Mar 19, 2020

PDMA Proud to Announce Conference Keynote Speaker Alexandra Watkins
Alexandra Watkins
Chief Executive Boss Lady
Eat My Words

Alexandra Watkins is a leading and outspoken authority on brand names. Her breakthrough book, Hello, My Name Is Awesome: How To Create Brand Names That Stick, was named a Top 10 Marketing Book by Inc. Magazine.

Alexandra is a go-to resource for product development professionals. Since 2005, she and her firm, Eat My Words, have created love-at-first-sight brand names for clients from Amazon to Xerox. Her product name hall of fame includes the Neato robotic vacuum, Burger King's Mac n' Cheetos, and a GPS for dogs named Retriever. Other all-time favorite names include Spanish language school Gringo Lingo, frozen yogurt franchise Spoon Me, and the Church of Cupcakes.

Alexandra first got hooked on naming in 2003 ago when Gap hired her to create names for their first line of body care products. Soon after, she broke into the business by talking her way into Landor via a date. With her fresh, unconventional naming style, Alexandra soon became a go-to resource for leading branding and naming firms around the country. And Landor sent her enough business to open her own firm. Since then, she's generated thousands of names for snacks, software, sunscreen, sportswear, shoes, sugar scrubs, serums, and seafood. (And that's just the S's!)

Prior to Eat My Words, Alexandra was an advertising copywriter, working at leading West Coast ad agencies, including Ogilvy and Mather, where she worked for five years, helped launch Microsoft Windows and learned the language of Geek Speak. In the mid 90s she jumped on the dot-com gravy train and rode it until it crashed in her San Francisco backyard. Alexandra took the money and ran, spending an entire year in Australia, New Zealand, Bali and Fiji disguised as a 21-year-old backpacker. Upon her return, she followed her passion for creating names and soon after started Eat My Words.

Alexandra gets her passport stamped as often as possible. She has eaten her way through 50 countries where she's sunk her teeth into delicacies including barbecued squirrel in Tanzania, ostrich carpaccio in South Africa, stewed camel meat in Libya, and lobster marinara in Cuba. Her favorite food is JIF peanut butter (crunchy), which she once survived on for two days on the remote island of Amantani in Lake Titicaca, Peru.

In her free time, Alexandra creates imaginative succulent arrangements in tea pots, bird cages and other unexpected containers procured at the local flea market. She lives by the beach in San Diego in her Barbie Dream House.
PDMA Webcast: Commercial Strategies for Growth in Changing Economic Times

Featuring Speaker Ben Malakoff, Senior Director & Head of Sales, FiscalNote
Thursday, April 16, 2020
11 a.m. C/Noon EDT
Space is limited; register early to reserve your spot!
Attending a PDMA webcast earns one professional development credit for NPDP certified attendees.
Session Description:
The rapidly changing global landscape of trade, commerce and financial markets has caused customers and prospects to re-evaluate buying decisions and shift their focus away from evaluating new products and services. In light of the already significant impacts from COVID-19 and a volatile stock market, this session will explore what commercial strategies you can use during times of sucheconomic uncertainty. This includes low-investment, high-return actions for your new and existing products to keep customers engaged, support your sales efforts and weather this dynamic time.

PDMA Members: FREE
Non-Members: $10

Competitive Edge: 
Innovation in the Connected Age

Morphological Products
The new triad of physical products joined by software and services to form a total experience has had a profound impact on the processes of product innovation, product development, and product management. In this track, we'll explore how IoT, Machine Learning, and AI continue to transform the world where we live and how it impacts the work we do optimizing the value proposition at every point of the experience.

Smart Tools & Techniques
Many of the tools we use to ideate, innovate, develop, and manage are changing at the same rapid pace as product life cycles continue to shorten. Join our track speakers and learn more about the latest trends in the fundamental processes, tools, and techniques that drive action at the workflow, information flow, and decision flow level of innovation management. Like smart phones and smart homes, come fill your toolbox with some of the latest smart tools and techniques that will set you apart.

Big Bang Business Models
Do you remember when companies had to make money and short-term ROI was calculated as a part of the business case? The breakthrough impact of new-born companies over the last decade or two brought disruptive business models and technologies that are well-funded, grabbing "land" and then managing their way to profitability over many years. Is your company making a shift or are you on shaky ground? Learn new approaches to your business model that can help you survive and thrive.

Innotech and its Impact
Innovation technology has exploded, and software solutions are part of every aspect of personal and professional life. New technologies, systems, and platforms -- along with distribution options for these solutions -- are changing and aligning with consumer and enterprise behavior. Explore the role software systems, technology, and the cloud play in innovation, product development, and product management.

Check out kHUB: PDMA's Online Content Resource
An Oldie but Goodie kHUB posting has seen a lot of activity by our community this month. 

