Bless us, O God, with with a reverent sense of your presence, that we may be at peace and may worship you with all our mind and spirit. Amen.
(Book of Common Prayer)
Psalm 28
(International Children’s Bible)

A Prayer in Troubled Times
Lord, my Rock, I call out to you for help.  
  Do not be deaf to me.
If you are silent,
  I will be like those in the grave.
Hear the sound of my prayer,
  when I cry out to you for help.
I raise my hands
  toward your Most Holy Place.
Don’t drag me away with the wicked,
  with those who do evil.
They say, “Peace” to their neighbors.
  But evil is in their hearts.
Pay them back for what they have done.
  They have done evil.
Pay them back for what they have done.
  Give them their reward.
They don’t understand what the Lord has done
  or what he has made.
So he will knock them down
  and not lift them up.
Praise the Lord.
  He heard my prayer for help.
The Lord is my strength and shield.
  I trust him, and he helps me.
I am very happy.
  And I praise him with my song.
The Lord is powerful.
  He gives power and victory to his chosen one.
Save your people.
  Bless those who are your own.
  Be their shepherd and carry them forever.
Closing Prayer
God, our Creator, thank you for the life that you breathed into the world, into each one of us. Please help us to live grateful lives, to honor all that you have given us by serving you and loving each other.  
Paul Sanner
The Presbyterian Church in Westfield continues to burn as a light in the darkness as our community weathers this fearsome storm of illness. Our reach of care continues to extend far beyond our immediate borders. You can help us make a real impact in the lives of others by joining in our work through your time, your talents, and also in the fruits of your labors.
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