From Tee to Green and Everything In Between
Volume 6, Issue 7 - August 2019
PGC's Challenge Questions
A single winner will be randomly picked from all entries with five correct answers. One entry per person. Please make sure to email your answers to by August 15. Winner receives a Pottawatomie Golf Course Punch Card. Remember, you can't win if you don't enter!
All 5 Questions this month will have a common theme - Pottawatomie Golf Course!
  1. In the Pro Shop there are six aerial pictures of the golf course showing how the course has matured over the years. What are the years of the six pictures?
  2. What is the only hole at Pottawatomie to have "in-course" Out-of-Bounds?
  3. If you were playing 9 holes from the Yellow Tee Boxes at Pottawatomie and you made a Par on all 9 holes, what would your score be?
  4. Over the years we have added some new amenities to the golf course - water fountains, paved cart paths, bathrooms - which tee box are the bathrooms next too?
  5. What is the name of the chainsaw artist that did the tree carving by the putting green at PGC?
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2019 Tournament Results - Maze Brings Home the Title!
We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather this weekend for the annual PGC Men's Tournament. Nick Maze provided us with an impressive 2-day total of 145 to take the 2019 Men's Tournament title. Congratulation Nick!

Daniel Shepherd led after day one by 6 strokes, firing a red hot 1-under par 69, but slowly on day two the lead started to creep away. Collin Prentiss and Mike Connell did their best to put the pressure on Shepherd, but it was Maze's even par 70 on day two that helped him not only win the Championship Flight, but take home the title of Overall Champion!

The highly contested A-Flight pitted two of our 50+ Tournament top spot contenders (Mike Connell and Wally Plywaczewski), an STC boy that now resides in Ohio (Eric Spenske) and one of our Saturday-Morning-Regulars (Clint Ortiz) battling it out to the end. Connell got started early on Saturday with a 73, and it looked like he was going to put the rest of the field in his rear view mirror. After the dust settled on Sunday, the scores were much closer than anticipated, but Connell was still able to hold them off. Congrats Mike!

Chuck Downing stole the show in the B-Flight. After beginning his round on Saturday thinking his tee shot went out-of-bounds, Chuck pulled it together to have the low 18-hole rounds both Saturday and Sunday in his Flight. Congratulations Chuck!

Consistent and steady play helped Gus Eash come from 3 strokes back after day one in the C-Flight to win the Flight by 4 strokes But the bigger story here might have been the first day round of Wayne Heuertz.  Heuertz shot an 81 (42-39) in round one to put himself in the top 10 after day one. In talking with Heuertz after his Saturday round, Heuertz said he knew on the 16th hole he was having the round of his life and he just kept telling himself, "keep it together, and don't blow it!"  Advice I think we all tell ourselves, and sadly can't convert. Congrats Wayne for a great round, and great job Gus for winning the C-Flight!

Mike Foulkes snatches the D-Flight title away from Bob Wulff in the last 9-holes.  Wulff had a 1 stroke lead going into Sunday's round, and after the front 9 Wulff extended that lead to 7. But trouble struck a few times on the back 9 for Wulff, and Foulkes just kept his head down and posted the low 18-hole score for the D-Flight. Awesome job Mike!
Overall Champion
Nick Maze (75-70-145)

Championship Flight
Nick Maze (75-70-145)
Daniel Shepherd (69-79-148)
Collin Prentiss (75-76-151)
Lukas Lengwin (80-74-154)
David Newland (79-76-155)
Mike Bertke (78-79-157)
Brad Riva (83-78-161)
Jonathon Hunecke (85-80-165)
Dan Pessetti (85-82-167
Don Hancock: Had to withdraw due to a hamstring injury. Don, we all hope you get well soon, and we look forward to seeing you next year!!!

Mike Connell (73-77-150)
Eric Spenske (78-78-156)
Wally Plywaczewski (78-80-158)
Clint Ortiz (85-76-161)
Mike Heithoff (87-80-167)
Ken Cline (83-86-169)
Ron Ingold (85-86-171)
Chris Jones (89-86-175)
Jonathan Rand (88-87-175)
Mark Eckhout (84-nc-nc)

Chuck Downing (83-77-160)
Noah Muehlfelt (85-84-169)
Brian Shaunnessy (85-87-172)
Brad Beaulieu (90-84-174)
Eliot Kaufman (86-89-175)
Nick Koukos (90-93-183)
Jeff Mertz (90-94-184)
Ryan Starosto (87-97-184)
Ken Balon (97-89-186)
Dave Forsell (90-100-190)

Gus Eash (84-87-171)
Wayne Heuertz (81-94-175)
James Miller (86-94-180)
Carl Masters (87-95-182)
Tom McCulloch (93-93-186)
Bob Szyman (99-93-192)
Ed Blyshak (93-100-193)
Russ Davis (100-93-193)
Dan Langland (91-nc-nc) played through an injured hip on Saturday, but could not continue on Sunday. We all wish you a speedy recovery Dan!

Mike Foulkes (103-97-200)
Bob Wulff (102-101-203)
Lan Nielsen (104-105-209)
Lee Tross (103-116-219)

Denise's Corner
Mid-summer activities keeping us busy! 
Fourth of July Crew
July was a busy month for the grounds crew. I would like to thank (back row L to R) Hector, Wayne, Jeff, Vance, Quaid, Brian, Wayne, (Front row L to R) Jake, Jackson, Emma, and Derek for doing a great job keeping the greens safe on the 4th of July.

We are converting the area between the 6th green and 5 tees into a native area. When it rains, this area always floods making it almost impossible the grow grass, so bring on the native plants that like it wet! Phase one saw us planting 7900 plugs, half on July 3rd and the other half on July 16th. Everyone was a little tired and muddy, but we got it done. Thanks to volunteers, Doug Ranney and Tom and Marcia Segreto for helping with this enormous project. We couldn't have done it without you.

On July 21, friends and family of the late Chris May gathered to dedicate the new flower beds on the 8th tee. Chris's first love was of course his wife Annette, with Pottawatomie Golf Course coming in as a really close second. He played here since he was a kid, riding his bike to the course with clubs in tow. He always said "Pottawatomie is like Cheers without the beers", everyone knows your name. Always happy to be here, never a complaint and he Loved the flowers, and yes, loved with a capital "L". All flowers were beautiful to Chris, but the red ones were extra special. So with the money donated in his honor, Annette and staff decided to build the flower boxes and as the plaque states the flowers will be "forever red". He was great guy, and is dearly missed.

Lastly, an update on the Monarch project - to date, we have released 65 monarchs and are still working toward beating last years record of 142!

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PGCAnswers PGC's Challenge Answers
Congratulations to Mike Foulkes for winning
the July PGC Challenge!
All 5 Questions this month will have a common theme - The Presidents Cup!
  1. On what course (International) will the 2019 Presidents Cup be played?
    Royal Melbourne Golf Club
  2. Who will be the 2019 Presidents Cup Captains, both U.S. and International?
    Tiger Woods and Ernie Els
  3. Who has Captained the U.S. Presidents Cup Team the most times - four?
    Jack Nicklaus
  4. Which U.S. player has appeared the most times on the Presidents Cup team?
    Phil Mickelson
  5. On what course (U.S.) will the 2021 Presidents Cup be played? Quail Hallow Club

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