Pickering FC
COVID-19 Update
March 19, 2020
Good afternoon PFC Members,

In line with many of our peers, PFC will be closing its office at Pickering Soccer Centre while we navigate our way through this rare situation. All staff will continue to work their normal hours from home and because the PFC office phone will not be monitored for the foreseeable future, PFC asks that you email the employee you wish to reach. You can find all our team members and their emails using the following link:
We understand that this is a difficult time and we thank our players, coaches, parents, team officials, staff and board for their understanding. If you have any general questions or concerns about PFC operations, please email:
We want our Members to know we miss you! The Pickering Soccer Centre is just not the same each day without your presence and it`s eerily quiet. On the plus side our facility staff are working behind closed doors to get additional cleaning done in readiness for your return.

Over the coming days and weeks until we can return to normalcy you will see lots of communication from myself and our Director of Soccer Operations Dave Benning. My messages will be more general and less technical, while Dave will be busy communicating with players, coaches and parents on their child’s program. The Club has just invested in the Zoom video conferencing platform and Dave will be scheduling regular meetings with his coaching staff and teams to continue our off-field development. Plenty is being planned for them and we're confident they won't skip a beat before entering the field this summer.

If you haven`t checked out our   #PFCChallenge  please do so on Twitter and Instagram. We`re getting some recognition at the national and provincial level for our efforts to keep players connected and active, including a shout out from our very own  Jayde Riviere.
At this stage PFC staff have been tasked with developing contingency plans for their program areas. This is multi-faceted and includes projections for possible changes to field permits, season lengths, coach meetings, uniform delivery and the list goes on. Many decisions are impacted by our partners such as Ontario Soccer who will dictate when OPDL or GTISL can return to league play. The City of Pickering who issue our field permits will decide on when we can get access to our fields for training and competition. There is much that we can control and plenty that we can't, so the PFC Board will meet next week via conference call to assess our current situation to ensure we make the right plans for the summer season. We will keep you regularly updated via email and social media as details can be confirmed during this complex and fluid time. 

We are still very hopeful that this summer will still go ahead, even if it is a little shorter than usual and we know you, like us, will be desperate to get out on the fresh green grass. We all know the inherent value of sport for our kids (and if you don't here's a reminder, see below) while we sometimes forget the great value it has for us as a parent (another reminder here, see below). In the coming days and weeks we'll provide a deeper insight into our programs and visions so you can be even better informed on the structure and purpose of your Club.

Your support, as always, is greatly appreciated and gives the staff and board a huge boost knowing that the work we do is continuing to foster a love of this sport. 

If you have any questions or comments about this message please email  M ember Services  with 'COVID Update' in the Subject line.

Stay safe.

Matt Greenwood, PFC Executive Director