Coming Soon - PD Active Town Hall
When: Sat., June 9th, 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. ​
Where: Berkeley Unitarian Fellowship Hall
Who: Members, care partners, family, friends
*If you have trouble registering online, please e-mail us .
In The News
PD Active Welcomes Our New Executive Director
PD Active is excited to introduce our first Executive Director, Areca Smit. PD Active is growing up and Areca is set to help.

Areca​ ​worked for almost six years ​in a range of management and operations position​s​ at Berkeley Law​ (Boalt Hall) moving up to a senior management role before departing in 2014. She took a three-year break between U.C. positions to serve as a Foreign Service Officer for the State Department. ​Three years ago while back at the law school, she had her daughter, Elia, and during that ​period she worked independently as an operations consultant. Now that Elia is starting preschool, Areca is ready to work with PD Active. She has an MBA in sustainable enterprise​ and a BFA in conceptual art​​.​ She studied music for many years​ and says she is​ "currently ​playing ukulele when time and child allow​." ​

​Areca started on April 3rd. She looks forward to meeting members at upcoming PD Active events and classes. If you wish you to contact her, she can be reached at
Anna Rabkin's Reading Event Benefits PD Active
Anna Rabkin is well known in the Berkeley community but few knew her story and how she got here. PD Active knows Anna because her husband, Marty, who died in 2013, was one of the early founders of the organization. Marty danced​, practiced yoga and helped keep​ ​​the​ non-profit​, which was an infant at that time, vibrant.​

On a recent Saturday, Anna invited 100 friends to her house to introduce her just published memoir Coming out of Hiding: From Krakow to Berkeley . She stood resplendent in a bright yellow jacket and a PD Active pin as she read from her book. All sales of the book benefited PD Active and we say thank you to Anna for this generous gesture.  

Click here to read one of the last pages in Anna's book in which she​ describes her remarkable journey, and​ her connection with Parkinson's Disease and PD Active.
From Krakow to Berkeley: Coming Out of Hiding 
Published by Vallentine Mitchell, London, 2018

~ A recent Berkeleyside review
~ Until July 21, 2018, you can obtain a 20% discount from the publisher, VM books. U se the code RABKIN18 at checkout.
PD Players Go Live on YouTube
The seven PD Players of Berkeley became acquainted while dancing together at the Monday Dance for PD ® class at the Berkeley Ballet Theater. ​They have met together every two weeks after class to develop creative projects, have fun and give each other support. Over the last three years the group, which had no previous experience in producing or editing, experimented as their production ​evolved and ​developed. Now we have the opportunity to see the results of their efforts. Don't miss the PD Players' engaging video of song and personal narrative: Doctor, I Have What?! Living With Parkinson's
© 2018 PD Players    
The Players urge you to share the video. 
Town Hall is Back - Sat., June 9th, 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Please attend the Town Hall and help PD Active meet the needs and concerns of our members.​ Each year we meld a civic opportunity with a spirited social event. PD Active has been growing--growing up some say--and we need to join forces to move forward.

Newcomers, old timers, care partners, family and friends are all welcomed and included. ​Refreshments are guaranteed​. Table seating will make for more comfort.

Please register today! Town Hall will be at the Berkeley Unitarian Fellowship Hall.

Volunteer to help set up or to be a table scribe! E-mail Areca to let her know.
Cancelled Forum Did Not Stop Members From Meeting​
Regrettably, the speaker for our most recent Forum was unable to give his talk due to an emergency. We know many of you were looking forward to this topic and we hope to schedule a similar talk at a future Forum.

Since we already had the space, we still had a social gathering. It was great to have this time for members, new and old, to meet, catch up and speak with our new executive director, Areca Smit.
Young​-​On​s​et​? Share Your Ideas​
Those with Young-Onset Parkinson's Disease (YOPD) have needs and interests that differ from those of the rest of the PD community. Chad Zucker, a new PD Active member, is leading PD Active’s effort to expand services and activities for people with YOPD. If you were diagnosed with PD in your early fifties or younger we would love to chat with you to exchange ideas and perspectives.

