August 9, 2020
Information is Power
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  • President’s Letter
  • Legislative Update
  • Open Enrollment for Sick Leave Bank
  • Join a Committee for Next Year
We have a winner! NEA Vice President Rebecca (Becky) Pringle from Pennsylvania is the new NEA President. The elections results were announced this past Wednesday with a special town hall. We also have a new Vice President, Princess Moss from Virginia, and our new Treasurer is Noel Candelaria from Texas. The race for the two Executive Committee seats resulted in Hana Vaanderling securing a seat and a run-off election will occur for the other seat as Mark Jewell and Amber Gould did not receive 50% of the vote. Click here to get forwarded to the entire NEA Election Results. 

On the same NEA ballot was the approval of the NEA Political Action Committee recommendation to endorse former Vice President Joe Biden for President of the United States. This is great news because we must have a new President and Secretary of Education. Lastly, NEA’s Strategic Plan was also adopted.

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In Solidarity,
Theresa Mitchell Dudley
PGCEA President
Legislative Update From Our Government Relations Team

In May, Governor Hogan vetoed the Blueprint for Maryland’s future bill, a bill that would increase education spending by approximately $3.4 billion in 10 years. The bill had bipartisan support and was overwhelmingly approved in both the House (96-38) and the Senate (37-9). Some key areas addressed in the Blueprint include:

  • Fixing the current outdated regressive funding formula to address support students with disabilities, struggling students, students living in high-poverty areas and resources to provide healthcare practitioners
  • Expansion of early childhood education with an early focus on 4 years in low-income families
  • Expansion of college and career education opportunities including technical education
  • Increase in salaries and advancement opportunities for teachers as well as limiting classroom duties
  • Establishing a new accountability board to ensure that reforms are implemented

The bill includes safeguards to slow down (not abandon) during periods of possible economic downturns. We must work to make sure Gov. Hogan’s veto is overturned. The pandemic has shone a light on the disparities in our communities and threatens to further the achievement gap. Now is not the time to cut back. Arm yourself with knowledge about the "Blueprint for Maryland’s Future" and write your government representatives to override the veto!

Supporting Our HBCU's

Another key piece of legislation that Governor Hogan vetoed was HB 1260 which promises to provide $577.7 million to the state's historically black colleges and universities. The funding is due because of the systemic racism that created decades of disparity in funding provided to these educational institutions. We will stand with Maryland's HBCU's to push for a veto override for this bill.

Your Vote Matters
We are in full speed in election season mode. If you are voting by mail make sure you request your form now. We have not seen such great efforts made at voter suppression since the civil rights movement so don’t delay in getting your forms. If you don’t feel comfortable with the postal system, drop your ballot at the designated locations, engage in early voting or as a last resort, go to the polls on election day. Whatever you do, Vote! We must get new leadership in the White House and say good-bye to Betsy DeVos!  

Locally, in the School Board elections, we are supporting Shayla Adams Stafford (District 4) and Kenneth Harris (District 7). After reviewing their questionnaires and participating in personal interviews, these candidates demonstrate a strong commitment to not only the cause of improving the quality of education in Prince George’s County, they are committed to our priorities:
-         Implementing and expanding Community Schools
-         Professional level compensation of educators
-         Implementation of Restorative Practices
-         Support the Collective Bargaining Process
-         Supporting conditionally certified teachers
-         Honoring the Negotiated Agreement
So, while you are casting your vote remember to vote for Shayla Adams Stafford (District 4) and Kenneth Harris (District 7). Candidate information is posted on Contact us at to volunteer. 


Chrystie Lynch
Government Relations Chair
Reminder! Sick Leave Bank Open Enrollment is underway and will end on September 30th. Click here to access the application.  Please submit your completed form to
Questions? Contact: Melissa Robinson, 240-492-3360
What is the Sick Leave Bank?
The PGCEA Sick Leave Bank ([Contract 4.19: J-8]) is a leave system designed for Unit 1 employee’s use for qualifying incapacitating personal illnesses during regularly scheduled duty days.
See sick leave bank guidelines here

PGCEA Distance Learning FAQs

The following answers to frequently asked questions from PGCEA members are based on the current Negotiated Agreement, the PGCPS Teacher/School Staff Distance Learning Guide and responses to PGCEA from the CEO and other school system leaders. Due to the existing Covid-19 health emergency and a continually evolving situation this document may be updated as needed.
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