over a dozen to get their key. If you want to participate, get ready to attend orientation about 11:00 am on first Saturday. There is a PDF document for Transmitter Operation you can get familiar with.
Rifle Match
Rifle Match in April Canceled due to lighting: May 16th Rifle Match is just around the corner. Be ready for a good match - Military Carbines from around the world !

Rifle Match Mini Sked
There is an "Events" section at the club website: Rifle and Pistol Match and more: There is an events listing for the entire year on the PCSC website front page.  Go there to see what is officially happening at the club with helpful links at some events for more information.  For example: Parker County 4H Shooting Sports Sunday afternoon events are referenced with a link to their FB presence. It seems this is the official place where 4H interacts with the members. This additional information has already aided a member who wanted be sure a particular range was open on a Sunday...Check out link below...scroll down to bottom of the website front page to view EVENTS. 
LTC Class on 1st and 3rd Sunday  
The club authorizes an on site professional LTC class: Our own Ron Woods has been providing a CHL / LTC class at PCSC for years.  Ron's professionalism and courtesy has been rewarded by renewal of his contract for many years and his class has yielded many licensees.
CPR Class Review - Fred Muller
Thanks to Mr. Fred Muller for taking the time to write to fellow members:
My Bride, Jackie, and I just took the First Aid, Adult, Child, and Infant CPR and AED class put on for PCSC members by Keith Eberly. The instructor was PCSC member Robert Burlison, who is a Firefighter, Paramedic, and SWAT Medic in real life. I must say I have taken this class a number of times over the years from different instructors, but both my wife and I agree that this class was by far the best taught class for CPR and First Aid we have ever taken. This is a great benefit available to the members and anyone who wants to learn CPR or renew their Certification should take this class the next time it is given.
Thanks go out to Robert and Keith for their efforts.
Stay well
Interested in attending next CPR class
Range Safety Officer Class - Keith Eberly
NRA RSO class a success - this from VP Keith Eberly:
Just a note to everyone we have recently had a club sponsored NRA Range Safety Officer class given by Richard Buchfink. All I can say is WOW! And thank you to Richard for the very enlightening and informative class. We are looking to do a second class in the future please contact Scott McGuffie or myself if interested.

Interested in NRA RSO Class ?
Take Care - Safety and Fun
Safety items that could be addressed:

1) Chamber Flags - The club authorized chamber flags to be given freely to members.
Some could be placed in the guard shack for member use ? Do you think that is wise ?
2) Red Stripe - The red stripe we all know needs repainting from time to time. There is a handy stripe painting tool to do the job with, takes about 20 minutes to do all the ranges including sweeping before painting.
Do you think the stripe should be painted on a regular basis ?
3) Steel Plates on Ranges B and C - Many of us really enjoy steel plate plinking at rifle ranges.. We have gone to the trouble and expense of purchasing the hardened steel targets that at available. BUT, we need a safer way to deal with hanging our plates. Climbing the berm and precariously trying to thread a support in those tubes ---  is just not smart...
I cut myself trying to get a rope to work last time used it.
We need a simple wooden containment structure located at the berm footing, that we can walk under, hang plate safely and enjoy.
Do you agree ?
Thanks for your consideration,
Chuck Garrett
Conflict of Interest
Giving PCSC value for the money: This board of directors is committed to seeing that your dues are spent properly...period. Thorough research and consideration is given to each contract to provide a service, repair or build. We want competitive bids from outside contractors. We admonish members who contract with the club, to provide quality work that is cost competitive with non-affiliated businesses.
Yes, your Newsletter Editor / Webmaster is held to task !
A conflict of interest is not in anyone's best interest.
Our Director in charge of grounds, buildings and maintenance is Mr. Scott McGuffie.
He is a veteran construction superintendent and has a watchful eye for quality and value.
Thanks, Scott !
Swap Meet Report
Richard Neverdousky - New Swap Meet Contact # 214-352-7750 - call to reserve space.  Richard reported that the February Swap Meet was low in attendance but this May Swap Meet was much better. We will all need to talk it up and get out to the October meet.  We'll be ready for a great meet in our large events building !  I remember when the swap meet was too big for the clubhouse and it spilled out to tail gates in the parking lot ! Look for a big meet in October !
Our Mission

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