What insight can you gain from " 2016's Best Practices for NPI and NPD Success?", an Arena Whitepaper authored by Tony Lockwood and submitted by Arena Solutions?

The bottom line: "For NPI processes to be successful, PLM is an absolute must for managing design and manufacturing documents, such as your BOM, change management and compliance management... Combine a modern cloud-based PLM system with an embedded modern project management solution and NPI project leaders have the perfect one-two combination to deliver successful NPD and NPI initiatives."

We're looking for a few people to join our kHUB curator team. Are you passionate about product management and development knowledge and good practice activities?  Do you have time and interest to review articles, blogs, podcasts? Are you interested in joining a fun, hardworking, virtual global team to discuss, edit, curate, and solicit content for kHUB? Check out this  volunteer opportunity on the PDMA website, or contact us at for more details!

kHUB is organized into seven sections following the PDMA Body of Knowledge framework.  Content and resources are classified into one or more of the following sections:  Strategy, New Products Processes, Life Cycle Management, Portfolio Management, Tools and Metrics, Culture, Teams & Organizations, Market Research, plus "What's Hot", a favorite area for what's new and trending.

As the world's foremost professional association for product management, development, and innovation professionals --practitioners, academics and service providers -- our core value is career-advancing knowledge and resources, founded on sound academic research and proven practical application. kHUB facilitates the creation and exchange of product management, development and innovation knowledge and best practices that provide the basis for individual professional development and organizational innovation, leading to a competitive edge. Learn how to engage today.

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PDMA Central Europe Celebrated Its First Birthday!
On  28 of February in Warsaw, we held another successful PDMA workshop. We were received by our partner Wolters Kluwer Polska. There were almost 40 people from various industries, our members and also new professionals interested in joining PDMA.

That was a very special meeting, as in January we celebrated the first anniversary of our chapter. Therefore, during the first part of the meeting, we talked about what we managed to accomplish. 

And there is so much to be proud for!
  • We started the chapter with the team of 12 people and now there are 27 professionals including leaders of R&D, Innovation and NPD teams from top companies in Poland.  We are growing every day
  • We have organized two national conferences on NPD best-practices, product culture and NPD organizations.
  • We kept organizing meetings and workshops for members every second month
  • We partnered in NPD and R&D events organized by the major business journals in Poland
  • We started a PDMA Podcast called "The Product People" (aired 4 episodes already)
  • We established relations with major universities and are  discussing professional studies programs with some of them.
  • We are discussing educational programs with representatives of the Ministry of Education
In the second part of the meeting we spent some time discussing our plans for 2020 and following years: annual conference in October, plans to launch NPDP certification and various workshops and trainings.  
Finally, we held a Customer Journey workshop. We used a method called RelEvent Diagram created by an American engineer, Greg Yezersky, to strengthen our Fuzzy Front End  Innovation skills and learn how to look at customers from their own perspective.

The meeting, as usual, was a success. Unfortunately, we need to cancel workshops and meetings due to the coronavirus outbreak -- but we hope that we will be able to get back on track soon. For now, we wish everyone all the best! Stay in good health!
We would like to thank our supporters and the Central European community for being with us and sharing experiences and expertise. We would like also to thank PDMA Leadership for the continuous support. Special thanks to Egbert-Jan Van Dijck - PDMA Vice President for European Chapters, for guiding us during the journey of setting up a PDMA Chapter! Those successes wouldn't be possible without your support!
Announcing the PDMA Student Innovation Challenge
Competition Description 
Student teams will develop an original concept for a product, service, software, or a combination of the three, and develop a submission detailing the unique value proposition, evidence of demand, and mockup or embodiment of product. Designs for products, services, or software of any type are welcome. 

Qualifier submissions should refine their product idea and create evidence of demand for their product. Finalist teams may be paired with industry mentors through PDMA. Finalist teams are encouraged to present their concepts, prototypes, and mockups at PDMA's annual Competitive Edge Conference. The presentation portion provides students the opportunity to showcase their product development skills in front of product directors, product managers, and product designers. 

Incentives and Awards 
Each finalist will receive a one-year student membership to PDMA.

The champions are invited to attend the PDMA Competitive Edge Conference (free of charge). The presentation portion provides students the exposure to showcase their product development and presentation skills in front of product professionals. Students are encouraged to take time to interact with conference attendees and make connections with practitioners.

Awards will be determined during the PDMA Competitive Edge Annual Conference on Sept. 23, 2020. Three winning teams will be selected by a judging panel, and awarded cash prizes for first, second, or third place to honor their achievements.  Award winners who participate in press releases, social media, and articles on the website will enjoy broad visibility for their achievements.

