Presidents Letter
Dear Colleague,

What a week! MSEA’s position statement on reopening schools last Tuesday was a powerful tool for PGCEA and other MSEA locals across the state. On Wednesday, Dr. Goldson made a very cautious decision in her Draft Reopening Plan to begin our school year continuing with Distance Learning and continuing until January after the second quarter. There were two Tele-town Halls; one for parents and community and one for employees concerning the Draft Plan. The formal plan will be released later this week. There are a few highlights:
All pay will continue uninterrupted.

Teachers will have the option to teach from their classrooms or home
The system is going one to one and every student will have a device. The system purchased 50,000 chromebooks. All paraprofessional will receive computers
There was a great deal discussed and the plan is still a work in progress. Please be attentive to announcements.

Please make sure you fill out your tuition reimbursement which opened this past week. Also fill out your reimbursement for supplies and technology. Each is a $100.

Personally, I want to Thank Dr. Goldson and the Board of Education for the courage to keep our Students safe.

Below you will find our "Year End Review" with highlights from this past school year.

In Solidarity,

Theresa Mitchell Dudley


This past school year has been challenging with COVID-19, but it also provided several opportunities for us to transform education, our county and much more. Below are just a few highlights o last school year. The highlights are listed from most recent in reverse chronological order ending at the beginning of the school year. A special thank you to all the hard-work of our committees over the year to make these things possible.
Members stand in support of Justice and Equity at march on the Governors Mansion.
Members march on the state capitol for our education lobby night.
Board members with Delegate Michael Jackson
Members joined Baltimore Teachers Union Members to Protest Governor Hogan's attempts to under fund Maryland Public Schools.
Educators and parents have worked together to ensure that our children have the best possible public schools.
Let's Take a Look at What We Have Accomplished
Looking Back

  • NEA Representative Assembly
  • Victory on Salary Increases
  • March for Justice & Equity
  • BLM in Prince George's
  • End of Year Convening
  • Members Value the Union
  • Standing Up For Special Educators
  • Opportunity to Learn
  • Voter Education
  • And more...
NEA Representative Assembly
NEA’s Annual Meeting took place during July this year and was moved to be virtual due to coronavirus. Various committees, constituencies, caucuses, leadership groups, and delegates from state and local affiliates gather to set policy and chart the direction of NEA business.

PGCEA had several members participate this year as we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the womens right to vote. Keynote speakers included Stacey Abrams and Vice President Joe Biden.
Victory on Salary Increases
We were victorious in ensuring that our negotiated agreement will be upheld for the upcoming school year. That means that members will also see salary step increases despite the impacts of COVID-19 on state and county funding. This is an accomplishment because it is a step toward ensuring that our students have the best possible and most consistent educators in the classroom. This was only possible because you decided to get involved and write your members of the County Council encouraging them to fully fund education.

Thank you!
March in Annapolis for Justice and Equity
We rallied at the Govenor's mansion for JUSTICE & EQUITY. PGCEA and The Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Prince George’s is calling on the Governor to implement a comprehensive plan to address racial, environmental, economical, and judicial disparities within Maryland to include the reforming of policing for the 21st century.
Black Lives Matter in Prince George's County
We participated in the march for Black Lives after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. This was important because several people have also died at the hands of Prince George's County Police and we are calling for comprehensive reform to policing in our communities and in our schools.
End of The Year Celebration: Re-Imagining Our Schools
We hosted nearly 500 educators to close out the year. The virtual workshop featured Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools National Director, Keron Blair. We focused on the challenges and opportunity that the coronavirus health pandemic has provided us with a window to address inequities in our schools. We must begin to prepare to open the schools that we believe will ensure the safe equitable and quality classrooms our students deserve. We have an opportunity to reshape the structure of our schools and how they serve our children. Lets begin to push for changes that will benefit our students, our educators and our communities.
Educators Value The Union
Educators value the union and have continued to stay engaged. It is very positive that 92% of all educators in the Prince George's County Public School System have chosen to be members of the union. Members join PGCEA because they recognize that we are stronger together. It is better to have the union and not need it than to need the union and not have it and that's why our members continue to stay active.

Standing Up for Our Special Educators
In the midst of the coronavirus health pandemic and shift to distance learning there were some overwhelming challenges that our Special Educators faced. We held a series of virtual meetings to collect and discuss concerns and process. We took those concerns to the school district. We then organized a petition to lobby federal officials to make changes to regulations.

Opportunity to Learn Campaign
In response to the shift to distance learning, we organized a campaign seeking to ensure that every student and educator in need of internet has affordable access. Online learning is only possible for children who have access to a safe and quiet space, a computer, and reliable internet. The same applies for educators who need to teach. Not all home environments are able to transform immediately into learning environments.

Voter Education: Vote By Mail
In efforts to ensure that each of our members are civically engaged and informed on the process we did several voter outreach and education workshops. The primary election was changed to be vote by mail only and the general election will most likely do the same. Empowering our members to understand the process was a critical part of our work.
Reclaiming Our Schools
Continuously advocating for members we have partnered with the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools Prince George's County, to host several workshops during April and May. The workshops were centered around community schools, distance learning, and re-imagining the schools that we have and how to reopen them better and safer than they are. The keynote speaker of the series was Jitu Brown of the Journey for Justice Alliance.

Coronavirus Briefing Tele-Townhall
In response to the emergency of COVID-19, PGCEA hosted a tele-town hall in which nearly 4,000 members participated. The call featured Dr. Goldson as well as other representatives from PGCPS. We will continue to offer these kinds of briefings to keep you informed.
Political Action & Endorsements
Our endorsement committee worked tirelessly in efforts to develop criteria, met with candidates for school board in several school districts. After developing a questionnaire, an in person interview process and much deliberation the members recommended endorsements to the board of directors. The committee and other members volunteered on the campaigns of endorsed candidates. We must continue to ensure that our elected school board members and other officials will work to make sustainable long-term investments in the classroom.

