Please sign the Protect the People’s Park Petition which aims to help stop further development of Jekyll Island.Note that the petition may be used to win support from state legislators and Georgia’s governor for:

1)   A ban on the commercial or residential redevelopment of land that is currently used for a recreational purpose
2)   Enforcement of the legislative mandate limiting development of Jekyll Island by requiring the JIA to compile a Capacity Plan for Jekyll Island State Park to ensure that Jekyll’s traditional character and natural assets do not fall victim to overdevelopment
3)   A moratorium on development until a detailed, forward-looking Capacity Plan is adopted by the JIA Board.
On behalf of IPJI and our partner organizations (Center for a Sustainable Coast and 100 Miles), we urge you to sign the Protect the People’s Park Petition and make it go viral! Please make a commitment to protect the island we love by sharing the petition with at least five other people and asking them to share it as well.

Thank you,
Mindy and David Egan
Co-directors IPJI
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