We have raised over $2.4 million so far in this year’s Giving Campaign, and we are on the home stretch of our marketing and outreach efforts. Let’s go out with a bang! A generous Piedmont family has offered to match any donation made from December 17th to the 21st this year, dollar-for-dollar, up to $10,000. Let’s meet that challenge!

The Giving Campaign got off to a very strong start, with over 1,000 families contributing so far. Many have met and exceeded the need we shared of $1,658 per student, with all families contributing a meaningful amount. Our community outreach has been successful, with a full quarter of those approached who have no children in the district making a contribution, along with over half of parents whose children are new to the district making their first gift. As always our Parents Club and PEF boards lead the way, with a combined 90% giving. Just over half of all student families have made a gift, and we continue to work toward 100%.