August 2023 Vol. 1
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PDPW educational calendar
The 2023-2024 PDPW educational calendar is here! Check out the calendar for all upcoming programs and updates. You can also find more information on programs coming soon below.

To view the full list of PDPW programs, view the educational calendar here.
Opportunities to learn
Innovation & Technology Farm Tours
August 23, 24, 2023
Dorchester, Wis., and Deer Park, Wis.
TOUR, LEARN AND CONNECT on the 2023 Innovation & Technology Farm Tours. Join us for one or both days of the tours. On Weds., Aug. 23, attendees should meet at JTP Dairy in Dorchester, Wis., at 1 pm, with the event concluding by 4 pm. On Thur., Aug. 24, the program at Minglewood Inc., in Deer Park, Wis., will begin at 9 am and wind up by noon. Learn from dairy producers who have implemented new technologies and share ideas with peers during the tours. Click here for registration information and more details.
On Weds., Aug. 23, attendees should meet at JTP Dairy in Dorchester, Wis., at 1 pm, with the event concluding by 4 pm. On Thur., Aug. 24, the program at Minglewood Inc., in Deer Park, Wis., will begin at 9 am and wind up by noon. Learn from dairy producers who have implemented new technologies and share ideas with peers during the tours. Click here for registration information and more details.
ACE Twilight Meetings
August 28-31, 2023
CONVERSATIONS, IDEAS AND ICE CREAM are on tap at the 2023 ACE Twilight meetings. Join community leaders, elected officials and neighbors for a farm tour and take part in the discussions about challenges and opportunities facing rural Wisconsin. Each evening includes a dairy farm tour starting at 6 p.m., followed by ice cream and conversation. Learn more here

Monday, Aug. 28 - Washington County
Bob & Cindy Roden and family
Roden Echo Valley LLC
5545 Cty Rd. Y, West Bend, WI 53095
Tuesday, Aug. 29 - Rock County
Larson Acres
18218 W. State Rd 59, Evansville, WI 53536
Wednesday, Aug. 30 - Polk County
Ted & Gretchen Johnson; Hans & Catherine Johnson
Horse Creek Holsteins LLC
2080 20th Ave., Star Prairie, WI 54026
Thursday, Aug. 31 - Wood County
Travis & Melissa Marti
Marti Farms
6603 Grant Rd., Vesper, WI 5448
MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR STRIDE YOUTH LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE! Students ages 15-18 will want to be involved in this one-day program on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Through hands-on labs and conversations with experts, participants will explore food, animal and soil science, all while spending an unforgettable day learning how to step into leadership.
Pre-registration required. Learn more here.
DAIRY PRODUCERS WILL NEED TO PROVE in the not-so-distant future that they and their staff regularly engage in training and education programs. Dairy AdvanCE® is an online continuing education management tool for dairy farmers and other professionals that simplifies finding, tracking and managing continuing education units (CEUs). Examples of accredited training programs range from financial management to labor recruitment and retention, animal welfare, environmental sustainability and more. Dairy AdvanCE subscriptions are free to farmers and students; other professionals can subscribe for a one-time fee of $75.
Check out the information video here, or go to to learn more and get started today.
For your dairy
NUTRITION AND TRANSITION COW MANAGEMENT ARE KEY to preventing ketosis. This common metabolic disorder in high-producing dairy cows occurs when a cow is not consuming enough energy. An article from UW-Madison highlights management practices to help prevent the disorder, including the following protocols:
  • Prevent overcrowding at the feed bunk, allowing for at least 30 inches per head
  • Maintain stocking density of one stall per cow or less
  • Avoid co-mingling cows and first-lactation heifers
  • Maintain social groups
  • Calve cows with a body condition score of 3.5 to 3.75
Learn more practices and a review of ketosis in the full article
IDENTIFYING COWS THAT EMIT LESS METHANE NATURALLY was the focus of research recently published in the Journal of Dairy Science. The study showed that cows that emitted less methane tended to be physically smaller and had different microbial communities. These differences were not associated with lower milk production or a change in milk composition. The small study of five low-methane-emitting cows and five high-methane-emitting cows from a herd of 130 lactating Holstein cows showed the low emitters produced approximately 22% less methane than high emitters, corresponding to 278 pounds of methane per year per cow instead of 354 pounds per year. Research continues regarding whether these traits can be passed on through selective breeding as well as if emissions can be further reduced with feed and management practices. Learn more here
CONTACT PREMIER DAIRY SUPPLIERS WITH PDPW PRIME® to find seasonal specials offered by leading dairy-industry companies and service providers and. PDPW Prime companies represent a multitude of allied industry organizations, including businesses representing animal health, artificial insemination, buildings and facilities, crops, feed and feed additives, implements and equipment, milk handling equipment and more.
Make your one-stop shop to take the hassle out of finding an industry professional for the services and resources you need.
For your business mind
CAN OVERCOMMUNICATING HELP YOU BE MORE PRODUCTIVE? An article from Fast Company recommends more communication upfront to avoid multiple rounds of questions, status updates and confusion later. Five ways to proactively communicate include:
  1. Acknowledge receipt of messages
  2. Clarify a timeframe
  3. Give regular status updates
  4. Send your weekly or daily plans
  5. Provide alerts about issues

