Feb. 2017

Submit Your 2017 Outstanding Corporate Innovator (OCI) Award Nomination
Nominate an organization to join an elite group of global corporations respected for their innovation success.
In 2017, PDMA will celebrate 30 years of recognizing and rewarding organizations which have achieved sustained and quantifiable business results from new products and services with the Outstanding Corporate Innovator (OCI) Award. The OCI Committee is currently seeking nominations for the 2017 OCI Award. Apply now.

PDMA is seeking organizations who have demonstrated the following attributes:
  • Sustained success in launching new products or services over a five-year time frame
  • Significant company growth directly tied to recent product innovations
  • Well-defined new product development practices and processes that can be described to others
  • Distinctive characteristics and intangibles that facilitate innovation success across the organization
Firms, regardless of size or industry, which meet the above criteria, are candidates. This is a global award and companies from anywhere in the world are eligible. Nominations of other companies and self nominations are encouraged!
The deadline for nominations is Monday, March 13.
Please help us identify the 2017 OCI candidates by  completing this simple nomination form . Learn more about the award, specific criteria and past recipients.
Volunteer with PDMA in 2017
Are you seeking ways to grow your leadership skills and professional development in 2017? Our association offers several ways to volunteer at the local, national or international level.

PDMA is seeking submissions for volunteer committees. Read more information if you are interested in volunteering on one of the standing PDMA Committees.

Join PDMA at The Economist Events' Innovation Summit in Chicago
On February 28, 2017 at The Economist Events' Innovation Summit in Chicago, join Editors from The Economist and more than 200 Fortune 500 CEOs, policymakers and disruptive entrepreneurs to share their insights and strategies for successful digital transformation. Hear from speakers from companies such as Cisco, Facebook, GE Transportation and more.

Register with code PDMA15 and save 15% on tickets.

Among the topics to be explored are:
  • How to profit from the internet of things
  • The challenge of workforce transformation
  • How voice and virtual reality will change work
  • New frontiers in customer centricity
  • Regulation and digital disruption 
Tackling Portfolio Complexity in Visions
Don't let a complex portfolio stand in the way of driving new innovation! Customers expect more products in more varieties, faster than ever before. To compete effectively, organizations must tackle complexity and its impacts to eliminate a bloated product portfolio.

"Up to 80% of Your Products Are Losing Money" in explores why your company should care about portfolio complexity and how to navigate which products are turning a profit. Scott Stallbaum, Wilson Perumal & Company, and Andrew Ly walk readers through the "Whale Curve," plotting a company's cumulative profit as a function of products ranked by their profitability. The co-authors write, "Properly managing your product portfolio requires a multi-faceted approach to understand the role each product plays in meeting strategic and financial objectives."

Follow Stallbaum and Ly's tips for designing an optimal portfolio to maintain lower levels of complexity. 

Read Visions Issue 3 2016 online here.

To contribute future content for Visions, please contact Assistant Editor Jaclyn Moriarty.
2017 PDMA-UNH Innovation Doctoral Consortium
July 19-21, 2017 at the University of New Hampshire 

Application Deadline Extended for Doctoral Students: March 5, 2017

PDMA and the University of New Hampshire (UNH) are co-sponsoring the third triennial PDMA-UNH Doctoral Consortium from Wednesday, July 19 - Friday, July 21, 2017.

The Doctoral Consortium is devoted to teaching and mentoring doctoral students conducting impactful dissertation research on innovation and new product / service development, and preparing the next generation of scholars in this important field of study. Students who are accepted into the Consortium will be honored as Doctoral Student Fellows and have a unique opportunity to network, collaborate, exchange ideas, and discuss their research with leading innovation scholars, editors, and executives at the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH.

Read more information on participating faculty fellows and how to apply for this unique opportunity.
February Book Review
Smarter, Faster, Better by Charles Duhigg. Random House: New York, NY (2016). 380 pages. US$28.00 (hardcover).

Who among us does not wish to improve his or her productivity? 

Charles Duhigg's well-researched, new book, Smarter, Faster, Better, offers several tips we can apply to our own lives, as well as to our work teams, to improve productivity and efficiency.
Call For Papers: Special Issue of JPIM
Given the evolving nature of innovation and the shifting focus of innovation from developed economies to emerging economies, the purpose of this special issue is : To address a pressing need to understand social innovation in an interconnected world, specifically its role in emerging economies.

We invite manuscripts that are from various scholarly domains including, but not limited to economics, finance, international business, marketing, organizational behavior, psychology, sociology and strategy. 

We also encourage manuscripts that go across markets and industries, and take a global perspective. We further welcome diversified methods (qualitative or quantitative, or mixed), including comparative history analysis and case study to enrich our understanding of social innovation in the interconnected world. 

Learn more about the review process timeline and submission process details.
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Congratulations on Your NPDP Certification!
Congratulations to the PDMA community members who earned their NPDP Certification in January 2017! Learn more about NPDP Certification.

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