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January is the month to set new goals for the year. Forget the generic resolutions – we're here to turn your marketing goals into a blockbuster success story! From crafting designs that sizzle to mastering the web world, our arsenal of strategies is tailored for brilliance.


No more marketing monotony. This year let's not just set goals but create marketing magic that resonates. Buckle up for a journey where your brand doesn't just stand out – it struts! Let's elevate your marketing game in 2024!


Amid the financial challenges triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals struggled with mortgage and housing payments. BCL of Texas, a recent addition to PDDG's clientele, successfully implemented the Texas Homeowner Assistance program.


This initiative granted eligible homeowners financial aid, covering overdue mortgage payments, property taxes, insurance, association fees, past due utility bills, and even up to three months of future utility expenses. Additionally, BCL provided complimentary and confidential counseling to analyze clients' financial situations, offering a range of viable options.


Collaborating with PDDG, BCL conducted an extensive marketing campaign across Texas, utilizing print and digital media, advertising in both Dallas and Austin, and engaging in paid and organic social media efforts. This effort played a pivotal role in helping financially impacted Texans regain stability and avoid the risk of losing their homes.


Over the past two years, we have had the pleasure of working with the City of Sacramento, a longtime PDDG client, on a variety of projects related to their Neighborhood Development Action Team (NDAT) initiative.


Most recently, we wrapped up our engagement support of the first cohort of the NDAT Community Ambassador program, a language justice program created to facilitate multicultural bridge building to create and maintain relationships with community partners, businesses, and residents who represent linguistically diverse populations and/or historically underrepresented communities.


The second cohort begins February 1 and runs for a 12-month cycle. We look forward to meeting the next team of Ambassadors and supporting their community outreach efforts.


Click here to learn more about the program and meet the 18 individuals who comprised the 2023 Community Ambassador lineup.


Photo Credit: Veronne Clark, WIN Solutions, LLC.


We are very excited to welcome WorkED Consulting to the PDDG Family. WorkED, with expansive expertise and leadership experience at both the state and federal levels, provides a unique blend of workforce development and higher education consulting and management services.


Our team recently provided high-value creative services to WorkED in support of their work on the Talent Pathways Initiative report for GO Virginia Region 6 and the Bay Consortium Workforce Development Board.


The report is designed to conduct an analysis of the demand for, and supply of, labor in key sectors, understand the workforce needs of regional businesses, and identify the skills and training needed to match workers more effectively to jobs.


We’re grateful for this new partnership with WorkED and look forward to continuing to support their work across workforce development and higher education.


Click here to read the report.


PDDG Continues Support of IEDC


PDDG is proud to continue our support of the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) and our clients and partners in the economic development industry. We will be exhibiting at the IEDC 2024 Leadership Summit in Phoenix, Arizona, from February 4-6. If you plan on attending, be sure to stop by our booth and pick up one of our world-famous light-up pens! We have also recommitted to being a year-long exhibitor at IEDC’s three largest events in 2024.

PDDG Renews Commitment to CWA


After a successful series of California Workforce Association (CWA) conferences this year, we have renewed our commitment to the organization and will be exhibiting at all major CWA events throughout 2024. First up, we’ll be attending and exhibiting at the Youth Summit in Long Beach from February 7-8.

February 1

PDDG 47th Anniversary!

February 4-6

International Economic Development Council (IEDC) Leadership Summit, Phoenix, AZ

February 7-8

California Workforce Association (CWA) Youth Summit, Long Beach, CA

February 19

Washington’s Birthday (PDDG US Offices Closed)


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