Dear Partners and Friends,

Shellie and I speak blessings over you today; let the power of God fall on everyone!

Presently we are in Sacramento, California in the 5th week of our SUMMER REVIVAL ROAD TRIP!

For over 2300 miles now the Lord has kept us in His protection and care and the peace of God floods our hearts daily on our journey. Our trip is an adventure everyday; new things surprise us frequently, as we meet and fellowship with hungry people; hungry for the presence of God!

Who would have thought we would meet so many new people who are hungry for the Lord and are waiting in faith and expectation for the coming revival of fire. Even here in California, people are both excited for the Lord as well as expectant for what God will do soon here in this State and across America!

Our services at the Oasis church here in Sacramento were wonderful; especially the evening service!  Holy Spirit led Shellie in powerful prayer and declaration and then moved us both into a beautiful flow of singing together by His Spirit...such a dynamic move of the Lord's presence touched many people and knocked out a few for the rest of the evening as I brought forth the Word of Revival for America.

At the end of the service as I prayed for God's fire, I hesitated as I sensed the fire of the Lord growing stronger among those standing to receive it; I have never felt that before; it was wonderful. This is a pre-cursor to the soon coming outpouring of fire everywhere! 

I know the time difference was difficult for particularly the evening service but we hope many of you could have watched at least one of the services if not both. Once archived we would love to make these services available on our website!

The road adventure continues; today and tomorrow we are preaching in a home meeting here in ELK GROVE, CA on the south side of Sacramento. We are planning visits to Santa Maria, CA and then on to the Los Angeles area where we anticipate more meetings. 

Please continue to pray for us for the start of the fire revival and the great breakthrough which the Lord has promised not only for us but for all of you, the entire church in America and for our precious nation of America!

We want to encourage you to pray for us every day and send your support for our tour. We believe the Lord daily for the needs of the tour to be met as well as all the needs for the ministry and our personal lives too!


Dr. Gabriel & Shellie Heymans
PO Box 143
Isle of Palms, SC 29451
843-343-8072 (PAYPAL  Electronic Offerings )