On Wednesday, February 6th, the Prince George’s County Educators Association (PGCEA) kicked off our negotiations with the school district at an open meeting at PGCEA headquarters.  PGCEA presented our negotiation proposals, encompassing a wide range of critical issues including: commitments on compensation improvements in each year of the contract; ensuring sensible workload for educators; less testing and more learning for our students; and the development of a productive and timely evaluation process. Read more about our proposals here: https://www.pgcea.org/negotiation-proposals/

In addition, the 20 educators on the bargaining committee presented data driven and specific stories to reinforce the importance of all our proposals. Paula Clark, a student at Eleanor Roosevelt High School, addressed the meeting and urged negotiators to prioritize less testing and more learning. “Many students feel forced to take useless tests that they do not see results of,” she said. “Teachers are not given time to help improve students, and the tests take away from an already overcrowded curriculum. Time on many of these tests could be used to prepare for teacher-created tests, SAT, AP, ACT, and assessments important to our future.” Phixavier Holmes, a school counselor at William Wirt Middle School, stressed the importance of a sensible workload. She noted that counselors often volunteer their own time before school opening, working with principals and guidance secretaries to prepare for student arrival.

The next bargaining session is scheduled for Wednesday, February 20th, (click here to RSVP) and members and allies are encouraged to attend. PGCEA will continue to bargain in good faith using the Bargaining for the Common Good model. As educators, we are part of a movement for change sweeping across the country demanding an education system that values and respects educators and the work we do. We deserve – and will accept – nothing less.