Dec 19, 2019

Nominations Are Open for Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award
Join a prestigious list of corporations that are recipients of PDMA's Outstanding Corporate Innovator (OCI) Award. For 33 years, PDMA's exclusive OCI Award has been the premier honor for industry innovators.

The award selection process provides an excellent mechanism for identifying companies that create and capture long-term value through product and service innovation. As a global award, companies around the world are eligible. Nominate your own company or one you admire. If you nominate another company, please be sure to let them know they are being nominated and provide a contact for the company.

OCI Award Criteria and Qualifications:
  1. 5 years of sustained success launching new products or services.
  2. Significant company growth from new products or services.
  3. Well-defined new product development practices and processes.
  4. Distinctive innovative characteristics and intangibles.
PDMA employs a rigorous evaluation process for the OCI Award.

OCI Award Process:
  1. Complete a short form.
  2. Nominees that meet initial screening criteria are asked to complete the full OCI questionnaire detailing practices, processes, and innovation successes.
  3. Finalists host an on-site examination visit by OCI Award Committee examiners.
Companies that participate in the OCI Award program benefit from receiving expert external feedback on their innovation practices and results. Winners are recognized globally and can use this recognition to motivate and reward their organizations. Firms that meet the above criteria, regardless of size or industry, are candidates.

The deadline to submit is February 14, 2020

2020  Competitive Edge: 
Innovation in the Connected Age - Registration Now Open!

Morphological Products
The new triad of physical products joined by software and services to form a total experience has had a profound impact on the processes of product innovation, product development, and product management. In this track, we'll explore how IoT, Machine Learning, and AI continue to transform the world where we live and how it impacts the work we do optimizing the value proposition at every point of the experience.

Smart Tools & Techniques
Many of the tools we use to ideate, innovate, develop, and manage are changing at the same rapid pace as product life cycles continue to shorten. Join our track speakers and learn more about the latest trends in the fundamental processes, tools, and techniques that drive action at the workflow, information flow, and decision flow level of innovation management. Like smart phones and smart homes, come fill your toolbox with some of the latest smart tools and techniques that will set you apart.

Big Bang Business Models
Do you remember when companies had to make money and short-term ROI was calculated as a part of the business case? The breakthrough impact of new-born companies over the last decade or two brought disruptive business models and technologies that are well-funded, grabbing "land" and then managing their way to profitability over many years. Is your company making a shift or are you on shaky ground? Learn new approaches to your business model that can help you survive and thrive.

Innotech and its Impact
Innovation technology has exploded, and software solutions are part of every aspect of personal and professional life. New technologies, systems, and platforms - along with distribution options for these solutions - are changing and aligning with consumer and enterprise behavior. Explore the role software systems, technology, and the cloud play in innovation, product development, and product management.

PDMA Webcast: Lean-driven Innovation

Featuring Speaker Norbert Majerus
Business Owner at norbert majerus consulting LLC
Thursday, January 16, 2020
11 a.m. CT/Noon ET
Space is limited; register early to reserve your spot!
Attending a PDMA webcast earns one professional development credit for NPDP certified attendees.
Session Description:
Lean Thinking and Lean Six Sigma have found widespread application in manufacturing and services; more and more companies discover that the principles apply equally well to the innovation creation process. In fact, the benefits for applying Lean to R&D and innovation in manufacturing and services can be significantly higher than those achieved in plants and offices.

This presentation covers the following topics:
  • The key principles and how they are appropriately applied in the different phases of the innovation process
  • Examples and case studies of successful implementations
  • Key tools and features:
    • The Lean startup and creation process
    • The set-based concurrent knowledge development process
    • The fast and predictable product creation process
  • How to engage people in a lean transformation
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Check out kHUB - PDMA's Online Content Resource
New on kHUB in Portfolio Management - 2019 Annual Conference Competitive Edge Disruption by Design breakout session: 

Achieving Quality and Speed...With Three Easy Hacks 
As presented by Lauren Lackey, President, Centauri Innovation at the 2019 Annual Conference Competitive Edge Disruption by Design.  Most development teams say you can have any two, but never all three of quality, speed, and cost.  Follow Ms. Lackey's examples and simple hacks to develop better products, in a shorter period of time, for the appropriate costs and achieve all three!

