June 21, 2020
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  • Open Enrollment for Benefits
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We made it through another school year full of transformation due to COVID 19 and the heinous murder of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis. We also saw the governor veto the Blueprint for excellence. Your commitment to our students and families is invaluable to our County. As we move forward, we will continue to work with management on the reopening of our schools. We are aware of your concerns on reopening and we are focusing opening the schools we want to see with smaller class sizes, restorative practices, trauma informed instruction, social emotional learning, better staffing in related services, culturally relevant curriculum, more counselors, and the continued implementation of Community Schools. Why not open the schools the community wants? Please check your personal email as plans are being made for reopening and we want to keep you informed on how we win the schools we want to see when reopening occurs.  

On June 16th we held a Zoom call with members featuring Keron Blair the Executive Director of the National Alliance to Reclaim our schools. PGCEA has been working locally with the Alliance to Reclaim our Schools Prince George’s along with the Prince George’s NAACP, CASA Maryland, and Progressive Maryland for two years. We must continue this work and engage more Community groups, churches, parent groups, and local leaders. If you are a member of homeowner’s association, church, community group or panhelic, please ask you group to sign on to be a part of the Alliance to Reform our Schools PG. Our website is Alliancetoreclaimpg.org . You can find our Guiding Principles, and a sign on letter on the website to take to your leader.

Thank you to the members who participated in Black Lives Matter activities this week. We chalked Blacck Lives Matter in front of the Wayne Curry Administration Building and volunteered and walked in the Juneteenth Black Lives Matter Walk from Glenarden Municipal Center to FEDX Field. Vice President Yvonne Baicich, Robin McNair, Joanne Lewis, Kayla Moore, Gaynell Corey-Bey, Margarite Matthews, Claudette Clark and others weathered the rain and volunteered to work the sign-up table, walk and work at check points. We are TEAMPGCEA! The Juneteenth March was sponsored by the Prince George’s Young Democrats with support from PGCEA.

Conditional teachers should continue to take classes as possible. There has been no extension from MSDE at this writing on coursework.  

Virtual NEA Representative Assembly and Virtual MSEA Convention in October. If you were elected to be a delegate for the NEA Convention in Atlanta or the MSEA Convention in October both events will be virtual. The NEA Registration must be completed by the 24th for NEA if you are a delegate. MSEA will be later in September.
Registration for MSES Summer Leadership is July 14-15.  Here is MSEA Link for information on courses offerered and registration. Registration end June 26 or when classes are filled. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about leadership in our organization!

Social Justice Summer Series events will be announced next week. June 28. 
Volunteers will be needed to assist with PEIP. Professional Employee Induction Program in August. We need to put together our PGCEA Swag bags.  Each year we have lunch with the President in late July. This year we will limit the number of participants for social distancing..
Unit member summer pay will continue uninterrupted. Our contract is being honored in the budget process so negotiated contract will be funded for next year. 

Stay tuned over the summer! 

Theresa Mitchell Dudley

Open Enrollment for Your Benefits

PGCEA Member,

One big question we continue to receive is “What is Open Enrollment”?  Open Enrollment is your opportunity as a PGCEA member to select your member only benefits provided through our new partner, American Fidelity to protect you and your family. Time is running out for this Open Enrollment period. Please see below the list of these exclusive member only benefits.

Click here: marylandbranchoffice@americanfidelity.com ; and send them an email with your name to request a time to learn more about these benefits and be entered into multiple GIFT CARD RAFFLES (no purchase necessary).

  • Short/Long Term Disability Insurance (Guarantee Issue) – Protects your paycheck if you are out of work due to illness/Injury and includes pregnancy benefit
  • Life Insurance (Easy Qualifications and NO Medical Tests) – coverage for you and your family
  • Accident Insurance (Guarantee Issue) – Pays you if you go to the doctor for any accident big or small and provides coverage for you and your family
  • Cancer Insurance (Easy Qualifications) – Pays you if you are ever diagnosed or receive treatment due to Cancer to help with bills your health insurance might not cover, and provides coverage for you and your family
  • Critical Illness (Guarantee Issue)– Pays you if you are ever diagnosed with a heart attack or stroke, and provides coverage for you and your family

Click here for more information: www.americanfidelity.com/pgcea
**Some coverages pay Wellness benefits and are portable upon retirement

PGCEA Distance Learning FAQs

The following answers to frequently asked questions from PGCEA members are based on the current Negotiated Agreement, the PGCPS Teacher/School Staff Distance Learning Guide and responses to PGCEA from the CEO and other school system leaders. Due to the existing Covid-19 health emergency and a continually evolving situation this document may be updated as needed.
All PGCEA Events are Canceled
Until Further Notice

*some committee chairs may have meetings via zoom conference call.
Get involved! Join a committee.