By & for those affected by Parkinson’s disease
January 2022
From The Board
With Much Gratitude

The Annual Appeal is in its last weeks and we’d like to thank all of you for your steadfast support. Many of you took this opportunity to remember and honor family and friends with a donation to PD Active. These tributes remind us of the value we place on community and the joy we find in being together, especially in-person.  

We look forward to seeing you in 2022 online and in person, COVID permitting.

PD Active Board & Staff
Jen Roitman (staff), Judi Ettlinger, Adam Mizock, Chad Zucker, Norm Frankel (back row left to right)
Judith Lubman, Mary Pat Boersma, Cathy Ball (staff), Suzanne Calpestri, Todd Morrish (front row left to right)
Save the Date
January Virtual Speaker Forum
The Influence of Environmental and Occupational Toxins on Neurological Diseases

Date: Saturday, January 8, 2022
Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm PST

Speaker: Dr. Beate Ritz, M.D., PhD, M.P.H., Professor of Epidemiology, UCLA School of Medicine

Dr. Beate Ritz is the Interim Director for the American Parkinson’s Disease Association (APDA) Center of Excellence in Parkinson’s Disease Research. Her research focuses on the health effects of toxins such as pesticides, ionizing radiation, and air pollution on neurodegenerative disorders including Parkinson’s disease. (Read more)

PD Active depends on donations to bring programs like this to our members free of charge. We remain grateful for your contributions.
Dr. Beate Ritz
You should receive a confirmation e-mail after registering. Contact us at or (510) 479-6119 if you need assistance.
Classes & Programs
Suzanne Drolet’s Be Well Yoga Class has Ended

After eight years, Suzanne Drolet’s Thursday Be Well yoga class ended on December 23.

Suzanne wrote “It's been a great honor working with the Parkinson's Community and to be associated with PD Active for the last 12 years, first as an assistant to Vickie Bell’s yoga class and then as an instructor of my own. During this time, I've been blessed to meet and gotten to know so many fine people.
I will miss actively teaching the Be Well class and look forward to continuing to support PD Active and the community. Keep up the great work!”

Check out the PD Active Monthly Calendar for listings of upcoming live-stream movement classes such as Tai Chi, Pilates, boxing, yoga and voice. 

For more information, contact
Community Update
In Parkinson’s Disease, Race Matters
Race and Inclusion Discussion

In July 2021, PD Active received a seed grant from the Parkinson's Foundation to reach underserved communities in the East Bay with a focus on African American, LatinX and other people of color affected by Parkinson's.

Along with Lowe Consulting, a local, woman-owned firm, PD Active will host a discussion with PD Active African American, LatinX and Asian American members in January. This kick-off meeting will be an important step as PD Active works toward being a more responsive and inclusive organization and is meeting the needs of everyone in the community.

