May 2021 Vol. 1
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Opportunities to learn
LAST CALL FOR 2021 BUSINESS CONFERENCE - CONTENT STILL AVAILABLE!  There’s still time to access all the leading experts and dairy producer peers who presented at the 2021 PDPW Business Conference. If you attended in person, your complimentary access is available by clicking the link to register. Non-attendees can register at the same link for $350. Click here.
Registered users will have full access to all four keynote sessions, producer panels, learning lounges, specialty sessions and each of five presentations from the all-new Nexus™ stage. Also available are session handouts, speaker pictures, bios and contact information. And remember to browse through the digital storefronts of the industry’s finest industry suppliers and their new product developments at PDPW Prime.

Upon arriving at the On-Demand page, click on the introduction video on the large white screen in the mock Kalahari Lobby. PDPW board members will walk you through the content on the site including links to videos featuring dairy leaders such as Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin – an instrumental partner in the development of this project.

PDPW Dairy Obstetrics & Newborn Calf Care Workshop
Taught exclusively in Spanish
June 16 and June 17
Juneau, Wis. and Colby, Wis.
REGISTER YOUR TEAM TODAY for the PDPW Dairy Obstetrics & Newborn Calf Care Workshop. Designed for your farm's Spanish-speaking employees, the workshop will provide the tools needed to give calves their best start, focusing on technical skills and safe, compassionate techniques necessary to successfully deliver calves and care for both the newborn and cow through the early transition process. For more information or registration, review the program flyer.
The Dairy Signal
TUNE INTO THE DAIRY SIGNAL™. As the seasons change, the topics covered on The Dairy Signal will continue to be crafted around your most relevant needs. In partnership with fellow dairy producers and other experts across dairy and agricultural industries, the 60-minute episodes air from noon to 1 p.m. CT every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Recorded versions are available free in video and audio format at Click here to find archived recordings of sessions. 

Presenters and topics covered recently include:
Learn how farmers can reduce stress to combat mental health issues and why a healthy diet along with plenty of rest plays a role in overall mental health.
  • Amy Myrdal Miller, MS, RDN, FAND, Founder and President of Farmer’s Daughter Consulting
  • Josie M. Rudolphi, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Hear from cheesemaking entrepreneurs about their experiences establishing and maintaining their businesses, from quality control to traceability.
  • Jake Feltz, Manager of Feltz’s Dairy Store, Stevens Point, Wis.
  • Ben Shibler, Cheese Manager and Head Cheesemaker at Ponderosa Farmstead, Kewaunee, Wis.
  • Alise Sjostrom, President and CEO of Redhead Creamery, Brooten, Minn.

Discover how ultrasounding calf lungs for evidence of pneumonia works and why it’s a beneficial tool for dairy producers.
  • Dr. Jason Kroll, Livestock Veterinarian at Lodi Veterinary Care
  • Sherri Meinholz, General Manager at Blue Star Dairy Farms, DeForest, Wis.

Learn about the value of Wisconsin’s Master Cheesemaker program and why cheesemakers are taking advantage of the program, including presenters:
  • Pam Hodgson, Master Cheesemaker at Satori Cheese
  • Chris Renard, Master Cheesemaker and owners Renard’s Cheese Stores and Rosewood Dairy Inc,
  • Andy Johnson, Assistant Coordinator Cheese Industry & Applications for the Center for Dairy Research and Coordinator, Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker Program

As summer nears, educate yourself on practical tips to safely train and manage a teen workforce, including how to tap into a free online training course aimed at supervising young agricultural workers.
  • Marsha Salzwedel, Project Scientist at Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation/National Farm Medicine Center
  • Diane Rohlman, Assistant Professor and Director of the Healthier Workforce Center of the Midwest

Get the latest scoop on agricultural market news and analysis and trends impacting dairy producers and the ag industry.
  • Dan Basse, Economist and President of AgResource Company
For your dairy
INCREASE EARLIER ONSET OF RUMEN DEVELOPMENT in calves by encouraging them to consume dry feedstuffs, like grain, at an early age. Though the rumen makes up about 85% of the total stomach complex in adult cattle, it comprises only about 35% in newborn calves. According to an article from Michigan State University Extension, forage consumption by calves has long been hailed for increasing rumen capacity, but studies have shown that dry grain intake also resulted in greater rumen papillary development compared with calves only offered milk.

