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In-person events are back, and we are in full swing for conference attendance. We’ve had a blast seeing old friends and new at the recent National Association of Workforce Boards (NAWB) Annual Forum in Washington, D.C., and the Arizona Association for Economic Development (AAED) Spring Conference; and we are gearing up to attend the National Association of Workforce Boards 38th Annual Conference! But just as busy as we are sponsoring and attending events, we are also still hard at work with client projects, especially in the economic development, agriculture, and workforce development industries. From branding to website design, we continue to be amazed by the good work that our clients do for the people in their communities. And we are so proud to partner with them!


The City of Sacramento has long been a client of PDDG, and we’re excited to partner with the city’s Neighborhood Development Action Team (NDAT) on a series of branding, marketing, and outreach tasks.


Our creative team has recently begun work on some early naming and branding deliverables, as well as overseeing several photo shoots to collect community-focused imagery throughout several of Sacramento’s vibrant neighborhoods.


For the past five years, we have supported the marketing needs of HAY4YOU, a family farming enterprise based in California’s Central Valley. Most recently, we completed a rebrand and brand rollout, including a new identity system, updated stationery, revamped website, and refreshed customer-focused materials, such as invoices, apparel, and signage.


The website is HAY4YOU’s primary marketing and outreach tool and the new website puts the rebrand front and center in a visually engaging and inviting way. Click here to visit the new HAY4YOU website.



As part of our ongoing work with Workforce Santa Cruz County, we recently launched a new Business Services microsite to highlight the many available services to support employers throughout Santa Cruz County.


The new microsite provides employers with an overview of available services, links to additional information, and easy-to-follow visual guides of the process for obtaining services. Direct contact information is also provided for each of the services. Click here to view the new microsite.


PDDG is proud to be an ongoing supporter of the Arizona Association for Economic Development (AAED) and attended and exhibited at the AAED 2022 Spring Conference earlier this month in Tucson, Arizona.


AAED is a valuable organization promoting the economic development sector in the State of Arizona. PDDG collaborates with more than 20 Arizona communities on a regular basis and is a stronger supporter of the economic development profession in Arizona and nationwide.



NAWDP 38th Annual Conference

PDDG is excited to begin our support of the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals by attending and exhibiting at the 38th Annual Conference in Las Vegas from May 15-18. You can find members of our team in the exhibit hall. Drop us a line to let us know if you’ll be attending. We will also be supporting the NAWDP 2022 Youth Symposium in Charlotte, North Carolina, from November 14-16.


CWA 2022 WORKCON Conference

PDDG has recently partnered with the California Workforce Association (CWA) to exhibit at the 2022 WORKCON Conference in San Diego from May 25-27. If you will be attending this year, please stop by our booth and say hello.

May 15-18

National Association of Workforce Development Professionals 2022 Annual Conference (Las Vegas, NV)

May 25-27

California Workforce Association 2022 WORKCON Conference (San Diego, CA)

May 30

Memorial Day Holiday (PDDG US Offices Closed)


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