Learn more about each of these in the full article.
A POSITIVE NEW-HIRE EXPERIENCE STARTS AT THE INTERVIEW and even before the official first day, according to Don Tyler in a recent episode of The Dairy Signal®. The job interview is generally the first opportunity to build a relationship, so the candidate should be welcomed and valued. Another good practice is to have a friendly employee or manager reach out to the new hire a few days before the start date to answer questions and provide information that might not have been covered in the interview or job offer. Watch the full episode for the discussion and best practices for the entire onboarding experience. 
PATIENCE CAN PAY OFF AT WORK with better ideas, stronger organizations and more ethical conduct. A Kellogg Insight article looks at research on the impact of long-term thinking in organizations and highlights several situations where patience instead of short-term gratification delivers benefits. Taking your time for the right management hires, avoiding short-term cost-cutting that will have long-lasting negative impacts and tapping into experience for launching new products and ideas are just a few examples. Read more here.
The Dairy Signal
INSIGHTS ON THE MOST TIMELY DAIRY TOPICS. Three days a week, The Dairy Signal® connects listeners with leading experts across dairy and agricultural industries to researchers at universities and government agencies to bring updates on the trends and topics that will affect your dairy business. The 60-minute sessions air every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with recorded episodes available at Click here to tune in to archived sessions.
Presenters and topics covered recently include:
Take a deep dive into the opportunities for dairy in microbiome-centered therapeutic applications. Hear about the latest research on the underutilized whey protein phospholipid concentrate and its potential as an alternative source of bioactive compounds.
  • Dr. Gulustan Ozturk, PhD, assistant professor, Food Science Department, UW-Madison

Tune in for a review of market drivers, trends and fundamentals for both milk and feed markets, then take that understanding to the next level with a discussion of practical risk-management tools and strategies to apply them to current market opportunities.
  • Will Babler, Principal, Atten Babler Commodities LLC 

As the silage and grain harvest approaches, factors such as weather, exports, and other variables impacting dairy and ag markets will come into play. Tune in for a breakdown.
  • Ben Buckner, Chief Grains and Dairy Analyst at AgResource Company

Hear about the research, processing and marketing opportunities for wheyless cheese. This innovative product is made in the US by producing a cheese powder made from milk solids, which can then be sent anywhere in the world to be recombined with fat and water to produce a wheyless cheese.
  • John Jaeggi, Cheese Industry and Applications Coordinator, Center for Dairy Research

A well-planned, well-executed process for onboarding new employees pays dividends for the entire team. Learn strategies to enhance a new employee’s experience and boost retention.
  • Don Tyler, Founder of Tyler & Associates, Executive and Management Coach

Considering late summer seeding of alfalfa? Tune in for an interactive discussion on the advantages and disadvantages, preparing for planting and other management practices.
  • Dr. Don Miller, Plant Breeder and Consultant 
Dairy currents
DRIVERS FOR U.S. DAIRY EXPORTS FOR THE SECOND HALF of 2023 are the focus of a U.S. Dairy Export Council blog post. While total dairy exports in June were 13% lower than 2022, there was a rebound in cheese exports compared to May. Key trends from the first half of 2022 include lower cheese prices in Europe that led to a decline in U.S. exports, reduced pork prices in China which lowered sweet whey and permeate purchases and more competition combined with economic headwinds that slowed U.S. exports to southeast Asia. On the positive side, the demand for protein concentrate WPC80+ increased as prices rebalanced, and a strong peso and consumer demand led to Mexico’s import increase. Read details here
MANAGING BACK-TO-SCHOOL STRESS. After a summer of family activities and time on the farm, returning to school can be stressful for students of all ages. Help your children transition back to the school routine and manage challenges with the following tips from UW Extension:
  1. Listen to your children and be open to discussion
  2. Be calm and reassuring
  3. Turn off digital devices
  4. Respond to their questions
  5. Tap into friends, family and community for support
Learn more in the full article.
CONSUMERS ARE DEMANDING VALUE-ADDED MEAT, POULTRY AND SEAFOOD products as they try to re-create restaurant experiences at home. The 2023 Power of Meat study found an increased number of customers frequently bought pre-marinated, pre-cut or pre-seasoned meat; 73% in 2023 – up from 60% in 2020. Consumers are looking to increase value in a number of ways, including buying larger cuts to use in multiple meals or buying blended products to make the most of both taste and price. Read an article from Progressive Grocer to learn more. 
Book review
UNREASONABLE HOSPITALITY: THE REMARKABLE POWER OF GIVING PEOPLE MORE THAN THEY EXPECT. A former co-owner of Eleven Madison Park shares how a focus on hospitality and collaboration between the kitchen and dining room transformed a two-star restaurant into one of the best in the world. The author gives examples of turning ordinary transactions into extraordinary experiences and provides lessons to find magic in our own daily work and service. Learn more.
“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.”
- Steve Maraboli
Upcoming PDPW programs

August 23, 24
Innovation & Technology Farm Tours
Dorchester, Wis., and Deer Park, Wis.

August 28, 29, 20 & 31
ACE Twilight Meetings
Roden Echo Valley, West Bend, Wis.,
Larson Acres, Evansville, Wis.,
Horse Creek Holsteins LLC, Star Prairie, Wis.,
Marti Farms, Vesper, Wis.

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