July 26, 2020
Information is Power
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  • Open Enrollment for Benefits
  • NEA Member Benefits
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Reopen 1
Dear Colleague,

By now you know we are returning to school for 2020-21 School year Distance Learning for the first semester. We made it very clear that the vast majority of our membership were in favor of this decision. Now we must prepare and insure that the plan is the best for students and staff that it can be. We are reviewing the Draft plan that was posted on the PGCPS website on Friday July 24 and matching up how contract language and the plain align. 

I am asking you to also review the proposed plan. The Reopening Plan is posted on the PGCPS reopen page and will be updated every Friday. Please remember that this is a working document and subject to change! The initial plan is the critical mass that affects most of our students and families. There are concerns and issues that are arising every day and it is imperative that as the implementation is proceeding that you create a space to document the successes for replication and the concerns requiring improvement. 

We are walking into uncharted territory and there is good and bad in everything. As you read through the plan keep a list of questions. We will continue to receive you input and questions at contacts@PGCEA.org . We are pulling our Board of Directors and Negotiations Team to create a memorandum of understanding concerning this new commitment to Distance Learning and create a space for issues as they arise to prevent the filing of grievances and quick resolutions to challenges in our working conditions.

Reimbursement for Distance Leaning Purchases

Dr. Goldson and her staff were made aware that many of our members were having difficulty applying for the $100 reimbursement for supplies used during distance learning by last Friday the 24 th deadline. In the spirit of understanding and cooperation with PGCEA the deadline for submitting for your reimbursements has been extended until Friday July 31, 2021. Here is the letter in your PGCPS work email from CFO Mike Herbstman that explains the details. The letter will also be posted on the PGCEA COVID-19 page.

In Solidarity,

Theresa Mitchell Dudley
Open Enrollment for Your Benefits

PGCEA Member,

One big question we continue to receive is “What is Open Enrollment”?  Open Enrollment is your opportunity as a PGCEA member to select your member only benefits provided through our new partner, American Fidelity to protect you and your family. Time is running out for this Open Enrollment period. Please see below the list of these exclusive member only benefits.

Click here: marylandbranchoffice@americanfidelity.com ; and send them an email with your name to request a time to learn more about these benefits and be entered into multiple GIFT CARD RAFFLES (no purchase necessary).

  • Short/Long Term Disability Insurance (Guarantee Issue) – Protects your paycheck if you are out of work due to illness/Injury and includes pregnancy benefit
  • Life Insurance (Easy Qualifications and NO Medical Tests) – coverage for you and your family
  • Accident Insurance (Guarantee Issue) – Pays you if you go to the doctor for any accident big or small and provides coverage for you and your family
  • Cancer Insurance (Easy Qualifications) – Pays you if you are ever diagnosed or receive treatment due to Cancer to help with bills your health insurance might not cover, and provides coverage for you and your family
  • Critical Illness (Guarantee Issue)– Pays you if you are ever diagnosed with a heart attack or stroke, and provides coverage for you and your family

Click here for more information: www.americanfidelity.com/pgcea
**Some coverages pay Wellness benefits and are portable upon retirement

PGCEA Distance Learning FAQs

The following answers to frequently asked questions from PGCEA members are based on the current Negotiated Agreement, the PGCPS Teacher/School Staff Distance Learning Guide and responses to PGCEA from the CEO and other school system leaders. Due to the existing Covid-19 health emergency and a continually evolving situation this document may be updated as needed.
All PGCEA Events are Canceled
Until Further Notice

*some committee chairs may have meetings via zoom conference call.
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