Dear Friends & Partners,

GLORIOUS greetings to you in Jesus' name!
This week we have our monthly ministry MEETING IN GREENWOOD, SOUTH CAROLINA..
Date:  Saturday, April 28, 2018
Time:  6:00 PM
Where:  Greenwood Country Library Auditorium
                  600 South Main Street
                  Greenwood, SC  
So hope you will JOIN US!
As a reminder, the Lord said to me in January that He has a pertinent prophetic message for each of these monthly meetings for all of 2018.  These prophetic messages will serve to prepare us for what is coming as we enter the new spiritual time zone after reaching May 14...2018 being the 70th year of the rebirth of Israel in 1948...making it the end of this 70-year cycle of the last church generation!
We will go LIVE on YouTube at Gabriel Heymans Ministries TV.  Please "subscribe" by clicking the button on the right once you pull up our YouTube sight.
We will also go LIVE on Facebook at Gabriel Heymans Facebook page.

God bless,
Dr. Gabriel & Shellie Heymans
PO Box 143
Isle of Palms, SC 29451

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