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January 2019 Newsletter and Calendar
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Third Annual Mini-Info Fair and Dessert Party
Photo Credit and Licence: https://tinyurl.com/yap4dkro
This is an opportunity to get to know members of our community who you may not have had an opportunity to speak to -- all in the company of desserts. We hope to see you at this sweet event! No RSVP needed.

For information: info@pdactive.org or (510) 479-6119

Confirmed Participants (with additional pending): 
  • Be Heard! 
  • Be Well: Yoga for PD
  • Danspace Dance for PD®
  • Jewish Family & Community Services East Bay
  • Michael J. Fox Foundation
  • Parkinson’s Foundation
  • PWR!Moves® and Chair Yoga
  • Rock Steady Boxing
  • Samuel Merritt Occupational and Physical Therapy Services
  • Stanford Parkinson's Community Outreach Program
  • Yoga for PD
  • Tech Tips Table
  • Young Onset PD Group
Date : Saturday, January 12, 2019
Time : 12:30 - 2:30 p.m. ​
1606 Bonita Ave, Berkeley, CA 94709
February Forum: Living with Parkinson's - John Vine, Author of "A Parkinson's Primer"
John Vine’s talk, Living with Parkinson’s , will honestly address medical, practical, and emotional challenges presented by Parkinson’s disease. He will not pull his punches. As John puts it, calling a cat a dog does not make the cat a dog.  

John’s talk will draw on lessons he learned from interviewing many Parkinson’s patients and their partners. Even though all Parkinson’s patients are treated as having the same disease, each patient has a different story to tell. Truthfully told, these stories are instructive. Even though individual stories are necessarily anecdotal, collectively they help to paint a picture that is neither gloomy nor rose-colored, but positive, constructive, and helpful.

John Vine and his wife, Joanne, live in Washington, D.C., where he practiced law for over 45 years with Covington & Burling, LLP.  For many years, John was the senior member and head of Covington’s employee benefits group. John has represented clients before the Treasury and Labor Departments, testified at hearings held by House and Senate committees, and litigated cases in the federal courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court.  

John was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2004 and had deep brain stimulation surgery in 2008. In recent years, John has spent considerable time learning about Parkinson’s disease and developing the ideas presented in his book, A Parkinson's Primer , which was published in 2017.                  
Date : Saturday, February 9, 2019
Time : 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. ​
1606 Bonita Ave, Berkeley, CA 94709
*If you have trouble registering, please e-mail us at info@pdactive.org.
Save the Dates
Forum on the gut and PD with Dr. Ethan Brown of UCSF on April 13, 2019
Annual Community Town Hall on June 8, 2019
In The News
Welcome New PD Active Board Members
PD Active is delighted and grateful that Suzanne Calpestri and Norm Frankel have joined our Board of Directors.
Suzanne spent her career as a librarian at UC Berkeley, retiring in 2008 as the John H. Rowe Librarian and Director of The George and Mary Foster Anthropology Library. She served as a director on the Berkeley Public Library Foundation Board (2008-2014) and is currently on its Advisory Council. When she is not boxing, doing Pilates or walking, she enjoys theater, opera and musical performances. She lives in Kensington with her loving and supportive husband, Italo Calpestri, an architect. In 2018 when she was diagnosed with Parkinson's, PD Active was there to provide welcome support. She is honored for the opportunity to contribute to this life-affirming organization.
Norm and his wife, Jan lived on Kibbutz Gezer in Israel for 23 years where Norm worked as a farmer and irrigation specialist growing many different field crops and also filled various managerial positions. In December of 2000, after he and Jan returned to California to care for their aging parents, Norm began a new career as the Executive Director for Peninsula Temple Beth El in San Mateo where for 8 years he was involved in every area of non-profit management -- including a $2.5M renovation of the temple sanctuary. From 2009-2015 Norm was Executive Director Congregation Beth El in Berkeley. Norm, diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2009, has been an active participant in the PD Active support group in Oakland. He looks forward to serving on the Board of PD Active as the Treasurer of this amazing organization.
Community Updates
Suzanne Drolet Yoga for PD Class is on the Move
Suzanne Drolet has found a bright and airy new home for her class, Be Well: Yoga for PD, at Yoga Kula beginning January 3, 2019. Suzanne is an experienced guide into the practice of yoga and focuses this class on supporting and strengthening students with PD. She comes to this teaching practice through seeking out ways to support her mom who was diagnosed with PD. Suzanne was trained by Vickie Bell and then hired as Vickie’s class assistant - a role she has continued in for 9 years and counting. In addition, she created her own class in 2013 at Adeline Yoga Studio, which is now being relocated.

