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Your Financial Journey
Living Better - One Good Financial Decision at a Time
Volume 2
Helping Your Adult Children Without Hurting Your Retirement
Presented by Michael R. Kalas, CFP®, AIF®, President
A large portion of the millennial generation has come of age during complex and challenging economic conditions. The older end of the generation entered the workforce just in time for the biggest market downturn and scariest job market in decades, while being saddled with more student loan debt than any previous generation.
While the economy and job market have since turned around, the headwinds that millennials have faced in starting their careers and making long-term financial plans have led to a few trends that are affecting their parents' generation as well. Many parents of adult millennial children find themselves wondering how much they should help their kids. For baby boomers in or near retirement, this is a big consideration, as providing financial support to a family member can affect their own retirement plans. To read more click Here

What's Your Money  "Archetype"
By Nicole O. Coulter
Presented by Steve Richardson, CFP®, CRPS®
There are eight common money behavior patterns or ' archetypes ' battling it out in every investor. Being aware of your unconscious attitudes and behaviors toward money can give you an edge in managing your finances.

Have you ever had a friend who blew big sums of money on fancy cars or gadgets? Or a buddy who poured resources into the investment scam of the month without regard for risk and consequences? To read more click Here


Spring Cleaning in Your Financial House                
Spring is in the air, which for many means cleaning out the clutter. But don't forget about clearing the cobwebs from your "financial house," too! Even if you recently took a look at your finances as you prepared for tax season, there still may be some items that could use your attention.

Dust off your credit report and score                                      
If you're planning to buy a home or make another big purchase, a good credit rating can be  critical. Businesses also inspect your credit history when evaluating applications for insurance, employment, and even leases. With so much in the balance, it's important to review your credit report for accuracy at least annually. Plus, it's a good way to catch signs of identity
You're entitled to one free annual report from each of the three major credit reporting agencies-Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian-which you can request at (Be wary of similar-sounding sites that charge you for these reports.) To read more click Here

Upcoming Webinars

Topic: Market Update - JPMorgan's Guide to the Markets
When: Wednesday, April 13, 12pm ET
Join us as our guest, Victor Rohe, Vice President with JP Morgan Asset Management reviews the 1st quarter and assesses the current state of investment markets and lends institutional insight into the outlook for the remainder of 2016. To view Webinars click  Here

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