Plan Ahead:

Saturday, February 10th
Post-Holiday Dessert Party and Mini-Info Fair

Saturday, March 10th
PD Peer Connect Mentoring Launch
Post-Holiday Dessert PARTY and Mini-Info Fair
Saturday, February 10th, 2018 from 2:30-4:30pm
Location: Berkeley Unitarian Fellowship Hall
1924 Cedar Street at Bonita, Berkeley
We can't count the number of desserts but we do know there will be more than ten (10!) tables staffed by people who want to keep you informed.

You can learn about new classes and programs as well as older ones.

* Dance    * Voice   * Boxing   * Yoga   * Movement   * Home Care   
* Mentoring Program  * Neighbor-to-neighbor Program

This is a party--a cocktail party without the cocktails. No speeches, no talks.

We welcome friends and family and we hope everyone will have time to see people you know and meet the ones new to you.

No reservations. Just join the party, and learn while you have dessert.
Special Read
Dr. Adreea Seritan, Professor of Psychiatry at UCSF School of Medicine, gave a most interesting talk at PD Active’s January 20th Forum on “Addressing Anxiety and Depression in Parkinson’s Disease”. She was an engaging speaker and attuned to her audience’s needs.

She emphasized that PD is a neuropsychiatric disease which has many non-motor symptoms and she stressed that psychiatric symptoms are among the most common.  She identified and explained the characteristics of anxiety, depression and apathy, and then discussed treatment, various forms of psychotherapy and medications.The session ended with a spirited Q&A.

Dr. Seritan has graciously made her slides available with the caveat that you not share the slides with anyone else and honor the Confidentiality Notice that precedes the slide presentation. To access the slides please contact Judith at development@pdactive.org
In The News
  • Launch of a new program: PD Peer Connect Mentoring
PD Active​ is starting a peer mentoring program on March 10th.
The program will link newcomers to Parkinson’s (and their care partners) with volunteers who have had PD for a few years, to help​ b​etter meet the challenges of the disease. ​ At the meeting, PD movement expert John Argue will present a primer on Parkinson’s, and participants will be able to link up with a peer mentor, newcomer or care partner.​

Look for their table at the PD Active Post-Holiday Dessert Party and Mini-Info Fair on February 10th​.

Attend the launch party on March 10th 10:30am-12:00pm at the North Branch Berkeley Public Library.
​For more information email mentoring@pdactive.org
  • Podcast : "Can Music be Medicine?"

"Drug-Free Dopamine Boost: Music and Parkinson's Disease"

Cadence is a podcast about music: how it affects your brain, your life, and the community in which you live. Cognitive neuroscientist and classically trained opera singer Indre​ ​Viskontas has been conducting a series of interviews with scientists, musicians, musicologists, and composers to find answers to some of the biggest questions still surrounding the intersection of music and science. How much can we learn about the mind with music as the lens?​

In this segment Viskontas interviews Mike Gabel, ​​a ​dance for PD student​​​,​ and ​​Susan Weber​,​ ​an instructor from the ​Berkeley Ballet ​Dance for PD ® program in Berkeley. Cadence is produced by Inquiring Minds and sponsored by the Germancos Foundation.​

Click here to listen to the podcast.
Noteworthy News
  • PWR!Moves®:  A Newly Certified Instructor
PD Active sponsored Petra Fibrichova to attend the training for new instructors at the PWR! Parkinson Wellness Recovery's® Arizona headquarters . Petra is now the newest certified instructor in the East Bay. She will start co-teaching with Murthy in the PWR!® class on Tuesdays at 11:15am at the Yoga Room. She is already a familiar face to the class having assisted Murthy over the last months. We welcome and congratulate Petra!
  • Dance for PD®​
PD Active wishes to thank Dance for PD​​ ® in Brooklyn, which during the company's residency at ​UC's ​Zellerbach Hall provided guest teachers from
the Mark Morris Dance Group to both PD Active's Thursday class at Danspace (founding teacher John Heginbotham and Sam Black) and to Berkeley Ballet Theater's Monday class (Lesley Garrison).

The guest teachers adapted fun movement material from The Hard Nut, and dancers were inspired and challenged as they tried on the movements of party-goers, flowers, and snowflakes. Our community is fortunate to have a strong vibrant association with the Dance for PD® "mothership."
  • San Francisco Ballet School’s dance class for people with PD
San Francisco Ballet School​,​ in partnership with Kaiser Permanente, ​​is starting a yearlong dance class designed specifically for people who are affected by ​PD. The classes ​will be ​taught ​by Cecelia Beam who was recently trained with the Dance for PD® program developed by the Mark Morris Dance Group​ in Brooklyn.

Class began on January 20th 1:00-2:15pm ​at San Francisco Ballet, 455 Franklin Street at Fulton Street. Classes are free-of-charge and are open to anyone with ​PD and their caregivers; no affiliation with Kaiser Permanente is required. ​For more information​: ​ ​Contact ​Cecelia Beam​  ​cbeam@sfballet.org ​ ​
415-865-6583.​ Click here to read more about the class.
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