Stayed tuned for additional details
Book Review: Innovation Project Management
Written by:  Harold Kerzner. Wiley: Hoboken, NJ (2019).
Reviewed by:  Martijn Antonisse, PhD, NPDP
I noticed, working as a project management professional in the field of innovation for many years, that most PM frameworks have limitations in this area. My interest was, of course, raised when Innovation Project Management by Harold Kerzner (an authority in the project management field) was published and especially when I read in the introduction:

"It is inevitable that, over the next several years, professional organizations such as the Project Management Institute (PMI®) will recognize the need to begin setting some standards for innovation project management and possibly partner with organizations such as the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA), which offers a certification program related to innovation" (page 2).
We are looking for product leaders like you!

Do you want to participate on the global product innovation and management stage? We have many opportunities for you to get engaged in meaningful high-impact volunteer activities that will provide long-lasting connections in the global professional community.

Visit our volunteer landing page.  Opportunities for involvement are detailed there and there is a brief interest form to indicate interest.  Why do it?  Volunteering will help you stay on the leading edge of the profession and be more current by working alongside other passionate product people. You will develop deeper collegial relationships that can be quite valuable in the course of your career.  You will also have some fun! 

Best regards,
Eric Ewald, CAE
PDMA Executive Director
In This Issue
PDMA IoT Chapter News
PDMA Innovators of Tampa attended and sponsored Women in Technology International's  7th Annual Geek Glam. Thank you for having us!

PDMA Research Forum Co-Chairs 2020
PDMA is happy to announce that the co-chairs for the JPIM Research Forum next year will be Gaia Rubera  (University of Bocconi) and  Ahmet Kirca  (Michigan State).
The 2020 Journal of Product Innovation Management (JPIM) Annual Research Forum, powered by the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA), seeks paper and poster submissions from scholars from all disciplines who share a common interest in new product development and innovation management. The conference offers networking opportunities with innovation scholars, practitioners, the JPIM Editorial Team and the PDMA community. Full papers, special topics proposals and early stage work are all welcome. Visit the Research Forum page on the PDMA site for the call for papers. The Forum will take place Sept. 19-20, 2020, at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside. 
Seeking Presenters for 2020 Webcasts!
PDMA's webcast committee is looking for presenters for this year. Every third Thursday of the month, PDMA provides professional education opportunities for product developers and managers. Each presentation is made by a PDMA member or guest speaker, lasting about one hour and offering rich opportunities for interaction.

>> Present a Webcast
JPIM Is Free with PDMA Membership. Access Your Journal Today!
The JPIM March 2020 issue is now available! Access the latest issue here.

Members, log in and access JPIM articles  here. Non-members may access abstracts. H ard copy subscriptions for members can be purchased  here

Don't forget to download the JPIM app!

JPIM app for iOS and Android devices is available from the App Store or Google Play to read all of the issues and articles awaiting publication under "Early View". S earch for Journal of Product Innovation Management
PDMA BoK Guidebook

Get the latest edition of our PDMA BoK,  combining all NPD Professional exam preparation materials in one volume. Purchase a copy  directly through Amazon .

The PDMA BoK covers the following exam topics:
  • Strategy
  • Portfolio Management
  • NPD Processes
  • Culture, Teams, and Organization
  • Tools and Metrics
  • Market Research
  • Life Cycle Management 
For an overview of each chapter, visit  our PDMA BoK webpage.
Get NPD Professional  Certification

Congratulations on Your NPD Professional Certification!
PDMA congratulates community member s who earned their NPD Professional Certification in February 2020!
New NPD Professionals:

Do you have content you would like to publish?
Did you know...  that you can submit articles to kHUB and earn Professional Development Hours for renewing NPD Professional Certification?   
Every accepted regular article is worth 5 PDHs. Every accepted peer reviewed article (such as JPIM) is worth 20 PDHs. What a way to jump-start your required 60 PDH credits every three years, share your product innovation knowledge with others, and put your name in lights as a published author!
February 2020 New Members: Welcome!
PDMA is growing! Meet and connect with our new members by signing into the PDMA community on our website.
PDMA welcomed these new members in February 2020. 
Welcome! We look forward to working with you! 

Academic Member 
Daniel David Parsaoran
Ju Evans
Andrea Kolb
Kwan Min Lee
Avanish Singh Chauhan
Professional Members
Faris Sulistiawan
Sarah Fiola
Eric Wilkowske
Ellen Young
Grzegorz Kadzielawski
Joanna Chybowska- Kaczmarek
Ali Syed
Hasan Syed
Vijay Nair
Angela French
Daniel Kenny
Yu-An Lo
Michał Halas
Luke Dery
Cory Christensen
Martin Tremblay
Lawrence Smith
Andrew Wahl
Lee West
Taiyoh Afrik
David Pilgrim
Student Members
Mike Jones
Leon Huang
Karan Sethi
Robert Böhme
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