Pickering FC
COVID-19 Update
April 10, 2020
Dear Members, Players, Parents, Coaches and Team Officials,
I hope that you and your family are continuing to stay positive. Like us, I’m sure you’re wondering what this ‘new normal’ is going to look and feel like, and as humans we know we’ll adapt to overcome this challenge. We hope you see benefit in the regular communication at this time.
You may have seen Ontario Soccer recognized us for our efforts during this week in a Grassroots Spotlight Series entitled ‘ The Move to Online’ . We’re very proud that Ontario Soccer have noticed the lengths we’re going to during this time of isolation as we continue to forge new ground ahead of our peers. It’s what makes us #PFCProud.
Ontario Soccer have also shown strong leadership this week with two specific statements:
“For those who may be concerned about registering for the abridged outdoor season, Ontario Soccer is encouraging participants to do so now, so that Districts, Clubs and Academies can be fully prepared to kick off the Return to Play season when announced.
And with regard to insurance:
“Ontario Soccer has confirmed that, given all sanctioned events/activities have been cancelled, there is no insurance coverage for any players who may injure themselves during such sessions. As such, I would recommend the Club/Academy have the parent agree to a waiver indicating they are aware that, should an injury occur as a result of these sessions, their player(s) would only be covered their own personal insurance and OHIP, and not Ontario Soccer insurance”.
Ontario Soccer continue to provide updates and it’s imperative that you see a connected approach from Provincial to Community soccer organizations. You can visit their website or go direct to the documents they share with us here: Ontario Soccer COVID Updates
From a PFC perspective, this email is an update following our previous Club wide messages (March 19 th , March 24 th and April 2 nd ). The PFC Board and Staff are to be acknowledged for their continued support during this time as we continue to assess the information from Federal, Provincial, Regional and Local Government, in addition to Canada Soccer Nation Inside , Ontario Soccer and the excellent Sport Law and Strategy Group . We revisit our PFC 5 key values in this week’s update.
  • Work on Recreational programs continues in the background to take delivery of uniforms, balls and medals.
  • The referee jerseys, whistles and flags all arrived this week too, and the jerseys looks fantastic!
  • The PFC Board continue to stay in contact with the City of Pickering to seek out other ways that the City may be able to assist us as we all prepare for the new normal.

  • We’re pleased to confirm that Competitive and High-Performance players who registered through the Easy Pay option will have the April payment pushed back a month to ease some pressure at home. We will continue to assess the need to move the May payment out in due course.
  •  It is important during this time of uncertainty that we keep you informed with updates to programs. With limited staff we will do everything we can to respond promptly to questions and concerns so please have patience.
  • A reminder that the City of Pickering has also banned the use of public parks and playing fields until May 25th. Please respect this ban.

  • Competitive and High-Performance programs continue to monitor a number of scenarios in regards to possible start dates. The hope is now for mid-June as this would have minimal impact on league seasons.
  • This week the Club continued its excellent Coach Development program via Zoom with webinars from:         
o   Jayden Joseph – home grown talent now plying his trade in Spain
o   Lee Merricks - Founder of online coaching tool Sports Session Planner
o   Michael Casper - Assistant Coach to NCAA Champions Georgetown University
o   Michael Findlay - Canadian Premier League Director of Soccer Operations
  • These online sessions with our staff are recorded and will be made available to download.
  • Our Match Officials will continue with their training and development with Ontario Soccer now moving all courses online to the Zoom platform. If you haven't registered and would like to get qualified and earn some extra cash this summer please contact David Lord (admin-rec@pickeringfc.ca).
  • Match Officials don’t forget to check out the impressive Canada Soccer Home Training Program released last week. There's some great content for anyone interested.
  • Our game is about the player, and we regularly talk about the 4 Corner Model of Player Development. Our technical staff continue to work with your teams Head Coach to provide content to support them and you.
  • If you feel your player would benefit from a chat with their Head Coach please let Hollie (grassroots@pickeringfc.ca) or Dave (dso@pickeringfc.ca) know.
  • We positively encourage ongoing team building so when we finally get back together, we hit the ground running. The Club and our coaches are constantly using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in positive ways to engage players and parents in keeping everyone active. Please use the #PFCChallenge hashtag in all of your postings.

Our weekly calendar will help players prepare for the week ahead:
  • As we continue through this tough time our reduced staff are focused on better times ahead. Our employees are critical to the success of our Club and we continue to focus on ramping up for the Outdoor season.
  • As we alluded to earlier, it is still too soon to assess refunds for any programs.
  • Indoor Competitive programs we plan to complete during the Outdoor season. Head Coaches are being asked to plan accordingly.
  • Competitive Outdoor season will run and we will assess the cost/deliverables as soon as the picture becomes clearer. 
  • Outdoor Recreational season will run and meet its objectives with some festival type and/or multiple games in a week. The Club hopes to launch a ‘Dollar Down’ registration program in due course and payment plan for Outdoor Recreational.

Finally, with hopes of a late June start to our season we encourage you to stay in touch with us. If you have any questions or comments about this message please email:  memberservices@pickeringfc.ca with 'COVID Update' in the Subject line.
Stay safe.
Matt Greenwood, Executive Director