January 19, 2020
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2020 Legislative Session is Underway and Education is at the Top of the Agenda
PGCEA President Theresa Mitchell Dudley Speaks at press conference for Fair Funding Coalition in Annapolis last week.
The 2020 General Assembly Session officially began on January 8 and runs until April 8. Our message to the General Assembly this year is simple: Pass the Kirwin Blueprint for Excellence Formula in a form that is equitable and fund the formula. We worked very hard for the past two years to organize and negotiate our 3-year contract and the part of the third year of our contract (2021-2022) funding is depending on the increased funding for educators’ salaries that the Blueprint provides. The Blueprint also provides resources and funding for the implementation of Community Schools beyond two years. These schools provide the wrap around services including mental health support, and restorative practices in schools with high concentrations of poverty. We are winning but the pressure on the elected officials must continue.

Maryland has a real chance to build a world-class education system for every public school student in the state . Maryland is in the middle of a once in a generation moment so the time for action is now. 

This affects PGCPS in a great way and we stand to gain hundreds of millions of additional dollars for our schools over the next ten years . PGCPS and Baltimore City have the highest percentages of students living in concentrated areas of poverty.  Our children are Maryland’s Children and the state constitution requires equitable funding. We must fund our schools equitably and be given the resources needed-it should not matter what zip code a child lives in. The fact that we have a high concentrations of poverty, English Language Learners, and children with special needs. The state has an obligation to address the needs of all of our children as the constitution mandates.

In 2016, the Maryland General Assembly and the Governor created the Maryland Commission on Education and Innovation, better known as the "Kirwan Commission." This commission is examining how to make Maryland a world-class education system. The commission is going to be suggesting updates to the current funding formula as well as recommending where Maryland should invest resources to build a system that is world-class for every student. Initial recommendations came out in January with funding recommendations to be delivered this fall. The consequences of the commission's recommendations and the action taken by the General Assembly and Governor will last at least for at least a generation. The 2020 legislative session will be make or break for the next generation of learners in Maryland public schools. The need is clear and Marylanders are demanding we improve our public schools. This is the best chance to create a world-class system for every student in Maryland. The time is now to get it done. Visit https://www.strongschoolsmaryland.org/ for more highlights of the Commission

On January 10 we heard County Executive Angela Alsobrooks address the Prince George’s Delegation on County needs and this week we heard the County Council Chair Todd Turner (District 3)and Council Vice Chair Rodney Streeter (At Large) address the Delegation at their weekly Friday morning meetings. PGCEA and MSEA leadership will be in Annapolis for the duration. Many of our Delegation members are leaders on key committees. We need you on Monday evenings attending your delegation receptions, writing letters and calling. Please pay attention to your personal email and like our Facebook.
This is our moment to improve public education for the next generation.  

More next week,

Theresa Mitchell Dudley
Welcoming New School Board Member

Last week we welcomed new member of the School Board, Mr. Bryan Swann to represent district four. Mr. Swann was chosen from a pool of highly-qualified candidates who were interviewed after the County Executive spoke with County leadership and held an open application process for residents of Board District Four.
Mr. Swann poses with members of the board of education who were in attendance.
Mr. Swann was surrounded by his family during the official swearing in process.


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Each year educators are plagued with unreasonable class sizes that negatively impact teaching and learning. PGCPS and PGCEA have formed a Joint Task Force to establish a mutually agreeable upon measure of class size. Your honest feedback and input is needed to effectuate change that will positively impact teaching and learning. This is an anonymous survey.

New Video On Changes Coming To Your School

 Prince George’s County Six Pillars of Community Schools 
Prince George's County Community Schools:
A community school is a community hub — both a place and a set of partnerships between the school and other community resources. Its integrated focus on academics, health and social services, youth and community development and community engagement leads to improved student learning, stronger families and healthier communities. Community schools offer a personalized curriculum that emphasizes real-world learning and community problem-solving. Schools become centers of the community and are open to everyone — all day, every day, evenings and weekends.

Educator Tips & Tools

January to June is the home stretch into wrapping up a school year. There is much to do and it all can be a bit overwhelming even while spring break looms as some respite along this year’s learning journey. I would tend to say its then not about new year’s resolutions but rather reflection and forward focus thus, below are some particular points I wanted to reiterate.  

  • School faculty that function well make schools strong center of learning; keeping down the cliques can help that happen.

  • Collaborating to build a school culture of support and community fosters a constructive learning environment; shared knowledge builds strength of purpose.

  • ‘Find Five’ minutes for reflection on how things are going; what still needs be tweaked or let go.

  • Give some thought (action) to new skillset you will be learning or developing this year to improve your repertoire and delivery or rather facilitation of instruction and/or service to students. 

  • How one perceives self in the order of operations of a system or organization can have deciding implications on performance and sense of power value.  

"I think I have learned that the best way to lift one's self up is to help someone else." -Booker T. Washington
Educators United for Quality Education
Black Lives Matter In School Community Forum



Annual Poetry Slam


TIME: 6:00 PM
Civic Academy on Community Schools

8151 15th Ave.

TIME: 10:00 AM
Education Roundtable
Prince George’s County Education Community Roundtable is a group of residents, teachers, and community leaders created to form an alliance to support education in our county.

The group meets monthly to discuss issues surrounding education in our community. Together, we can find solutions and get results on how to address these issues.
Important Links for Black Lives Matter in Schools Week

Shirts On Sale Now!
Limited t-shirts available. Long sleeve t-shirts are $10 and short sleeve t-shirts are $7. Once ordered the shirts can be picked up at the PGCEA office after January 15.

