May 10, 2020
Information is Power
Inside this Newsette:

  • Happy Mothers Day
  • Scholarship Deadline Extended to May 22
  • PGCEA President Update
  • June 2nd Election
  • Voting By Mail
  • Upcoming Workshops
  • Tell Us Your Story
  • Distance Learning F.A.Q's

Never We know you're under appreciated, but PGCEA appreciates that you bring your best to the classroom and your family every day. Your fight is our fight. Our shared sacrifice is what powers this union and moves education forward in Prince George's County.

Happy Mothers Day!


Your Union

Scholarship Application Deadline Extended To
May 22, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID 19) Updates
*PGCEA Offices will be closed March 16-TBD. Should you need help staff is available by phone 301-736-2700 and email at  

May 10, 2020


The COVID 19 Emergency Shutdown Continues-Public Schools Closed until the end of the school year. Board of Education will adopt a new calendar on Thursday, May 14, 2020. The County Council is having a budget hearing Monday, May 11, 2020. Here is the link to watch and submit written testimony .

Please write your state legislators at this link. They must override this veto.

PRESIDENT DUDLEY FAC ZOOM VISITS  I want to visit with your staff! If you would like to schedule a Zoom meeting with your FAC please contact your UNISERV or email .

We are all missing the comradery of Friday Happy Hours. After a successful Karaoke Happy Hour last Friday, we are going to do virtual Happy Hour every Friday at 4:30! If you are interested in singing pick a song and get ready. You can have others on with you. You can also ask questions during song breaks. It is best if you prepare ahead of time and pull up your song in advance so you can share it on screen.  

After 7 weeks of being home, and four weeks of Distance Learning under our belts, we are seeing positive lessons and how we must be vigilant about working conditions. With Dr. Salmon’s closing schools May 6 for the remainder of the year, it raises more questions on the last day, end of distance learning, summer school, and access to retrieve belongings. Many concerns will not be answered until after the Board of Educations meeting on Thursday, May 14. The two most important things are first our negotiated agreement is still in place and two please refer to the Distance Learning Plan (DLP) to verify your responsibilities.
As this is an emergency, we are regularly meeting with the Administration to suggest improvements and to share successes. If you have a question please check our Fact Sheet on our CORVID 19 page first and ask your administrator for clarification. 
If you still are unsure, please feel free to email  or call 301-736-2700 for clarification between 9 AM and 5 PM.

Special shout out to our special educators who have been working tirelessly to meet the demands of the implementation of the DLP. 
PGCEA held a second town hall Thursday, May 7 to share action steps to address concerns. We have set up a Special Education Page on PGCEA for you to get information on how Special Educators and Related Services can write letters about your story and share with Your principal, elected officials, and the NEA Legislative Committee to assist in Lobbying on the federal level to have greater flexibility with IDEA SPED regulations. Here are the big findings:
  1. The USDE has not relaxed the timely completion of IEPs.  
  2. The ICLPs were not mandated by the MSDE. 
  3. Special Educator Case managers are responsible for determining whether there is enough data to complete an IEP.
  4. Special Educators face an unrealistic expectation to complete IEPs and continue to complete lessons for each student they serve.
  5. We need to address this with our federal elected officials as this is going to be very problematic.

In solidarity,

Theresa Mitchell Dudley
PGCEA President
Remember to Vote By Mail June 2, 2020
PGCEA Has Endorsed Candidates in Districts 4 and 7
School Board Races

*We also have endorsed candidates in other districts however they will not be on the primary ballot.
Your ballot may have already arrived. If you do not receive your ballot please call 1-800-222-8683

You can also look up your voter info at

Be sure to visit to see educator endorsed candidates.


Early to Mid-May - Ballots Received by voters in the mail
May 21-June 2 - Drop Boxes Ope n
May 27 - Voter Registration and Party Change Deadline
June 2, 2020 - Election Day (7am-8pm)
*In person voting available at select locations if unable to Vote by Mail/didn't receive ballot
June 12 (approx.) - Voters can check ballot status
Upcoming Online Workshops

Tell Us Your Story
We have a request from Clinton Smith, Ed.D who Chairs, the NEA Caucus for Educators of Exceptional Children. Please provide your authentic stories.

NEA is trying to collect stories about what is happening on the ground in our school districts as distance/remote learning and IDEA procedural safeguards and timelines remain in place during the COVID19 pandemic. What problems have you had with IDEA flexibility and timelines? Are you able to adequately provide services to your students? What are your barriers? What are your successes? What type of assistance and relief is needed? What resources do you need?
Please go to this link and share your stories! Your stories will be incredibly helpful as NEA lobbies for education policy and funding requests at the federal level.

PGCEA Distance Learning FAQs

The following answers to frequently asked questions from PGCEA members are based on the current Negotiated Agreement, the PGCPS Teacher/School Staff Distance Learning Guide and responses to PGCEA from the CEO and other school system leaders. Due to the existing Covid-19 health emergency and a continually evolving situation this document may be updated as needed.
All PGCEA Events are Canceled
Until Further Notice

*some committee chairs may have meetings via zoom conference call.
Get involved! Join a committee.