Volume 5 Issue 3 | November 2019
PEP Talk

Counselor Education

We are in week four our third and final 8-week session for the fall. If you know of students in your organizations that are interested in pursuing their licensure for school counseling or their licensure for professional counseling NOW is the time to apply. We would love the opportunity to answer any questions potential students may have about the program. Please share out our admission counselor’s information: Leah Herr leah.herr@cuw.edu , or the Program Director Audrey DiMaggio Fiore audrey.dimaggiofiore@cuw.edu .  

Audrey DiMaggio Fiore, M.S. Ed.
Director of Graduate Counseling
Educational Administration Courses

The Concordia University Wisconsin Department of Educational Administration will be offering eleven face to face accelerated/condensed courses during the Spring, 2020 semester. The first course will begin on January 3, 2020 and the eleventh course will end on June 25, 2020. All courses will be held on the Concordia University Wisconsin Mequon campus.

Elliott Moeser, Ph.D.
Director of Graduate Educational Administration
5th Annual Literacy Institute --June 9, 2020

Registration is open for the 5th annual Literacy Institute - June 9, 2020 - Featuring awarding winning author and speaker Dr. Jan Richardson

Register NOW - seating is limited!
Trauma Facts

As many of us are aware, the number of students that we deal with that have gone through some type of trauma is steadily increasing. In light of the growing number of students in trauma we are going to be sharing some Trauma Tidbits from a variety of resources. See the Trauma Facts for Educators from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network:

Audrey DiMaggio Fiore, M.S. Ed.
Director of Graduate Counseling
Graduation Reception

Concordia University Wisconsin's Graduate Education Council approved 55 graduates from the department of Graduate Education for a December 14 graduation. The Department of Graduate Education will be holding a graduation reception in honor of the graduates at the Highland House in Mequon on December 10, 2019 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The reception is for Department of Graduate Education graduates and those who have earned a license through the School of Education Department of Graduate Education. This includes graduates of the various programs in the Department of Graduate Education under the direction of Dr. Steven Witt.

Donation Supports CUW's Work with Minorities

The African American Male Initiative and the Closing the Achievement Gap have received a donation to pursue the mission of working with young men in Southeast Wisconsin. The donation is a sponsorship of the partnership between the U.S. Bank and the Closing the Achievement Gap Consortium, the African American Male Initiative, and Concordia University Wisconsin. The sixth annual African American Male Initiative will be held on the Concordia Wisconsin Mequon campus in July, 2020.

Elliott Moeser, Ph.D.
Director of Graduate Educational Administration
Second Quarter Tips
School leaders in the second quarter of the year have an opportunity to continue moving their schools forward. Some tips to consider, despite all the complexity of school operations, include the following:

·          Conduct learning walks so that the professional staff has an opportunity to understand what is happening in the school beyond their own classrooms. For an example of what this can look like, see: https://www.teachingchannel.org/video/the-learning-walk  Learning walks are more than lesson observations and evaluation compliance measures. They can help to advance a school as a true learning organization.
·          Keep focused on “ right things” that include higher level thinking skills and applications ala Bloom. Understand that there probably will be a temporary dip in performance as teachers perfect their practices with new learning strategies and techniques. Focus on continuous improvement. 
·          Get to know the school community more deeply. Spend time with leaders of the PTO and others connected to families. Listen and empathetically try to understand their concerns, interests and needs. Know that they want quality teaching and learning for their children in real time. Excuses are unacceptable to them.
·          Continue keeping the focus on the end users—aka the children and what they need. Develop their voice and choice. Servant leaders put them and those who serve them at the forefront of attention.
·          Always proceed with positive intent.

Effective leaders understand the need to build a school community that allows them the opportunity to do what they seek to do—advance the school’s mission. They know that there is a process and a business of it all, and that in 2019 and beyond families have even more options about where to send their children for an education. Focused attention upon the 5 points in this article will help to remind families why your school is the right choice.

Please consider sharing tips that are working for you. Send them to Dr. Mike Dietz, Director of Innovation and Global Outreach, michael.dietz@cuw.edu , 262-365-3947.
We Want YOU To Inform Our Professional Practice
Have you implemented a new practice that is working well? Please share your experience with us, so that we can use this newsletter to share information with others.

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