We are asking that you wear your shirt to school on Monday, February 3rd.
Black Lives Matter In School Week Activities

The Restorative Practices Committee invites ALL to join us as we celebrate "BLACK LIVES MATTER AT SCHOOL" national event in conjunction with NEA and MSEA. Our committee would like all members to participate in at least one event during the week of February 3-7, 2020. The week of events include but are not limited to:

Monday, February 3- Black Lives Matters at School T-Shirt
All members are encouraged to order your long-sleeve T-Shirts before they run out!! Prices are $10 per shirt

Tuesday-Social Media Campaign with Specialized #Hashtag
Use any of the following #hashtags to promote the movement

Wednesday-Townhall Community Forum: Internalized, Interpersonal, Institutional & Structural Racism. What's the Difference? Let's Talk!! 5 pm -7 pm, PGCEA Union Hall
Join us as we engage in a brave discussion about some very important issues affecting education today. Hear from a guest panel including NEA Social Justice Organizer, UMD-CP Professor of Criminology, PGCPD, Student Activist leading the work. Trust me, it's going to be BIG!!

Thursday-Bulletin Board Competition
Post your bulletin board using any of the PGCEA BLM 2020 hashtags for a chance to win a prize.

Friday-Poetry/Lyricist Slam/Happy Hour PGCEA Union Hall
-Contact Zena Whitworth @ zawhitworth@gmail.com to audition for this event by January 24, 2020
-This event will be cabaret aka BYOB/F style
-Members will receive one drink ticket on us!!

Please be sure to place your T-Shirt orders now!!  

Special Education Announcement

If you are a special education teacher in a co-teaching assignment, please take a moment to complete the attached brief survey. This survey is to solicit input on how these co-teaching assignments are working, and what issues can be identified with these assignments that need to be addressed. The information you provide will be very important as we look at what is working well with this service model and what challenges remain with this model. We thank you for your time in completing this short survey and providing your valuable feedback on this important teaching model. (

Sex Trafficking Symposium

January 29, 2020, the UMD SAFE Center for Human Trafficking Survivors and the Prince George’s County Human Trafficking Task Force will host the Maryland Labor Trafficking Symposium at the University of Maryland — featuring Attorney General Brian Frosh as keynote speaker. Can go to website to register.
Topics of discussion will include:
• Maryland’s new labor trafficking statute
• Local and national labor trafficking case studies
• National best practices for addressing labor trafficking at the state level
The symposium will be held on Wednesday, January 29, 2020 at the University of Maryland, Stamp Student Union room 1107. Programming will begin at 9 AM and conclude by 1 PM. Light refreshments will be provided.

Are you in PTA or PTO?
Help us to identify people who are involved in Parent Teacher Associations and Organizations. Complete this brief form .

What to do if you are accused of abusing a student?
Here is a document for your reference should you or a colleague be accused of abusing a student.

Here is a second document that explains what being placed on administrative leave means.

Assault Leave
What is Assault Leave:
PGCEA/Unit I Members “may be entitled to receive paid leave time for employees for an assault occurring within the scope of employment. Employees of the Board of Education of Prince George’s County whose absence is due to a physical disability resulting from an unprovoked assault occurring within the scope of their employment, may be entitled to full pay status, instead of sick leave or Sick Leave Bank participation, provided they comply with all of the procedures cited hereafter.”

If you are assaulted while working by a student, parent, etc., you can apply for Assault Leave. In addition to contacting your principal or immediate supervisor immediately, please be certain to do the following:

• File a Workers Compensation Claim by contacting the Injured Employee Hotline / 1-800-774-2447 prior to seeking medical attention (if possible). Be certain to obtain a Workers Comp Claim Number.
• Seek medical attention within twenty-four (24) hours of the incident. Be certain to report it as a Workers Comp Injury and provide the Workers Comp Claim Number during intake.
• Complete a Security Incident Report Form (available at your school).
• Complete the Request for Assault Leave Form (available at your school). You have the option of stating “See Security Incident Report Form” in the fields that ask for duplicate information.
• Ensure the initial report of injury or physician’s statement has been sent to Risk Management/Workers Compensation (this will be done when you provide the Workers Comp Claim number when seeking medical attention).

When complete, submit the forms to your school for processing. The Assault Leave Administrative Procedure has changed, and it is no longer required to contact a law enforcement agency and file a complaint or warrant against the accused. If you have questions after completing these steps, please feel free to contact PGCEA and ask for a UniServ Director, and someone will provide assistance.


This school year will be great for educators, students and communities but only with your support. The union is only great when you are involved. Take a moment to let us know what committees you are potentially interested in joining or share this quick survey with a colleague.

Prince George’s County Six Pillars of Community Schools 
Prince George's County Community Schools:
A community school is a community hub — both a place and a set of partnerships between the school and other community resources. Its integrated focus on academics, health and social services, youth and community development and community engagement leads to improved student learning, stronger families and healthier communities. Community schools offer a personalized curriculum that emphasizes real-world learning and community problem-solving. Schools become centers of the community and are open to everyone — all day, every day, evenings and weekends.
Know Your Contract

Article 6.2.F - Work Year/Work Day

School Administration will work collaboratively with Unit I members and the Faculty Advisory Council to develop an equitable duty schedule for all staff members for lunch, recess, and other required duties overseeing the student population…(page 9)
Get involved! Join a committee.