February 2020 Newsletter and Calendar
Message from the Board
The 2019 Annual Appeal is in the rear view mirror and we’re looking ahead.
Thank you to the more than 200 individuals who contributed. Together, we hit our target!

With your support we can sustain the classes and programs that have made PD Active so vital to those affected by Parkinson’s and we will be able to support a few additional activities.  Watch this space for new offerings. We’re feeling good about the upcoming year and hope you are too.  
PD Active is searching for a Program Director
PD Active has started a search for a full time Program Director who can help us keep our ever-growing programs running and also help us achieve our goals. Do you know anyone who might be interested in the position?
Click here for the job description.. 
February    Annual   Mini-Info Fair and Dessert Party

Celebrate 2020 with PD Active

Date: Saturday February 8, 2020
Time: 2:30pm - 4:30pm
This event has become the highlight of the PD Active Calendar.
You and your family and friends are welcome to learn more about the growing opportunities in the community.
Meet the instructors, chat with your friends, eat delicious desserts and above all enjoy one another and have fun.

Partial List of Participants:
  • Be Heard!
  • Be Well: Yoga for PD
  • Chair Yoga for PD
  • Dance for PD - Berkeley Ballet Theater
  • Dance for PD - Danspace
  • Mindful Movement: Yoga, You & Parkinson's
  • PD Tech Tips & Life Hacks
  • PWR! Moves
  • PWR! Stations & Gait/Agility Training
  • Rock Steady Boxing
  • Samuel Merritt Occupational & Physical Therapy Services
  • Volunteer for PD Active
  • PD Support Group - Young Onset
  • PD Support Groups - Oakland & Berkeley/Albany
  • PD Support Group - Care Partners, Mild to Moderate

No RSVP needed. 
1606 Bonita Ave. at Cedar St., Berkeley, CA 94709
For information: info@pdactive.org or (510) 479-6119
January Forum Report

Your PD Coach - Redefining the Relationship with your Physical Therapist
The January 11th Forum featuring Angela Rusher, DPT, Samuel Merritt University and Jason Hardage, DPT, Associate Professor at Samuel Merritt University was an informative and relevant presentation. There was a great deal of useful information and tips including the advantages of working with a PT twice a year who specializes in PD and can provide a program tailored to an individual’s specific needs.

Two big take-aways: 1) Do activities you enjoy and 2) Doing something is far better than doing nothing. So check the PD Active calendar and find a class or two you would enjoy attending! Slides from the presentation are available here.
PD Active Monthly Calendar

The calendar includes classes initiated with financial support from PD Active.

Save the Dates
Annual Mini-Info Fair and Dessert Party on 2/8/2020 at 2:30 p.m.
Activity Block of Classes Program Open House on 2/28/2020 at 1:00pm
Forum with Neurobiologist David Presti on 4/18/2020 at 10:30 a.m.
Annual Town Hall on 6/13/2020 at 10:30 a.m.
Progams and Classes
Pickleball for PD comes to the East Bay
Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the country and PD Active is excited to offer the first pickleball opportunity for People with Parkinson (PwP) in our area. The first scheduled game brought eight enthusiastic players who immediately realized that many others would enjoy the sport. The group will now meet on the first Friday of each month.

PwP and their friends and family are welcome to play. For more information or to advise attendance contact yopd@pdactive.org or 415-987-1807. All equipment is provided, and the play is free of charge. A waiver must be signed to play.

February 3, 2020 and the first Friday of every month thereafter
Bushrod Park at the tennis courts
560 59th Street, Oakland

The Parkinson’s Foundation says that pickleball "is also outstanding therapy for those diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD) and their loved ones. Pickleball combines hand and eye coordination with simple movement that has helped thousands with PD manage their symptoms and continue to live a normal life. A cross between tennis, badminton and ping pong, it is played on a regulation court with specially designed paddles and balls.” ( https://pfwpa.org/services/exercise-lifestyle/parkinsons-pickleball/ ). 
Activity Block of Classes (ABC) Program
PD Active is pleased to announce the launch of a new Activity Block of Classes (ABC) Program for people with Parkinson’s disease, their friends and care partners.