The Yoga Kula studio is located in Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto. Suzanne appreciates their generous offer of space. Please join the class as a continuing or new student.  

Day and Time : Thursday each week from 2 to 3 p.m. (please arrive 10 minutes early)
Location: Yoga Kula, 1700 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, 2nd fl. (elevator at rear of building, access from parking lot; elevator access not available once class starts)
Parking: Metered, on-street
Cost:  $140/10 classes (6 mos. expiration) or $75/5 classes (2 mos expiration) or $17 drop-in/one class
Contact: Suzanne Drolet at (510) 846-8814 or life_love_yoga@comcast.net
Samuel Merritt - Free Occupational Therapy Services
Samuel Merritt University is offering free occupational therapy services for eligible adults who have difficulty engaging in typical daily activities due to a medical condition, injury, or environmental challenges. Services are provided by occupational therapy students who are supervised by experienced and licensed occupational therapists.

When: Monday afternoons for 9 weeks, beginning February 4, 2019
450 30th Street, Oakland, CA 94609 
Enrollment: First-come, first-served basis. Complete the enrollment form on website, call or e-mail.

Contact :  OTLab@samuelmerritt.edu or (510) 879-9200 x 7456
UCSF PD Caregivers Symposium, February 15, 2019
Next February, UCSF will be hosting a symposium for caregivers that will provide an opportunity to interact with other PD caregivers and community agencies with resources for caregivers of PD patients. It will be an opportunity for collaboration, learning, and education and PD Active will have a resource table at the event.

This program is free and for PD caregivers only. Light refreshments will be available. Space is limited, so please register to attend.

