PES Special Edition
Puster Families,

I want to address a community concern I am hearing regarding teachers being laid off. The district has not laid off any employees. I am sorry this misinformation is being spread to our families as it is not factual. In preparation for publicly announcing all potential programmatic change areas, as required by policy, employees that may be impacted by a programmatic change are notified to ensure they are aware of the possibility. This includes employees in the district administration building and on campuses.  

However, no final decisions have been made at any level. Employees who were already considering retirement and or resigning due to personal reasons were provided an incentive to provide the district with early notification to help minimize any potential unneeded reductions.

I encourage you to attend our board meetings, either in person or virtually, so that you stay as informed as possible with factual information. Today, you received an email from the district with additional opportunities to stay informed and ask questions.

As always, please reach out to me directly if I can answer your questions or help with clarifications.

Puster Proud,
#OneHeartOneLovejoy #BestTodayBetterTomorrow

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