Additional content from the 2019 Conference will be added to kHUB over the next several months.

kHUB is organized into seven sections following the PDMA Body of Knowledge framework.  Content and resources are classified into one or more of the following sections:  Strategy; New Products Processes; Life Cycle Management; Portfolio Management; Tools and Metrics; Culture, Teams & Organizations; Market Research, plus "What's Hot", a favorite area for what's new and trending. 

As the world's foremost professional association for product management, development, and innovation professionals (practitioners, academics and service providers), our core value is career-advancing knowledge and resources, founded on sound academic research and proven practical application. kHUB facilitates the creation and exchange of product management, development, and innovation knowledge and best practices that provide the basis for individual professional development and organizational innovation, leading to a competitive edge. Learn how to engage today.

Login to access the full content and community discussions. 
PDMA MN: Rocket Science - Achieving the Right Launch Trajectory
Wednesday, January 15, 2020
Session Description 

Most companies have a clearly defined new product development process.

But when it comes to product launching-not so much.
Too many companies spend a lot of time and money in development, only to rush through the launching step...and then watch their new products struggle to make it.

We're here to help.

We'll share best practices we've developed from launching hundreds of products for medical device, manufacturing, and professional service companies.

Our goal: To give you an unfair advantage in the marketplace by making launching success less random.

Bob Freytag and Mike McMillan will take you through specific steps for making your next launch more successful. You'll learn how to ask the right questions, validate assumptions, get team alignment, and engage your audiences impactfully.

5-6 PM
6:05 PM      
Introduction from Steve Stucky, PDMA President
6:15 -7 PM
Rocket Science: Achieving the Right Launch Trajectory , Bob Freytag & Mike McMillan
7:05-7:15 PM   
Question and Answer 

Key Takeaways

  1. Common reasons for launch failures
  2. Launches, releases, and how to tell the difference
  3. 6 key requirements for a launch
  4. What a launch process should look like
  5. The best time to start the launch process
  6. The importance of emotion


Bob Freytag. Partner and President

Bob is a founding partner and has more than 25 years of global product launch and branding experience. Bob leads the business development and key account initiatives for the company and works to develop key strategic partnerships. Bob has worked on several product launches, branding, and integrated B2B campaigns for clients including Medtronic, Cargill, Boston Scientific, and Trimble Transportation (PeopleNet).
Mike McMillan. Partner and Chief Strategic Officer

Mike is a founding partner and has more than 25 years of experience in spearheading global branding initiatives for integrated B2B and B2C campaigns, driving results for leading technology/manufacturing, medical device, and financial services clients. With unique vision and multinational experience, Mike creates key brand strategy, concepts and messaging resulting in differentiated, effective, and on-target communications. Mike oversees our work for Medtronic, Evoqua, Konica Minolta, Hill Rom, and Boston Scientific.

Venue Information 
University Enterprise Lab (UEL) Building
1000 Westgate Drive,
St. Paul, MN 55114
Ewald Conference Center (Rooms A&B)

Please use the South Entrance; there is an awning above the door.

There is a big free parking lot near South entrance.
It says University Enterprise Lab (UEL) on the building.
PDMA Carolinas Chapter Joint Event with American Marketing Association - Charlotte Chapter
Five board members of the Carolinas Chapter of PDMA attended the Alphabet Bash hosted by Charlotte American Marketing Association (AMA). The topic was the impact of hosting the Republican National Convention. The panel consisted of 5 Charlotte marketing leaders: John Lassiter, President and Chief Executive Officer for the Charlotte 2020 Host Committee; Morgan Jessup, Sr. Director of Advanced Advertising Media Sales for Spectrum Reach; Tracy Russ, Chief Marketing Officer for the 2012 Democratic National Convention;  and Shelly Chandler, a national Customer Experience consultant and therefore rapid development, can be leveraged for marketing during the convention.  Like wrapping the cranes and other construction sites with advertisements.

