May 29, 2018 Edition
Turning Tassels
Achieving Dreams
You made the investment. They are achieving their dreams.
In today's edition of "Turning Tassels Achieving Dreams," we are shining light on two scholars who are exploring the worlds of fashion and finance. Both scholars have very different industry interest but are putting their best foot forward in order to make their dreams come true.

As we invite you to continue reading our "Turning Tassels Achieving Dreams" series, we thank you for your support and for believing in our motto that  G raduation  R eally  A chieves  D reams!
Camille Hurd

" I will never forget the faces of everyone at Project GRAD Akron. This organization is amazing and will help you achieve anything you set your mind to accomplishing. "
-  Camille Hurd

Camille Hurd is a 2015 Buchtel High School Graduate and Project GRAD Akron Scholar. Camille is currently majoring in Fashion Merchandising at The University of Akron.

During high school, Camille came to the realization that going to college to pursue her passion for fashion while dipping into the business industry would require a heavy investment; not only of her time but her money and resources.
Taking after her older brother, Camille was able to witness firsthand the influence of Project GRAD Akron and how being active in the organization can result in a positive return. Utilizing Project GRAD Akron’s scholarship writing workshops, Camille was able to secure numerous scholarships and grants to aid her college aspirations.

Nearing the end of her college career, Camille plans to obtain a position in the fashion merchandising sector where she can demonstrate her business insights and fashion expertise.
Michael Connalley

“ Project GRAD Akron exposed me to a lot of events that helped me in college and contributed to my soft and hard skills. At Project GRAD Akron, it wasn’t only about me, we were a team .

- Michael Connalley
Michael Connalley is a 2017 Buchtel High School Graduate and Project GRAD Akron Scholar. Michael’s knack for numbers and interest in tricky calculations led him to his current major of Financial Management. Michael is currently pursuing his degree at The University of Akron.

Dominating both inside and outside of the classroom, Michael actively participated in Project GRAD Akron's mentoring program, was a member of Buchtel High School’s football team, participated in DECA, and was the Class of 2017 Valedictorian. 
Understanding the world of finances is sometimes a hard concept to grasp in the real world, let alone in the classroom. This complex major is difficult, yet quite rewarding as Michael breezed his way through his freshman year. Michael’s hard work and dedication is getting him off to a good start as he secures his spot on the Dean’s List.

Michael is currently completing an internship with a local construction firm. Michael plans to pursue an entry level finance position after he graduates.

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