Beginning in March, the ABC Program will take place on Fridays from 12:00pm. - 4:00pm. at The Yoga Room at 2530 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley.
Participants can choose any number of classes which will include Tai Chi, Be Heard! (Voice), PWR! Circuit and Gait,and conclude with Drum Circle. Cost is $10 for a single class or $30 for all four classes. 

To learn more please attend the Open House on February 28. Meet our talented instructors, learn about the ABC Program and how it can help, support and diversify your PD exercise routine. All exercise levels are welcome.

February 28, 2020 1:00pm.-3:00pm.
The Yoga Room
2530 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley
Rock Steady Boxing Albany is expanding
Daniel Burkhardt, owner of the Rock Steady Boxing Albany affiliate, has acquired affiliates in Danville and Hercules to form Rock Steady Boxing Greater Bay Area. The new website for all three locations is rocksteadyboxinggba.com
 For more information see the podcast/video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjNa6KKRHTY
Community Updates
Ping Pong
Announcing the formation the Parkinson's Ping Pong Club.
On January 10th over a dozen community members met in Albany to play ping pong. Organized by member Deborah Harris, the group has a coach and all the necessary gear. No prior experience is required and family and non-PD friends are welcome to participate. 
For more information or to advise attendance contact Deborah 510-502-0965 or dharris@comcast.net.  Current charge $15/session, with likely reduction once the number of attendees stabilize. 

Fridays 12:00pm.-1:00pm.
iTable Tennis
522 San Pablo Ave., Albany  (across from Albany Bowl)

Interested in Parkinson’s-friendly Tennis? Our community has a growing cadre of tennis players with Parkinson’s. Play is arranged ad-hoc at public courts and local clubs. For more information, contact yopd@pdactive.org or 415-987-1807.
Other News
Online Research Study & Cognition & Action Lab UC Berkeley
The Cognition and Action Lab at the University of California, Berkeley is conducting a new research study for individuals with Parkinson’s disease. The study is part of a basic research program to understand how these disorders impact various aspects of human performance. It is not a clinical trial and will not impact your medical care. 

The online study takes about one hour and can be completed from a personal computer whenever it is convenient for you. Participants will be paid $20 for their time, with payment sent by check or in the form of a gift card to your home. 

To learn more and find the sign-up form link to http://ivrylab.berkeley.edu/participate-in-our-research.html.
If you have additional questions, contact the lead investigator, Prof. Richard Ivry at ivrycognac@berkeley.edu
Don't Forget to Carry Emergency Contact Info
Here is a handy guide for preparing emergency medical information. We urge all community members to prepare this information and keep it accessible and on your person at all times. Above all keep the name and number of the person to contact with your health care card. 

If you have an iPhone you should fill out the   Health app that comes with the phone. This app can be used in emergency even if the phone is locked.

If you have an Android phone, here are   instructions for adding emergency info to your lock screen.

Thank you, Donors
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How to Donate
How to Donate
PD Active is a 501(c)(3) so contributions are tax-deductible. Tax ID: 26-3302461
Up Your Impact, Give Monthly: Contact us to set-up up a monthly, recurring donation to PD Active. It's easy to do, and secure. We would be happy to tell you more and walk you through the process. You can set-up a recurring gift for any amount and every contribution is meaningful. Email us at  info@pdactive.org or call at (510) 479-6119.
We rely on you, our generous PD Active members, and your friends and family members, for our core financial support. It's easier than ever to help:

  • To donate by credit card
  • To donate by postal mail: PD Active, P.O. Box 9246, Berkeley, CA 94709
  • To donate by PayPal

Use Your IRA : You no longer need to wait until the end of the year to distribute your required minimum distribution (RMD) from your IRA. A quick reminder that if you are over 70 1/ 2 you are eligible to use your RMD to make tax-free donations to qualified charitable organizations. No gift is too small, so please keep us in mind when evaluating your IRA.

Contact Judith Lubman at  development@pdactive.org   or call (510) 479-6119 for other types of donations such as:
  • Recurring credit card donations
  • Stock or Donor Advised Funds
  • Planned Giving - Property or other assets through your will or estate plan
  • Automobile
PD Active Activities, Descriptions & Locations

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