Please e-mail us at
Moving Day San Francisco - Sunday, May 6th
Registration begins at 9 a.m. and the walk begins at 10:30 a.m. at Justin Herman Plaza at the Embarcadero, San Francisco​.​ Exhibits ​and ​performances go until 12:30 p.m​.​

Dance for PD's Debbie Sternbach is Moving Day's Dance Chair. She'll be leading a PD dance performance and all are welcome to join in. View her Baby Workout routine before you go.

Register and join the 2018 PD Active Team. Questions? E-mail us​ .​

If you have difficulty with the Moving Day website, e-mail Gena Lennon , the Parkinson's Foundation Coordinator, or call her at (415) 963-0304.
Danspace - Possible Saturday Class
Danspace Studio​ is considering adding a ​Dance for PD ® ​class on​ Saturday ​​afternoons at 2:30 p.m. They would like to offer a class for those who might have a busy weekday schedule and would like to attend a weekend activity.

Danspace would ​like to hear from you if you are interested. E-mail the studio at or call (510) 420-0920. 
UCSF Parkinson's Center Seeking Care Partners
The Center has received a grant from the Parkinson's Foundation to develop programs for caregiver groups. For more information, you can view the flyer and/or contact Aaron Daley at
Thank You Donors
Car Donation: Grant Bennett  
Suzanne Calpestri
Richard Feachem
Gretchen Greene
Judith Huerta in honor of Vickie's Assistants in Wednesday yoga
Carol Kusmierski
Robb Lazarus
Midori & Don Louie
Stanley & Judith Lubman in honor of Lee Shapiro's Birthday
Stanley & Judith Lubman in memory of John Hammerman
Lincoln Pain
Hank Sanchez-Resnik
Alan Tobey
Ann Van Steenberg
Donations made at Anna Rabkin's Reading
Maria Johanna Alger
Joan Allen
John Argue
Tom Bates
Kate Berenson
Elaine Binger
Judith Bloom
Eloise Bodine
Helen Burke
Marian Cahir
Arrietta Chakos
Carolyn Corbelli
Diane Lee Davenport
Susan Duhan Felix
Jacqueline Ensign
Sue Ezekiel
Merle & Michael Fajans
Ednah Beth Friedman
Michael Fullerton
Tim Gordon & Donna Mickelson
Marianne Graham
Karen Grassle
Kenneth Gray
Claire Greensfelder
Bonnie Grossman
Ilona Hancock
Ruth Hanham
Diane Hedler
Claire Heinzelman
JudithAnne Justice
Carole Kennerly
Eleanor Lew
Deborah Lichtman
Laura McCrea
Kim Marienthal
Nicole Magnuson
Rita Maran
Neil Mayer
Debra Mipos
Erica Nietfeld
Linda Northrup-Sondheimer
Karen Paget
Susan Payne
Katherine Pope
Martha Rabkin
Hannah Rabkin
Martina Reaves
Mona Reeva
Linda Rice
Sharon Roberts
Susan Rosenthal
Elayne Savage
Gregory Shames & Patrice Rocher
Narda Skov
Nancy Spaeth
Judith Aliyah Stein
David Taylor
Sayre Van Young
Else Vellinga
Julia Walsh
Gail Wread
Ranko Yamada
Dion Aroner in memory of Marty Rabkin
Brenda Berlin in memory of Marty Rabkin & Seth Curlin
Stanley & Judith Lubman in memory of Marty Rabkin
Ethel Ruymaker in honor of Neal Sellars
Stephen & Frances Tobriner in honor of Anna Rabkin
How To Donate
PD Active is a 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions are tax deductible.

We rely on you, our generous PD Active members, and your friends and family members, for our core financial support. It's easier than ever to help:

  • To donate by credit card
  • To donate by postal mail: PD Active, P.O. Box 9246, Berkeley, CA 94709
  • To donate by PayPal

Contact Judith at   or call (510) 479-6119 for other types of donations such as:
  • Recurring credit card donations
  • Stock or Donor Advised Funds
  • Planned Giving - Property or other assets through your will or estate plan
  • Automobile
Calendar for May 2018

The calendar includes classes initiated with financial support from PD Active.

***Last minute update: Yoga is cancelled on May 5th.

PD Active Activities, Descriptions & Locations

Local Classes for People with PD - (510) 479-6119 -