Beautiful 320+/- Acres with Income Producing Grove and Land 
SW Hay Ave. Arcadia, FL 34266
320+/- Acres with income producing Orange Grove. 
This property features 70 Acres of Hamlins, 65 Acres of Valencias, BEAUTIFUL oak hammocks, a fishing pond and improved pastures planted for hay production. This secluded location is abundant with wild game including hogs, deer and turkeys. There are also enough Saw Palmettos for Quail hunting and Palmetto Berry harvesting. A perfect place for a secluded getaway cabin or your next home. This property is fenced, gated and located only 20 minutes to I-75 in Punta Gorda.

MLS: C7411054

 Total Acres: 320.36

List Price: $1,750,000
Origin  of Oranges

Generating over $9 billion per year and employing over 70,000 workers, the orange industry has
long been a pivotal part of our state's history. The first orange tree was planted in the mid - 1500s
in St.Augustine, possibly by the Spanish explorer Ponce de Le ón. Presently, over 70% of oranges
grown in the United States come from Floridian groves, and Florida is second only to Brazil in  orange production - the latter growing a third of all the oranges in the world.
Orange trees dot the Floridian countryside, an d their fragrant white flowers became the state  symbol in 1909. A little over a decade ago, the orange was officially designated as the state fruit.  Although many have come to associate the tangy, sweet fruit with Florida, the humble orange  actually trac es its origins all the way to Southeast Asia, where it was first engineered by farmers  thousands of years ago. The oldest known reference to citrus fruits can be found in Chinese  documents that were written around 2200 BCE.
The word "citrus" refers to an y flowering tree or shrub that belongs to the genus
Citrus . The  fruits produced by these plants typically all have a tough, waxy rind and are filled with juicy,  edible flesh, which can range from tasting sweet to tangy. The sweet varieties of citrus includ mandarins, tangerines, sweet oranges, and grapefruit. The tangy varieties include kumquats, lemons, limes, and bitter oranges.
Genome analyses have shown that a single common ancestor of citrus fruits first appeared  around 7 million years ago. The same  study also found that citrus fruits are highly prone to  genetic mutation and that they have a propensity to hybridize.
These two traits have allowed for farmers and scientists to create a wide variety of citrus hybrids.  In fact, some of the most well - kno wn species are hybrids:
Grapefruit: cross between sweet orange and pomelo
Lemon: cross between bitter orange and citron
Lime: cross between citron, mandarin, and pomelo
Orange: cross between pomelo and mandarin

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