If you are interested in participating in efforts to help PD Active to be more diverse and inclusive, or if you know someone who could help, please contact Judi Ettlinger:
Thank you to our Recent Donors
Our list of donors is long and our appreciation is great. Thank you!
Merry Abel
Dave Alport
Dawn Banasiak
Grant Bennett
David Berks
Jim Blume & Kathryn Frank
Anne & Mike Boyder
Warren & Sharon Brunetti
Ray Buch
Suzanne & Italo Calpestri
Christine & Steven Carr
Perry Chattler
Michelle Cheeseman & Rick Clark
Dr. Chad Christine
Steph Comella
Christine Cziko
Brooke Deputy
Diana Dunn
Robin Duryee
Brooks Dyer
Meris Emory
Judi Ettlinger & Carl Gardeman
Christopher Flores
Kathe & Daniel Friel
Kenneth & Charlotte Gray
Jeff Greenwald
Mary Haan & George Kaplan
Paul Hathaway & Lyn Dailey
Lawrence Hayden & Valerie Mitchell
Catharine Hiersoux
Ben Hong & Annette Floystrup
Patrick Horay & Don Chambers
Kate Johnson & Kevin Schaeffer
Christina Kellogg
Reuben Kuszel
Dee and Richard Lawrence
Michael Levin
Florence & John Lewis
Lauren Livingston
Stanley & Judith Lubman
Georgia Maslowki
Michael McKenna
Karen McKie & Barry Krisberg
Ivan & Maris Meyerson
Donna Mickleson
Carol & Christopher Morgan
Suzanne Mounts
Wendy & Jim Neri
Charmaine Ngin
Ilana Novak
Robin Okinishi
ARobin Orden
Michele Pasela-Grimley & David Grimley
Elise Prowse
Jana & Patrick Reed
Janelle Reinelt & Gerald Hewitt
Amy Reynolds & David Shore
Jerry Richardson & Neotha Phipps
Abdalla & Susan Rifai
Barbara & Sherman Robinson
Nancy Rothschild
Hank Sanchez-Resnik
Neelam Sekhri & Richard Feachem
Gary Semans & Terry Kulka
Dennis Slaughter & Jane Kramer
Tom Sullivan
Kathryn Swallow
Hope & Lee Tollefsrud
Scott Usher
Sam Willard
Evie & Gordon Wozniak
Eva Yarmo & David Rosenthal
Arlene Zavala
Chad Zucker
Donations in Honor Of

Mary & John Ball – in honor of Cathy Ball
Debra & Marc Barach – in honor of Adam Mizock
Louis Blumberg & Ellen Friedman – in honor of Karen Garrison
Senior Alternatives – in honor of Cathy Ball
Harry Chase – in honor of Sarah Chase Hardesty
Penelope Chase – in honor of Sarah Chase Hardesty
George & Sheri Clyde – in honor of Stanley & Judith Lubman
Petra & Marek Fibrichova – in honor of All Pd Active Members
Mary & Stan Friedman – in honor of Stanley & Judith Lubman
Ellen Furnari – in honor of Judi Ettlinger
Jeanne Garrison – in honor of Karen Garrison
Larry Gibbs & Margaret Corrigan – in honor of Judith and Stanley Lubman
Judith Huerta – in honor of Vickie Russell Bell
Judith Justice – in honor of Suzanne Calpestri
Rise Justman – in honor of the Movers and Shakers
Allen & Hannah King – in honor of Adam Mizock
Carol Kusmierski – in honor of Eva Yarmo
Drs. Theodore Levin & Rona Bar-Din – in honor of Adam Mizock
The Lewis Family – in honor of the Mizock Family
Sarah Lubman – in honor of Stanley Lubman
Anne-Marie Miller – in honor of Jill Peale
Lynne Rodgriguez – in honor of Grace Grafton
Linda Schacht – in honor of Evie Wozniak
Marion & Kenneth Stein – in honor of Susan G. Stein-Black
Alan & Ruth Tobey – in honor of the Mizock Family
Donations in Memory Of

Shireen Burns – in memory of Garth Burns
Harriet Charney – in memory of Larry Sirott
Ellen Deitch – in memory of Tom Mogensen
Jorge Del Mazo – in memory of Deborah del Mazo
Karen Garrison & David Edelson – in memory of Tim Gordon
Thomas & Deborah Hanavan – in memory of Ann Van Steenberg
Daniel Jarmel – in memory of Lee Shapiro Memory
Michelle Johnston – in memory of Tim Gordon
Fred & Roslyn Kleinsinger – in memory of Jae Scharlin
Janet & Lawrence Klusza – in memory of Lee Shapiro
Arthur Kuhn & Carol Van Steenberg – in memory of Ann Van Steenberg
Donna Mickelson – in memory of Tim Gordon
Jeff Robbins – in memory of Mary Spletter
Randy Schekman – in memory of Nancy Walls
Barbara Selman – in memory of Frieda Dilloo
Linda Metcalf – in memory of Toby Simon
Darlene & Richard Smith – in memory of Mary King and Norene Manfee