Pickering FC
COVID-19 Update
June 5, 2020
Dear PFC Family,
We’re at a tipping point.
With the impact the pandemic has had on all of our lives we are seeing sport differently. There is now a greater focus than ever on the friendship and fun we experience from sport and while a run around the block will keep us fit the social connection as players and parents is priceless.
In a recent article from The Aspen Institute in the U.S. entitled ‘ How sport can rebuild America ’ they tasked the reader with thinking ahead to the 2028 L.A. Olympics. While the goal by then is to ‘significantly increase youth participation’ The Aspen Institute wants readers to think deeper and consider the opportunity we have to re-invent sport with;
  • improved access to sport for kids from lower-income families
  • better coaches dialed into their social and emotional needs
  • more nearby places to play, and wiser use of existing venues
  • more sport options
  • more room for pickup play
  • better integration of community, club, and school sports.
As a Club, Pickering FC has worked hard to provide innovative school programs, multi-sport flexibility, ‘nation-leading accessibility’ and localised playing opportunities. We know, and want, to continue doing more to serve the community as we focus on developing great people, who just happen to be great players. With one eye on the 2020 Indoor season we welcome your thoughts on what that might look like. Would multi-sport sessions interest you or more drop-in session for all ages? Share your thoughts at: communityprograms@pickeringfc.ca
Our Weekly Calendar continues to ensure everyone knows what we’re doing and that there is an opportunity for every member to connect with us. For the week ahead:
In recent years the Club has been able to send donated or surplus uniforms and balls to the Caribbean and Aboriginal families in Northern Ontario. Most recently PFC Member Janna Francis took supplies to the El Tigre families in a rural area of Mexico. 
The coach's wife Guadalupe set up a great lunch program for the kids with food and cash donations from the Francis Family. Janna shared with us that “Since the pandemic hit all foreign-nationals have left Puerto Vallarta and up to 80% of the workforce have lost jobs as waiters, drivers and cleaners. With a typical wage of $10 per day and no real welfare system people are beginning to suffer greatly”.
Janna has been helping the family who runs this program to keep their heads above water, but they have nothing extra to share with the children. Many of the children in this neighborhood are extremely needy, and were suffering before the pandemic as the neighborhood is 25 minutes from the more affluent "tourist zone". Janna emphasized “The situation now is absolutely horrifying, even if they can get beans and flour, they can't cook the food as they still don't have money to buy gas for the stoves, and there is no wood left to make a fire because it's all been burned already”.
If PFC Families would like to donate a few dollars to the El Tigre soccer families in Mexico, even $15-$20 can get a week of food staples for a family of four. Janna can be reached at 905-250-0054 or francisfamily@fastmail.com for more information and to share pictures of families being helped.
What a great way to demonstrate the PFC Vision to:

We understand every family situation is different during this pandemic, just as it was before the pandemic. Please use our specific COVID-19 page on the website as your constant source of information for our weekly updates and our Return to Play (RTP) plan as we build that out.

Ontario Soccer have submitted their proposed RTP to Canada Soccer for approval. Once completed we will align any of our planning with their requirements and we will share it with our registered members first. This quick chart shows the layers of guidance we absorb as a Club while we also reflect our own unique community and facility needs.
Excellence happens on the field and off it. This message came through to us this week from a parent in the U10 Boys team and we were #PFCProud to hear of the excellence happening online.

“I wanted to take a moment to share with you how impressed I am with the work they are putting in to try and keep the boys engaged during this time. They are energetic with the boys during online practice, encourage the boys to practice otherwise and do extra training, and have kept us parents in the loop through online meetings……..Coach Trey has encouraged the boys to stay engaged with each other outside of practice through an online platform he put together. All of this has not gone unnoticed……I appreciate the consistency and routine that Coach Pat and Trey have provided for him and the boys until then”. 

Please stay in touch with your Head Coach for access details to each session. We’re taking a proactive approach to keeping our kids safe while they’re online with PFC Staff. Our new PFC Webinar Policy is aimed at protecting our attendees and can be viewed HERE .
Player Centered
Recreational Virtual Training is now at Week 7!

  • For players who registered Indoor 2019 or Outdoor 2020 Recreational all you have to do is register in advance at the link below (click image).
  • For new players, register for the Outdoor 2020 season here for only $1 down. Then click the image to register for the Virtual training session.
  • Look out for an exciting supplementary program for all those registered for Recreational Virtual Training coming soon.

Our Grassroots Development (U8-U12) continues twice a week led by Coach Hollie (Tuesdays, 5pm) and Coach Trey (Thursdays, 5pm). Details are available from your Head Coach and players are welcome to join in on both sessions.

  • Ball Drop Off! We delivered more balls to players in need this week. If you are new to the Club and need a new ball let us know by email to grassroots@pickeringfc.ca and we’ll get one to you asap. (We follow the Canada Post ‘Knock and Drop’ procedure).

  • Don’t forget our PFC Play at Home program is a downloadable work book packed with practices and puzzles.
Transparency and Integrity
The Club continues to maintain regular communication with City of Pickering staff with regard to field permitting and RTP protocols as they are announced. We continue to share experiences through Sport Durham on municipal, sport specific and facility best practices as we manage through this time.

The PFC Board continue to monitor the appropriate direction for each program and is in regular contact with other Clubs in the area. As a not-for-profit organization our money is very closely accounted for and we hope to get member and community support as we work through this situation.
  • Indoor Competitive Head Coaches are communicating with their parent groups regarding the remainder of the Indoor season.
  • Competitive Outdoor seasons are continuing to be planned by our Leagues and therefore our staff assess the cost/deliverables as the picture becomes clearer. We are now starting to hear provisional plans from OPDL and DRSL leaders. 
  • Outdoor Recreational season will run and meet its objectives of a 14-game season with some festival type and/or multiple games in a week. We have contingency plans set for a July 1st or August 1st start date. The Clubs ‘Dollar Down’ registration is now open with a 2-part payment plan.

League 1 Ontario is the first league to confirm the cancellation of their Outdoor 2020 season. They are currently assessing a fall/winter program.

The Club has, and will, communicate every week (since March 19 th ), in order to keep you, our members informed during this tough time. For the most up-to-date information please remember to follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook or visit our COVID19 webpage .
If you have any questions or comments about this message please email: memberservices@pickeringfc.ca with 'COVID Update' in the Subject line.
Stay safe.
Matt Greenwood, Executive Director