PGCEA Board Elections
Join us in welcoming Rainya Miller and Philimena Owona to the board of directors. PGCEA held elections for new board members and are excited to welcome two new directors to the board this upcoming year. Both have been actively engaged in the work of the union.

We also would like to recognize and thank Sheena Washington and Zena Whitworth for their service to PGCEA as board members!
Read Across America
PGCEA joined the Mayor of District Heights, Jonathan Medlock and the County Executive, Angela Alsobrooks to participate in "Read Across Prince George's County", as part of the National Read Across America Week. President Dudley and other community members read to students all across the county.
Legislative Lobby Night & Holiday Party
In February, we partnered with the Baltimore Teachers Union to take nearly 100 members to Annapolis to Lobby Legislators to support fully funding the Blueprint for Maryland's Future.

PGCEA hosted a phenomenal Legislative reception in December where several members of the State Legislature, County Council and School Board joined us to hear our legislative priorities.

Each elected official present took a pledge to support our education initiatives.
Legal Rights, Classroom Management Workshop
The association hosted a legal rights workshop in response to members concerns about being assaulted or injured in the workplace. Teaching can be a rewarding yet risky profession. Presented by Damon Felton of MSEA legal and Bryan Marshall, legal expert on workman's compensation, both provided a wealth of information. Members learned about legal rights regarding; day-to-day Discipline/Classroom Management, accusations/allegations, injury on the job, intervening in physical altercations {fights}, and more.

Black Lives Matter in Schools Week
In the interest of equity and social justice inside the classroom we participated in Black Lives Matter in School Week 2020. Black Lives Matter At School, is a national coalition organizing for racial justice in education. We encourage all educators, students, parents, unions, and community organizations to join our annual week of action during the first week of February each year.

PGCEA also were able to get the Board of Education to create a resolution acknowledging BLM in School Week. We will continue to push for reform and restorative practices in our schools.
Diversity in the Classroom and HBCU Town Hall
PGCEA participated in various discussions about the importance of diversity in the classroom. We supported legislation to fully fund Maryland HBCU's because they help to ensure that we have diverse educators in our classroom. Our very own members Kayla Moore, who is an alumni of Coppin State University, spoke on one of the panels at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum in Baltimore.

PRAXIS Test Preparation
To support our conditional educators PGCEA hosted a PRAXIS exam prep.

We are continuing to work with PGCPS to ensure that the deadlines and notifications of important dates are communicated in a timely fashion and provide realistic tangible opportunities for educators to complete all needed coursework.
Kirwan Informational Town Halls
Town hall meetings were held in different locations across the county in November and December. Our goal for these meetings was to inform the public and educators about the importance of the legislation "Blueprint for Maryland's Future". We wanted o ensure that members and community were clear on the benefits of this legislation and the direct impact that it has and will continue to have on our schools and inside our classrooms.
Protesting Governor Hogans Plan to Not Fund Education
In November, PGCEA educators partnered with the Baltimore Teachers Union and supporters to protest a fundraiser being held by Governor Larry Hogan aimed at fighting increased spending on public schools. 

The Governor who frequently spars with teachers unions and has even called them “thugs,”was through a, Change Maryland Action Fund, a Super PAC, courting wealthy donors to build a two million dollar war chest, funding lobbying efforts and a PR campaign to turn public opinion against a plan to dramatically boost education spending. Hogan has said the plan to equitably fund public schools “is outrageous pandering to special interest groups.” -Baltimore Beat
SAVI Student Loan Forgiveness Workshop
We hosted a SAVI student loan forgiveness workshop. Savi started as a social-impact public benefit company to better serve borrowers. Addressing the 44+ million borrowers who need better and more personalized information about how to manage and repay their debt. Savi helps you optimize around valuable federal programs like income based repayment or loan forgiveness. Too often those programs are complicated and underutilized.
MSEA Convention
In October we took a delegation to Ocean City, Maryland for the Maryland State Education Association Convention.
Congressional Black Caucus Panel on Education with NEA
In September President Theresa Mitchell Dudley was invited to participate in a panel discussion about transforming our schools. The panel was hosted by NEA as a part of the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference. President Dudley focused her presentation on the opportunity that Community Schools presents to have schools that extend beyond the walls of the building and into the communities that they serve. This will create a community centered approach to education.
Early Career Educators Happy Hour
Our early career educators committee has worked actively this school year to create spaces and opportunities for educators that have been teaching for less than five years, to gather and collaborate. This year they kicked it off with a happy hour welcoming all new educators to the district and providing support and resources.

Labor Day Parade
Our members joined in the Prince George's County annual Labor Day Parade and celebration. Labor day is important because of the labor movement and need for collective bargaining and our strength in unity. It also occurs at the time that the school year has begun and our educators are excited to welcome back all students to the classroom for an exciting year.
Classroom Supply Bazaar
In August, we celebrated the start of the school year with our veteran educators welcoming new educators to the district at our cookout and classroom supply Bazaar!

New educators to the district were able to come and pick up classroom supplies that were donated by other PGCEA Members.
PEIP Professional Employee Induction Program
This year for the Professional Employee Induction Program PGCEA members were happy to welcome new educators to the district. Members explained the role of the union and answered questions.

New educators to the district were excited to hear about all the work that the PGCEA has done for collective bargaining and negotiating a strong contract for educators.