The authors recommend providing starter grain within a few days of birth to encourage grain consumption. In addition to reducing the calf’s reliance on milk and milk replacer to receive adequate nutrition, rumen development is shown to occur earlier, as is increased absorption of nutrients from dry feedstuffs. Read more here.
UNDERSTANDING THE POTENTIAL ECONOMIC IMPACT OF IMPLEMENTING SELECTIVE DRY COW THERAPY on large dairy herds was the goal of a research study published in the Journal of Dairy Science. The authors used cow-level data from DHIA and individual herds in California to optimize the costs of dry cow therapy in 3 simulated large U.S. dairy herds with different bulk tank somatic cell counts. The study showed that it was economically feasible to implement selective dry cow therapy. In an optimal scenario, only 30% of primiparous cows and 88% of multiparous cows received antibiotics, which corresponded with an overall reduction of 29%. Read the full study here.
THE IMPACT OF CALFHOOD BOVINE RESPIRATORY DISEASE THROUGH FIRST LACTATION was analyzed in a review of scientific literature and research findings published in the Journal of Dairy Science. After reviewing several data sources and synthesizing information from several studies, the authors found that heifers diagnosed with bovine respiratory disease (BRD) during calfhood have 2.85 times higher odds of dying and 2.3 times higher odds of herd removal before first calving. They also had a reduced average daily gain of 0.148 pounds per day (0.067 kg) and produced 267 fewer pounds (121.2 kg) of milk during their first lactation. Learn more in the full article
For your business mind
UNDERSTANDING FORAGE DIGESTIBILITY IS EVEN MORE IMPORTANT when commodity prices are high, according to an article from Cornell University. Higher forage diets can be fed to dairy cattle successfully when the forage contains highly digestible neutral detergent fiber (NDF). While feeding high-quality forage is always a goal for dairy producers, it is even more important when grain prices are high. The full article provides recommendations for optimizing hay and corn silage crops and measuring quality and digestibility. 
MANAGING YOUR “HERDS” TO REDUCE STRESS, BOOST MENTAL HEALTH. In a recent episode of The Dairy Signal™, Amy Myrdal Miller of Farmer’s Daughter Consulting and Josie M. Rudolphi, PhD, University of Illinois, shared tips and insights on reducing stress. Agriculture can be an isolating occupation, so farmers and families need to look for ways to maintain social connections and adopt intentional activities to reduce stress. Suggestions included making little changes that can create a big difference. Dr. Rudolphi uses the HERDS acronym as a reminder for steps that producers can take to make sure they and their teams stay physically and mentally healthy:
  • Hobbies
  • Exercise
  • Relaxation
  • Diversion
  • Social support
Learn more by watching the full Dairy Signal episode here
EARLY PLANNING IS KEY TO MANAGING DIVISION OF ASSETS in the farm-succession process. A UW-Extension survey found that 54% of respondents felt stressed about how their assets will be divided, which can lead to avoidance in planning. A number of strategies are available to manage unique situations, including unequal gifts of essential business property to on-farm heirs, estate planning tools such as wills, trusts and property ownership, business entities as transfer vehicles, purchasing agreements and more. Read the full article to learn about the options in each area to begin planning now and reduce tension in the future. 
Dairy currents
U.S. DAIRY EXPORTS HIT AN ALL-TIME RECORD IN MARCH 2020. Positive momentum and strong growth in all major product categories drove U.S. dairy exports to their highest level in March. Nonfat dry milk/skim milk powder and whey both reached all-time highs, and cheese hit its second-highest month ever. Increases were driven by a rebound of demand in Mexico and continuing strong demand in Asian markets. Learn more here.
FOOD COMPANIES STARTING TO PASS HIGHER PRICES ONTO CONSUMERS as their costs for everything from packaging to commodities to raw materials increase. Coca-Cola, Unilever, Nestle, Mondelez International and General Mills are some of the companies that have announced or signaled price increases that will be coming later in 2021. Rising prices will be a challenge for retailers already facing increased COVID-related costs and the prospect of consumers reducing in-home eating as restaurants reopen. Read the full article
STRANGE FLAVOR COMBINATIONS SPARKED BY NOSTALGIA, INDULGENCE. What is driving the weird flavors we’ve seen in the marketplace: Pepsi-flavored Peeps, Pumpkin Spice Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, and Heinz Mayochup? The number of new product introductions and special marketing promotions increased during the pandemic as more consumers cooked in their kitchens and began looking for new experiences from brands they know. Read the full article to learn more.
Book review
BIG LITTLE BREAKTHROUGHS: HOW SMALL, EVERYDAY INNOVATIONS DRIVE OVERSIZED RESULTS. Many of the greatest achievements and innovations are not accomplished with one big idea; instead, they are grown with a series of small ideas and step-by-step improvements over time. Author Josh Linker shares examples of how inventors and entrepreneurs have used small innovations to fuel big change, and he provides a system that anyone can use to improve their creativity and tackle their business challenges. Learn more here.
Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start. – Nido Qubein
PDPW educational calendar
June 9
Commodity Marketing Class
Juneau, WI

June 16 & 17
Obstetrics and Newborn Calf Workshop
- taught exclusively in Spanish
Juneau & Colby, WI

July 20, 28 & August 3
Hoof Health Workshop
Waupaca, WI; Frankfort, NY &
Lake Norden, SD
January 11-13
Managers Academy for Dairy Professionals

March 15-16
Cornerstone Dairy Academy
Wisconsin Dells, WI

March 16-17
Business Conference
Wisconsin Dells, WI
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