December 2021 Vol. 2
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Managers Academy for Dairy Professionals
Jan. 11-13, 2022
West Palm Beach, Fla.

SEATS ARE FILLING FAST, don't miss out on taking your operation to the next level with executive-level training. The 2022 PDPW Managers Academy for Dairy Professionals is heading to West Palm Beach, Florida, and will feature sessions led by Michael Gunderson, Dan Basse, Mary Ledman and Linda Swindling. A sweet focus of this year’s three-day program will be a look at how executives in non-dairy sectors address challenges similar to those we face in dairy. Out-of-industry tours will give attendees an inside glimpse of the success of Palm Beach Creamed Honey and the University of Florida Everglades Research and Education Center to learn about sugarcane. To register and find more information, visit our website.
March 16-17, 2022
Wisconsin Dells, Wis

Present your great idea for dairy on the Nexus stage. PDPW’s Nexus™ is a venue for companies to showcase their cutting-edge technologies to the industry’s most forward-thinking dairy farmers. Those chosen as finalists receive 15 minutes of stage time at the 2022 PDPW Business Conference, scheduled for March 16-17, 2022, at Kalahari Resorts, Wisconsin Dells. For the chance to describe how your product, idea, or service can accelerate the way today’s dairy producers operate, apply here by January 17, 2022. Dairy farmer attendees will have five minutes to engage in Q&A with the presenter for more details.
For a glimpse of the 2021 debut of Nexus and finalists, watch this short video. See the PDPW Nexus webpage to apply and for more details.
DECISION-TREE TREATMENT PROTOCOLS FOR CALF PRODUCERS are part of a series of materials developed by the Antibiotic Stewardship Education project at The Ohio State University. The template protocols for the treatment of diarrhea, respiratory disease and navel infection can be downloaded and tailored to operations in consultation with a veterinarian. Materials also include training presentations for antibiotic use and resistance, clinical evaluation and treatment protocols. Download and review them here.
FOCUS ON PREVENTATIVE HEALTH CARE MAKES SENSE for all animals in the dairy herd, according to an article from Penn State Extension. Reviewing year-end veterinarian and medical expenses can help identify whether more effort is being placed on prevention or treatment. Cutting costs in preventative care, especially in newborn calves and transition cows, can have long-term implications on health, reproduction and production, and ultimately income. Learn more in the full article.
For your business mind
SET GOALS FOR YOUR FAMILY BUSINESS IN THE NEW YEAR. The success of small family businesses depends on several factors. According to Family Business International, this includes “family gravity,” which is defined as the ability to capitalize on what makes their business special. Successful companies aspired to these elements of family gravity:

1.      Clearly defined values
2.      Clearly defined vision for the future
3.      Excellent communication
4.      Mutual understanding of respect and support
5.      Good family governance and a commitment to professionalism
6.      Clearly defined roles

Read the full article for more details.
HOW ARE CARBON CREDITS CALCULATED? Carbon credits are a hot topic in agriculture today. An article by lawyer Todd Janzen outlines how they are calculated for cars, tractors and airline flights with comparisons for newer vehicles and the costs for purchasing carbon offsets. For example, a Toyota Prius generates 2.6 metric tons of CO2 each year, compared to a 2022 Ford F-150 generating 6.8 metric tons. Learn more in the full article.
The Dairy Signal
TUNE INTO THE DAIRY SIGNAL. Join leading experts across dairy and agricultural industries, government and regulatory associations and universities for insights on the most pressing issues in today’s marketplace. The educational sessions air every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with recorded episodes available for free at Click here to find archived recordings of sessions. 

Presenters and topics covered recently include:

Tune in for a discussion of the ins and outs of digital dermatitis and how you can treat and prevent this disease from wreaking havoc on your farm.

  • Dr. Dorte Dopfer, MSc, PhD, Professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine
Take a deep dive into the latest research on how bedding programs and the overall environment can impact mastitis and overall milk quality.

  • Dr. Pamela Ruegg, DVM, MPVM, David J. Ellis Professor of Antimicrobial Resistance & Large Animal Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, Michigan State University
Join in for a review of the year and a look ahead at the economic, production, weather, export, financial and other trends that will impact our industry in 2022.
  • Dan Basse, President of AgResource Company
Learn communications skills and approaches to handle conflicts and effectively work with team and family members with different personality styles.

  • Liz Griffith, Market Development and Human Resource Consultant, Encore Consultants
  • Tim Schaefer, CFP, Certified Family Business Advisor, Certified Professional Business Coach, Encore Consultants
Hear about ways to design, build and manage robotic milking systems to make the most of both productivity and profitability for your operation.

  • Doug Reinemann, Professor and Chair of Biological Systems Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Tune in for a discussion about life on and off the farm for family business owners. Hear tips and strategies to manage both business and family life and keep the two separate when needed.

  • Monica McConkey – Rural Mental Health Counselor, Eyes on the Horizon Consulting
Dairy currents
RESTAURANT TRENDS FOR 2022 will include a continued focus on comfort foods, with hyper-local and heritage foods still popular with chefs. As restaurants continue to recover from and adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, they expect more restaurants will be open fewer days per week to match a work/life balance for employees, and menu prices will continue to rise while menus continue to shrink. More local food purchases will be not only a trend but a necessity to offset some disruptions in the supply chain, according to one chef. Read the full article from Food & Wine Magazine. 
DAIRY IS FEATURED IN HOLIDAY-THEMED MENU ITEMS. Dessert menus are inspired by traditional holiday treats at restaurants across the country, with many featuring ice cream, cheese and other dairy products. Candy Cane Chill Blizzards and Frozen Hot Chocolates at Dairy Queen, along with Gingerbread House-flavored ice cream at Baskin-Robbins, are highlighted. Before indulging in those treats, though, you may want to get your hands on some Fritos Chili Cheese Wraps at the nearest Sonic Drive-In or quesadillas and cheeseburgers at other restaurants. Read more here.
USDA ANNOUNCES ADDITIONAL $1.5 BILLION FOR SCHOOL MEAL PROGRAMS with a focus on helping states and school districts manage through supply-chain disruptions. The new funding provides $1 billion in Supply Chain Assistance funds for districts to purchase unprocessed and minimally processed domestic food such as fresh fruit, milk, cheese, frozen vegetables and ground meat. Funds will also be provided for purchases of domestic local foods. Read more here.

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