It was pointed out that several of the businesses Uptown businesses will need to rethink their services. Examples:Small cafes might think they will be busy with drop-ins for meals, but the majority of convention-goers attend events that provide food and drinks all day. These business could consider setting up catering services to those events.

It's truly a great opportunity for the city that hosted the DNC in 2012.  Much of the infrastructure to support the DNC is still in place, and the city has vast lessons-learned to prepare for the larger crowds expected in August 2020 for the RNC.

The opportunity to think outside the box and see a new model for marketing products and services was enthusiastically received; all those attending listened and asked questions. Charlotte is already preparing for the event, and now it's time for individual companies to start preparing for the unique opportunity to grab the county's attention.

The PDMA Carolinas Chapter board will discuss ways to leverage the RNC 2020 in Charlotte to increase PDMA and NDPD Certification awareness.

"You can be very much a part of crafting the future here in Charlotte - whether you're beginning a career, looking to raise a family or planning a career pivot at a high point in your career " - Tweeted during the event by @wiredprworks
PDMA Central Europe Event Recap
On the 21st of November, we held the second conference of PDMA Central Europe.  The event was titled "How to organize an NPD and R&D team" and its main theme was innovation culture and organizational aspects of new product development.
There were three very interesting lectures in the morning and three workshops in the afternoon. Additionally, we spent some nice time over dinner and beer discussing not only innovation and business but getting to know each other.
More than 100 NPD and R&D professionals from various industries participated in the conferences, sharing their experience. We received a lot of positive feedback like "the best NPD event I have ever been to" or "great people, great lectures."
So we are already planning the 3rd conference that will be held in Krakow, Poland in 2020. If you are from a Central European county (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia), stay tuned - we will share further details shortly.
From PDMA Headquarters
As we wrap up 2019 I want to extend a special thank-you to the many volunteers who work alongside staff in providing leadership for the organization, positioning it for growth, completing tasks and having a bit of fun along the way. Volunteers led and supported a lot of great PDMA activities, including the new kHUB that launched this year. Thank you to all who are contributing time and talent! We hope that you have made new contacts, deepened collegial relationships with those you had already met, accessed new thinking, and enjoyed being part of growing the organization and helping defining the profession. Thank you all very much!

Want to join others leading the profession via PDMA leadership opportunities? Visit our volunteer landing page . Opportunities for involvement are detailed there as well as a brief interest form. We are particularly seeking volunteers for the Chapters and Webcast committees, we seek someone who can concentrate on developing/promoting the chapters in North America, i.e., pull chapter leaders together and help all continue to develop. For webcasts the Committee is looking for 5 volunteers who can help with work like content planning/marketing, recruiting/vetting topics/speakers and moderating webcasts.

Happy holidays and our best wishes to the entire PDMA community for a happy, healthy, and successful 2020!

Best regards,

Eric Ewald, CAE
PDMA Executive Director
In This Issue
Seeking Presenters for 2020 Webcasts!
PDMA's webcast committee is looking for presenters for the next year. Every third Thursday of the month, PDMA provides professional education opportunities for product developers and managers. Each presentation is made by a PDMA member or guest speaker, lasting about one hour and offering rich opportunities for interaction.


This year PDMA honored two thriving companies, two great examples of innovation in motion. The 2019 OCI recipients, Gorilla Glue and Porex proudly conveyed their stories of innovation and growth.

Now it's your turn. What's your story? Take us along on your PDMA innovation journey.  Where are you along the journey? What learnings might you be able to share with other companies in their endeavor to incorporate goal-reaching practices? As we strive to be the best, we all need input from those who have realized success. 

The time is now to share with colleagues of innovation. Self-nominations are open now for PDMA's prestigious 2020 OCI award. Click on this link to access the nomination form or you can access the form and more information about OCI on the PDMA website.

