Year in Review 2022
In 2022, PFSCM truly hit its stride. Our organization continued to grow and diversify, and on all fronts, our work was productive and rewarding. 

In the last year, we managed the procurement of more than $446 million worth of lifesaving health products used to prevent, detect and treat HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, COVID-19, and more. We served 93 countries and delivered 2,119 shipments to some of the most challenging destinations on the planet. 

We were able to ensure a high level of service during the last year even when faced with many challenges; lingering COVID-19 issues, the effects of the war in Ukraine, and the precarious economy. We could not have achieved this without our dedicated staff, encouraging clients, supportive partners, and parent company. We would like to thank all of you wholeheartedly for standing together as a community in the fight to end epidemics. 

We are especially thankful for our main client, the Global Fund, who demonstrated their ongoing confidence in us by again extending our contract as an official procurement services agent for medical devices. We have proudly been serving the Global Fund for more than a decade now, and we are honored to continue to support the Global Fund in its mission to end epidemics. 

Adapting to a changing global health landscape
Embracing digital supply chain transformation
In addition to our work for the Global Fund, in 2022, we also secured contracts with new clients like Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV). MMV appointed us to manage the operational supply process for tafenoquine and the G6PD analyzers for the new Partnership for Vivax Elimination (PAVE) program.

Apart from meeting the expectations of our current and new clients, we also listened to the changing needs of in-country recipients and ensured that we remain responsive. Countries are shifting from pandemic response to pandemic preparedness and ramping up their diagnostics infrastructures enabling them to quickly and accurately identify new potential health threats. 

For PFSCM too, pandemic preparedness is an important focus area. We expanded our expertise, service offering, and product portfolio to include turnkey solutions for advanced laboratory equipment, waste management-, and Next Generation Sequencing systems. To support our customers, we published the key considerations for procuring and delivering this equipment.

In the last year, we proactively engaged and closely supported recipients to minimize the complexities involved in ordering and shipping capital equipment, expensive laboratory equipment, and time and temperature-sensitive consumables.
Further, in 2022, we continued our digital transformation journey.

We focussed on data management and safe and reliable data exchange which is essential in creating an entirely digital health supply chain. 

We successfully released a new Enterprise Data Warehouse to ease development and maintenance while creating a solid foundation from which to improve, connect and streamline our processes.

We also enhanced our processes for managing health product master data in alignment with external partners. We joined the Global Data Synchronization Network, which is a worldwide network of interoperable certified master data pools connected by the GS1 Global Registry.

In addition, we adopted and harmonized new best-in-breed systems and leveraged these to streamline communication with our extensive supplier base, collect industry information needed to develop secure sourcing strategies, and create a variety of product catalogs that can be updated in real-time.

Meanwhile, on the logistics side, we digitized too by moving from standard to real-time data loggers, which automatically transmit data periodically without human intervention. 
Sustainability and green supply chains
Lastly, in 2022 we published our Sustainability Strategy. The strategy helps us to take tangible actions to better measure and understand the environmental and social impact of our operations. Our strategy covers three main areas: mitigating the environmental impact of our operations, ensuring the equity and well-being of our staff and communities in which we operate, and operating with the highest standards of ethical behavior and transparency. In April 2023 we will publish a report on how we fared in achieving our sustainability goals and will put forth our sustainability plans for the next few years.
Looking ahead

We have ended the year on a high note and look forward to a productive year ahead. In 2023, we will continue to grow, diversify and work more digitally, but most importantly we will continue to take the utmost care in making health products available where and when our customers and their partners need them.