RSVP Required: hannah.george@ucsf.edu or (415) 502-1672
Date and Time: Friday, February 15, 2019 from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
450 Post St., 3rd Fl., San Francisco, CA 94103
More Info: aaron.daley@ucsf.edu or (415) 476-9276
2018 Annual Appeal: Thank You, Donors!
Cheryl Armstrong
Grant Bennett
Paula Blasier
Mary Pat Boersma
Anne and Mike Boyder
Susan and David Brody
Bruce Bowen and Junona Jonas
Suzanne and Italo Calpestri
Robert Carloni
Michelle Cheeseman and Rick Clark
Michael Clancy
Bob Crickmore and Ingrid Ellis
Jorge and Deborah Del Mazo
Brooke Deputy
Judi Ettlinger
Jerry and Nancy Falk
Susan Felter and Bill Mastin
Meredith Florian
Norm and Jan Frankel
Martha Friedberg
Neil Goldstein
Donna Mickelson and Tim Gordon
Erik and Priscilla Green
Janet and Joe Grodin
Paul Groth
Ann Hardesty
Paul Hathaway and Lyn Dailey
Herb Heinz
Ron and Carol Hofmann
Ben Hong and Annette Floystrup
Vaughn Hovanessian
Judith Huerta
Elsa Johnson
Saima Kint
Nik Warren and Sally Lappen
Eric Larsen
Richard and Dee Lawrence
Richard Levin
Jane Levin
Sheila Lichtman
Amy Liss
Barbara Loebel
Martine and Joseph Makower
Ann and John Marks
Howard Martin and Amy Chen-Huey
Michael and Barbara McGrath
Kathleen Meagher
Ivan and Maris Meyerson
Adam Mizock
Suzanne Mounts
Claudine Naganuma
ARobin Orden
Barbara and Sherman Robinson
Robert and Toby Rubin
Peter Rugh
Joyce Sakai and Frank Greene
Amy Scheinbaum and Mike Gabel
Ellen Shaffer and Joseph Brenner
Evelyn Sheridan
Areca Smit
Judi Sui and Bruce Bernhard
The Zenith
Stephen Tobias
Barry Winograd
Diane Woloshin
Eva Yarmo and David Rosenthal
In Honor and In Memory Of
Ron and Pat Adler in honor of Nancy Falk
Dion Aroner in memory of Marty Rabkin
Jim Baum in honor of Eva Yarmo and Stanley Lubman
Linda Morse and Timothy Caulfield in honor of Ann Van Steenberg
Leslie Chatham in honor of Frances Tobriner
Geoffrey Darby in honor of Karen Garrison
Lane Darby in honor of Karen Garrison
Alexander Darby in honor of Karen Garrison
Suzanne Drolet in honor of Marilynn Drolet
Anita Ettinger in honor of Eva Yarmo
Susan and Leonard Feinstein in honor of Lee Shapiro
Lisa Garrison in honor of Karen Garrison
Gregory Gelfan and Lucy Butler in honor of Lee Shapiro
William and Carol Gordon in honor of Tim Gordon
Jack Gordon in honor of Lee Shapiro
Mary Haan and George Kaplan in honor of Dance for PD - Claudine
Lisa Hale in honor of Deborah Putnam
Thomas and Deborah Hanavan in honor of Ann Van Steenberg
Anthony Hawthorne in honor of Suzanne Calpestri
William Heinz and Monique Kane in honor of Herb Heinz
Vivian Hirshen in memory of Yvette Lehman
Phyllis Hoffman and Charlotte McCaffrey in memory of Ann Chandler
Marcia Jarmel in honor of Lee Shapiro
Maria Isabel and Tu Jarvis in honor of Paula Blasier
Ron Kaplan in honor of Paul Hathaway
Janet Klusza in honor of Lee Shapiro
Arthur Kuhn and Carol Van Steenberg in honor of Ann Van Steenberg
Herb and Gina Kutchins in honor of Stanley Lubman
Clyde Leland and Lorraine Lerman in honor of Tim Gordon and Donna Mickelson
Wendy Lichtman in memory of Larry Sirrot
Linda Mandel in honor of Lee Shapiro
Thomas McFarland in honor of Lee Shapiro
Susan Moon in memory of Frieda Dilloo
William Nash in honor of Warren Brunetti
Amy Neuburg in honor of Herb Heinz
Jane Okuma and Chris Gordon in honor of Tim Gordon and Donna Mickelson
Shelli Oreck in honor of Eva Yarmo
Alan Palestine in honor of Lee Shapiro
Nancy Park in honor of Lauren Livingston
Michael Rosenberg in honor of Lee Shapiro
Bobbie and Roberta Schear in honor of Ann Van Steenberg
Ray Scott Schroeder in honor of Lee Shapiro
Barbara Selman in memory of Frieda Dilloo
Frayda Simon in honor of Lee Shapiro
Justin Simon in honor of Lee Shapiro
Henry and Roz Weinstein in honor of Stanley Lubman
William and Jane Wittmann in honor of Tim Gordon & Donna Mickleson
Thank You to Monthly Sustainers
Grant Bennett
Michael Clancy
Susan Felter
Tim Gordon
Michelle Johnston
Robert and Janet Kohne
Stanley Leibowitz
Midori Louie
Cathy Quides
Gary Turchin
George Turner
Thank You Donors of In-Kind Services

Brokstein & Rosen, CPAs, LLC for Tax Preparation 
Sara  Corrigan-Gibbs for Graphic design
Diane Dew for Photography 
Roslyn Kleinsinger for Support Group Facilitation
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