From Tee to Green and Everything In Between
Volume 6, Issue 6 - July 2019
PGC's Challenge Questions
A single winner will be randomly picked from all entries with five correct answers. One entry per person. Please make sure to email your answers to by July 15. Winner receives a Pottawatomie Golf Course Punch Card. Remember, you can't win if you don't enter!
All 5 Questions this month will have a common theme - The Presidents Cup!
  1. On what course (International) will the 2019 Presidents Cup be played?
  2. Who will be the 2019 Presidents Cup Captains, both U.S. and International?
  3. Who has Captained the U.S. Presidents Cup Team the most times - four?
  4. Which U.S. player has appeared the most times on the Presidents Cup team?
  5. On what course (U.S.) will the 2021 Presidents Cup be played?
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Denise's Corner
Happenings Around the Golf Course

The native planting along the inner shoreline at #4 tee was made possible by the donations collected for Tom Sweet. I would like to thank volunteers Doug Ranney, and Tom and Marcia Segreto, along with staff members Joan, Quaid and Derek for a great job done!
The Monarch project has been a little slow this year. We have released 16 as to date, should have about 45 from this first batch. Looking forward to beating last years record of 142.
The Chris May memorial at #8 tee is well under way. The stone work is almost complete with just a second walkway to finish up. Great job from the PGC grounds staff. The photo shows Jackson and Jake very proud of their first stone walkway!  
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PGCAnswers PGC's Challenge Answers
Congratulations to Mike Foulkes for winning
the June PGC Challenge!
All 5 Questions this month will have a common theme...Annika Sorenstam!
  1. What college did Annika Sorenstam attend?  Arizona
  2. What was the first Major Championship Annika Sorenstam won, and the year?
    Women's U.S. Open, 1995
  3. How many LPGA Major Championships did Annika Sorenstam win?  10
  4. While growing up Annika had to share a set of golf clubs with her sister (she got the odd numbered clubs and her sister got the even). What is the first name of her sister who was also an LPGA Professional?  Charlotta
  5. True or False: Annika Sorenstam once shot a 59 on the LPGA Tour.  True

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