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Range A changes are underway - the short berm is removed and a full width target line is in place at 25 & 50 yards. Rain has hampered the final dirt work so mud and standing water is currently a problem. I am not going to complain about the rain, so we will have to be patient until the ground hardens up enough to do the final grading.
Rain also made for an interesting Sporting Clay Shoot on April 13th, but despite the weather, attendance was amazing. We had 37 shooters and most everyone was able to shoot a full round before the downpour. The food could not have been any better and with the good turnout, prizes for all three classes of winners were possible.  
Parker County Sportsman Club is calling for volunteers to complete a variety of upcoming projects. The Board of Directors has approved to build an office in the events building to store files and supplies. Once this is completed preparations will be made providing access to the main Clubhouse for all Members.  
We will have a climate controlled place to relax and have some lunch or do some on-site reloading.  
If you would like to volunteer some time and or building materials, it will be greatly appreciated.
We will be needing 2X4s, 2X6s,plywood,sheet rock and a solid door in a frame. Mostly, we need a fresh set of enthusiastic volunteers to take on this project and see it through to completion. I know PCSC has many talented members, so the more that gets put in to our little club, the more we will all get out of it.  
Feel free to email me at to to pitch in on making our great facility even better.  
Until next time be SAFE and enjoy the shooting sports.

Ryan Donnell  
PCSC President  

PCSC Calendar
Swap Meet News

Richard Neverdousky reported to the board a successful swap meet turning approx $300 with 30+ tables and 70+ visitors. Great time had by all.

Club Notes
What's Happening ?

1- 5 Stand is in the works at SC station #3.
2- Building an office in the events building is in the works
    to allow member access to the club house
    See Ryan's newsletter introduction above.
3- Lane numbers are going to be revamped by a team headed up by
    Ray Golden in the near future.
4- The David Reuter Scholarship is to be funded again by SRM.                     PCSC is matching donations not to exceed $400 PCSC monies.
5- The Sporting Clays event was a success despite the rain storm. 40           paid entrants, good food and $924 of income after expenses.
6- Bill Seaton/ GaryWhittager 4H will NOT be holding a match May 11th
     With Range A such a mess, the pistol match will be conducted on F and G instead.
7- And, Swap Meet is on for May 11 !!!

Pistol Match
Pistol Match Second Saturday of the month
Looks like Range F and G will be available for pistol match.

Contact Mr. David Murphy !
Come on out - enjoy and practice pistol skill
Next match will be 1/11/19 - Somewhere...
Come on out and have a Bang Up Time.  
Sporting Clays
Sporting Clays Day April 13th

PCSC Members the April shoot was a success even though weather was in the house we still had a great time, and I want to thank everyone that came out to support our GREAT CLUB!

Here are the Results
Jerry Miller was overall high Score Winner with a 86 Great Job Jerry!
Class A 
1st Logan 83
2nd Mathew Craig 83     (winner was determined by the first miss is out.)
3rd Scott Church 76 (JT and Lonnie Craig also shot a 76,)

Class B
1st Monty Brooks 63
2nd Chuck Morris 61
3rd Chase Gardner 59 (tie with Darren hall) Sorry Darren you missed first. 

Class C
1st Mathew Isenhower 46
2nd Carol Shelton 43
3rd Mike Duncan 42
Top Female shooter Sara Craig 29 (First time to shoot sporting Clay's, Great Job Sara!)
Low Score Cub Orcott 
High over all shooter 40.00 + 2 free rounds
Classes A, B, C
1st 40.00 + free round
2nd 20.00 + free round
3rd Free Round

Low score - Free Round
Top Female shooter Free Round

It's been approved!

5 Stand coming soon!

Rifle Match Report
Next match is CMP on Range C 
May 18th !  Be there for action and marksmanship...

LTC Class on 1st and 3rd Sunday  
The club authorizes an on site professional LTC class: Our own Ron Woods has been providing a CHL / LTC class at PCSC for years.  Ron's professionalism and courtesy has been rewarded by renewal of his contract for many years and his class has yielded many licensees and PCSC members.
PCSC Wild Boar Hunt Weekend May 17 18 19 
Some of you know my friend of many years, from Parker County Sportsman Club, Randy Dykstra. He moved out of state couple years ago. While back for a visit, I'm thrilled to take him wild boar hunting. 205#er

Remember the Special
Gragg Ranch PCSC Hog Hunt Weekend May 17th - 19th ! 

We have night lighting at feeders and one can hunt 24hrs. Some cooking will be done and there is Graham Tx just to the North of the ranch and Possum Kingdom Lake restaurants to the South.

Contact Aaron Gragg direct click here  to reserve your place.

Our Mission

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