By & for those affected by Parkinson’s disease
January 2023
From The Board
Happy New Year to All

Thank you to the over 270 people who have already contributed to the PD Active Annual Appeal! Your generosity shows the importance of PD Active to our community. We are heartened by the number of people who increased their donations in order to make PD Active exercise classes, support groups and events available to all without fees.  

PD Active membership is always growing and we look forward to connecting with new and old members in the coming year as we continue to build a strong community. 

Its' not too late, if you haven't given to the Annual Appeal, you can still make a donation here

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and Active 2023.
Save the Date
January Virtual Speaker Forum
Sleep Disorders and PD

Date: Saturday, January 21
Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm PT
Speaker: Dr. Liza Ashbrook

Dr. Liza Ashbrook will discuss common sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, excessive daytime sleepiness, restless leg syndrome and REM sleep behavior disorder and their relation to PD. The talk will address symptoms of these disorders, how often they are seen in Parkinson's disease, how they are diagnosed, and how they are treated.

Dr. Liza Ashbrook is a neurologist who treats general neurology patients, as well as those suffering from sleep disorders. Her research focuses on understanding rare circadian rhythms and sleep homeostasis traits. Ashbrook earned her medical degree and completed her residency at UCSF. She completed a fellowship in sleep medicine at Stanford University. She is a member of the American Academy of Neurology and American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

More information here.
Dr. Liza Ashbrook
You should receive a confirmation e-mail after registering. Contact us at or (510) 479-6119 if you need assistance.
PD Active depends on donations to bring programs like this to our members free of charge. We remain grateful for your contributions.
Classes & Programs
Yoga for PD with Vickie Russell Bell
Instructor Vickie Russell Bell teaches Yoga for PD on Zoom every Wednesday at 1:00pm. Yoga is a beneficial practice for people with PD as it helps to increase flexibility, improve posture, improve steadiness of gait, build confidence, increase mindfulness and create community.

Vickie has been teaching Yoga for those with PD from the inception of PD Active. She now welcomes care partners to join the class.

Email Vickie if you want to be invited to join or if you want more information:
Vickie is a remarkable instructor. She has mastered Zoom to make each session feel like a private session. Even on a day when I have no desire to move, Vickie motivates me to bend and stretch.
– Stanley Lubman
December Round Table on YouTube
In Case You Missed the December Round Table discussion of the PD Active 2022 Survey, you can find the recording on our YouTube channel.

Check out the PD Active Monthly Calendar for listings of upcoming live-stream movement classes such as Tai Chi, boxing, yoga and voice. 

For more information, contact
Thank you to our Recent Donors
Thank you to everyone who has donated to our Annual Appeal. Your donations make everything we do possible.
Merry Abel
Dawn Banasiak
Lance Batten
Paul & Barbara Beatrice
Andrea Behr and Stephen Murphy
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Jim Blume and Kathryn Frank
Andrea Bohn & Michael Johnson
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Deborah Lamson
Dee and Richard Lawrence

Drs. Theodore Levin and Rona Bar-Din Sarah Levine
Brian Lewis
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Baujen Liu & Jim Kuo
Kerri and Mark Lubin
Judith and Stanley Lubman
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Donations in Honor Of

Benjamin Anderson in honor of Bryan Umeki
Mary and John Ball – in honor of Cathy Ball
Jim Baum and Carol West in honor of Eva Yarmo
Harry Chase – in honor of Sarah Chase Hardesty
Marilyn Cleveland in honor of Mary Pat Boersma
George and Sheri Clyde in honor of Stanley & Judith Lubman
Daniel Ettlinger – in honor of Judi Ettlinger's Birthday
Steve Ettlinger in honor of Judi Ettlinger
Cathy Fogel – in honor of Bill Barclay
Mary and Stan Friedman in honor of Stanley & Judith Lubman
Lisa Garrison – in honor of Karen Garrison
Larry Gibbs and Margaret Corrigan in honor of Judith Lubman
Kristen Hawkinson in honor of Mary Pat Boersma
Maria Isabel and Tu Jarvis in honor of Paula Blasier
Judith Justice – in honor of Suzanne Calpestri
Carol Kusmierski – in honor of Eva Yarmo
Susan Marinoff and Tom Schrag – in honor of Eva Yarmo
Julie Merrill – in honor of Rich
Amy Neuburg in honor of Herb Heinz
Mudita Nisker – in honor of Herb Heinz
Nancy Park in honor of Lauren Livingston
Diana Penney – in honor of Adam Mizock
Ellen Singer-Vine and Ed Vine – in honor of Suzanne Calpestri and Anne Boyder
Marge Sussman – in honor of Judi Ettlinger
David Rosenthal – in honor of Eva Yarmo
Donations in Memory Of

Ellen Deitch – in memory of Tom Mogensen
Alexa and Kerry Donahoe – in memory of John Argue
Karen Garrison and David Edelson - in memory of John Argue
Gregory Gelfan and Lucy Butler – in memory of Lee Shapiro
Neil Goldstein – in memory of Greg Wasson
Phyllis Hoffman and Charlotte McCaffrey – in memory of Ann Chandler
Daniel Jarmel – in memory of Lee Shapiro
Arthur Kuhn and Carol Van Steenberg – in memory of Ann Van Steenberg
Clyde Leland and Lorraine Lerman – in memory of Tim Gordon
Susan Moon – in memory of Friedel Dilloo
Gail Schatz and Harry Walters – in memory of Ann Chandler
Fred Setterberg – in memory of Ann Van Steenberg
Randy Schekman – in memory of Nancy Walls
Darlene and Richard Smith – in memory of Mary King and Norene Manfee