Upcoming Chapter and Global Affiliate Events

PDMA Chicago: Breakfast Club (downtown)
Friday, January 10, 2020
8-10 a.m.
Tech Nexus

PDMA Carolinas: Foundations of Innovation 8: Commercialization
January 14, 2020
5:30-7 PM
Three Wells Fargo Center

PDMA MN: Rocket Science - Achieving the Right Launch Trajectory
January, 15, 2020
5-8 PM
University Enterprise Lab (UEL) Building


PDMA Tampa: Facility Tour- Valpak
February 1, 2020
6 - 9 p.m., Tour of the facility will begin at 6:30  p.m.


PDMA Pittsburgh: PDMA Body of Knowledge Training
Every Tuesday, from February 4 through March 24
6 - 8 p.m.
Beyond the Table Research
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PDMA congratulates community member s who earned their NPD Professional Certification in November 2019!
Wang Chunghan Wang
November 2019 New Members: Welcome!
PDMA welcomed these new members in November 2019. We look forward to working with you! 

Professional Members
Shikha Srivastava
Adam Gotlieb
Tobias Schultz
Justin Wen
Ed Vargas
Deevakar Kuppuswamy
Christopher Woods
James Bodan
Michael Sipe
Alberto Chan
Tamika Medley

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Why Do Product Teams Excel? Want to Find Out?
PDMA is partnering with Actuation Consulting on an invaluable product team performance survey.  Actuation Consulting has been conducting a global study of product teams with the goal of improving our understanding of why some product teams excel - while others struggle. They seek to expand our growing knowledge of the factors that drive or influence the best outcomes and identified statistically significant elements that drive top performance. Not all factors carry the same weight and their regression analysis of findings enables them to present a weighted scale that helps organizations prioritize their activities more effectively.  

The survey is unique in that, since its inception in 2012, it has received support from a constellation of leading industry associations and market players - groups that generally don't collaborate on such endeavors.  We are proud to partner with Actuation on this year's survey.  Help us make this year's survey the most successful ever!  Register to take the survey here:

Participants who complete the survey receive complimentary access to the executive summary of findings and results, and are entered into the drawing for an Amazon gift card. 

Farewell and thanks from Allan Anderson

It is now just over 10 years since I attended my first PDMA International Conference in Anaheim. Although I had been involved in product development and product management in academic and commercial roles for over 30 years, that Conference provided new insights and a whole new network of like-minded contacts. It set me on a journey that was neither planned or expected. Over the ensuing 10 years I became involved in almost every area of PDMA; chapter presidency, marketing, OCI awards, governance, certification, VP International, and finally, over the past 3 years as PDMA Chair.

It is fair to say that the past 3 years have presented many challenges, but the realization of new opportunities has far outweighed the difficult times. We have re-vitalized the international conference; initiated a new webinar series; taken our communication and marketing to a new level of professionalism; reached the significant milestone of 30 years for the OCI awards; continued with the ongoing development of our highly rated Journal of Product Innovation Management; launched the Knowledge Hub (kHUB) and extended the reach of our certification (the NPDP) to China, where we have taken the number of certifications from close to zero in 2016 to around 5,000 in this year alone. These achievements, and many more, are due to the incredible efforts of our staff at Ewald Consulting and the numerous volunteers all around the world. As Chair, over the past 3 years, I have grown to fully understand and appreciate the contribution that volunteers make to our Association. I will be forever grateful for your support.

Yes, there have been challenges and difficult times. But the rewards have far exceeded the adversity. And yes, those rewards include the tangible achievements of PDMA but, above all, PDMA has provided me the opportunity to meet people in many parts of the world. From the USA, to China, the Netherlands, Germany, UK, India, Australia, South America, New Zealand, and Indonesia. I have had the opportunity to share my own knowledge and to learn from professionals in other societies and cultures. For me personally, my lasting memory of my time in PDMA leadership will be the transition from new colleagues to life-long friends. Thank you all for your support and for giving me this wonderful experience.
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